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Mason Ramirez Bio, Age, Parents, Emersyn Potter, Unexpected

Mason Ramirez wasn’t one of those dads who’d back off after getting a teenager pregnant. Though underprepared, he stuck with his girlfriend/baby-mama Emersyn Potter on her journey to parenthood, which was featured on Unexpected season 5.

Keep reading this Mason Ramirez Bio to learn more about him.

Mason Ramirez On TLC’s Unexpected

TLC’s Unexpected followed a group of teenagers as they shared their teen pregnancy journeys. And on its fifth installment, there appeared Emersyn Potter alongside her boyfriend Mason Ramirez — struggling to adjust to motherhood, while also trying to break free of her mother’s vigilance.

Over the trailer (which dropped on February 15), Mason was first seen following Emersyn upstairs to her room, despite Erica’s (Emersyn’s mother) rule to not have her daughter and Mason sleep together. And obviously, there followed a lot of drama.

Not happy with her daughter breaking the rule, Erica imposed an even more strict boundary — Mason was not allowed in the house!

“Let’s make it clear that I said Mason couldn’t sleep in the bed with you, and I caught him sleeping in the bed. That’s why he’s not allowed in my house,” Erica explained.

Joining Mason and Emersyn on Unexpected season 5 were its cast — Tyra Boisseau and boyfriend Alex Wilson, Tiarra Boisseau, and boyfriend Dee Ragland, Taylor Williams and Noah Whitt, Lilly Bennett and fiancé Lawrence Bishop, Jenna Ronan and ex-boyfriend Aden Albright, and Kylen Smith and boyfriend Jason Korpi.

Are Mason Ramirez And Emersyn Potter Still Together?

Yes, as of 2022, Mason Ramirez and Emersyn Potter were likely still together. The last we saw them in each other’s arms was over a Mason’s FB post in October 2021.

Reportedly, Mason and Emersyn welcomed their son, Mateo, in June 2021.

Mason Ramirez Age

Mason Ramirez was 18 years of age when Unexpected season 5 premiered in 2022.

Also, his girlfriend Emersyn was 18 at the time when they filmed the show,

Emersyn’s mother, Erica was 42 then.

Who Are Mason Ramirez’s Parents?

Mason Ramirez was born to his parents, Ernie J Ramirez and Shannon M Siefert, 63 and 47 respectively, as of 2022.

His mother, Shannon was also featured on Unexpected, where she blamed herself for Emersyn’s teen pregnancy. Missed it? Well, in short, Shannon was incarcerated for 3 years for a DV (Drug Violation), during which her son got Emersyn pregnant. So, she believes had she been outside, things would have been different.

The main factor, Shannon was so sure that she wouldn’t have let this happen was — she was a teen mom herself, having Mason’s half-brother when she was 15.

Shannon claims that she would have given them the “talk,” which she claimed that Mason’s father didn’t do. And was this very reason, many viewers didn’t like her.

“Mason’s mom is a drug addict. She can acknowledge that she would have made a difference if she was present, but to now criticize his dad who was there is off the mark,” a fan wrote.

As for Ernie’s side of the story, he claims that he had given them the talk. “I told them if they got into a situation like that, there’s going to be some consequences,” he explained.

But now that the worst has come to pass, Mason’s dad is unsure if his son is ready for parenthood. However, he does add that none of us are ready unless we’re planning on it.

Talking more about Ernie, he has worked in the Commercial and Residential Glass, Storefront, and Curtainwall industry for over 30 years. Last we checked, he was employed as an estimator at Benson Industries, Inc.

On the other hand, Shannon then was an agent for Northwest Commerical Services Llc.

Trivia: Mason has a grandmother named Connie Burke who went to Spokane Falls Community College.

Mason Ramirez Job

Mason Ramirez had yet to embark upon a career while he filmed Unexpected.

He was still attending Emerald Ridge High School then. However, he was set to graduate in 2022. So, given that Mason’s got a lot of responsibility now, it won’t be long before we get to see him take a job.

Here’s his LinkedIn.

Talking about his school, Emerald Ridge High was ranked 98th within Washington. It was one of the 6 high schools in the Puyallup School District. Overall, it was ranked 5,580 in the National Rankings — based on state-required tests, graduation, and how well they prepare students for college.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mason Ramirez From?

Though his hometown remained unknown, we know that Mason resided in Puyallup, Washington as of 2022.

  • How Tall Is Mason Ramirez?

Mason stands tall at a height above 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Mason has dark hair, brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and a healthy body. Some viewers were also intrigued by his voice, which they said wasn’t so “masculine.”

  • Is Mason Ramirez On Instagram?

No, as of March 2022, Mason wasn’t on Instagram.

However, find him over Facebook @mason.ramirez.96.

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