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Michael Shiakallis Bio, Age, Family, Height, Job, MAFS 17

Married at First Sight saying goodbye to Nashville, Tennessee, took Denver, Colorado, by storm for its 17th Season and premiered as Married At First Sight Denver on 18 October 2023 on Lifetime. It introduced to viewers five couples set to get married at the altar. Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown were one of them.

Michael Shiakallis On Married At First Sight Denver

Married At First Sight Denver 17 introduced viewers to Michael Shiakallis in episode 1. He was the first groom of the season who despite being nervous for his big day, looked very excited to be matched with someone. Never had he thought once that he would be left in tears.

Michael was looking forward to being with his new wife, and also imagining “fireworks” to happen at the altar. Unfortunately, this marriage did not happen. After waiting at the altar for 20 minutes, Michael’s wife-to-be, i.e., Chloe materialized in front of him to say to him she won’t be able to do it. For the first time in all 17 seasons of MAFS, Michael was dumped at the altar by a runaway bride.

“That hurt,” Michael was heard saying before his friends and family ran to console him. As for Chloe, her identity was never shown. She was just known to be Michael’s “mystery wife” who said no to marrying a stranger.

It is not understood if Michael and the said mystery women found ways to reconcile after what happened.

As seen in the show’s exclusive clip, five brides entered the series, but only four walked down the aisle. This one bride’s absence from the series resulted in more rumors and predictions by fans, who despite everything continue to hope that the no-show bride and Michael to cross paths.

Michael’s almost-bride Chloe, an avid traveler, enlisted the help of experts to help her find the person of her dreams. But, she changed her mind at the last hour.

MAFS Denver 17: Michael Shiakallis Wife

Michael Shiakallis did not already have a wife when he decided to go on Married At First Sight Denver to look for one. During the show’s first impression with Lifetime, he also talked about the qualities he was looking for in his to-be wife.

Michael gushed that he would love to take his future wife out on date nights, travel the world with her, and do all the finer things in life. Describing himself as a “very affectionate” person, he said he is looking for a woman who is at her core really sweet, thoughtful, and caring woman. Of course, he also emphasized that s** is also important to him.

Michael Shiakallis Age

Michael A Shiakallis was born in 1984. So, he turned 39 years old in 2023.

Michael Shiakallis Family

Recently during his MAFS stint, Michael revealed to the cameras that it is his parents who he considers as his role models, especially when it comes to their love story. Sadly though, one of them is no more.

Michael’s dad, who is named the same as his son, i.e. Michael, is not anymore alive. He was already gone when his dad, Michael Jr.’s grandfather, passed away in November 2003.

Fortunately, Michael has his mother by his side to date. She is Lorna Shiakallis. According to her Facebook, the matriarch started working as a licensed insurance agent at Insphereis in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before getting to work as an insurance broker in health markets, she studied at Far Eastern University in Manila. She was born and brought up in Manila, Philippines. As of 2023 though, she had been calling Las Vegas, Nevada home. Also, Lorna turned 71 years old in November 2022.

There are two more people in Michael’s family. One is his brother Christopher Shiakallis who turned 34 in June 2023. At this time around, he too was a Las Vegas, Nevada dweller.

The final member of the family is Michael’s other brother Andrew N Shiakallis of Kissimmee, Florida. He turned 31 years old in September 2023.

What Job Does Michael Shiakallis Do For A Living?

Per his LinkedIn page, Michael Shiakallis landed himself a new job as Head of SMS Digital Experience at Lumen Technologies of Denver, Colorado in February 2023. At the same time, he also continued working as a senior lead project manager at CenturyLink, the one he has been going to since December 2019.

Speaking of his educational background, Michael studied B.A. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Operations Management at Cal State Fullerton, College of Business and Economics between 2006 and 2008. Even prior, he went to Mater Dei High School.

Michael Shiakallis Height

Michael Shiakallis stands above 5’9” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Michael Shiakallis From?

Michael Shiakallis originally hails from Stanton, California. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Denver, Colorado.

  • When Is Michael Shiakallis Birthday?

Michael Shiakalis’s birthday is on September 13th, making him a Virgo.

  • Is Michael Shiakallis On Instagram?

Yes. Michael Shiakalis was on Instagram as of October 2023. The personal blog @wvvyhndrxx included 394 posts and 739 followers. It was kept private for some reason. On other platforms including ‘Michael Shiakallis Jr’ Facebook, Michael did not mind showing glimpses of his life publicly.


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