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Mike Eckles Bio, Age, Married, Netflix’s Pressure Cooker

Mike Eckles recently competed in Netflix’s brand new cooking competition show Pressure Cooker. The show featured 11 contestants who were ready to bring to the table the best dishes they have ever prepared in their lives. Although he only made it as a finalist, his culinary skills definitely appalled the judges and his fellow competitors.

But there is more about him that you can learn that hasn’t met your eyes. Below you’ll learn if he is married, his age, his career, and more. So, tag along and discover more information as this article proceeds.

Mike Eckles On Netflix’s Pressure Cooker Season 1

Mike Eckles signed up for Netflix’s culinary competition Pressure Cooker along with 10 other contestants which premiered on 6 January. The chefs on “Pressure Cooker” live together and compete against one another, just like “Top Chef” on Bravo and “Hell’s Kitchen.” Contrary to such programs, there is a “Survivor”-style component in which the competitors judge one another.

The prize pool is $100,000 and winning calls for talent and a clever plan that makes use of alliances.

Mike had to choose who to face in the finals after winning the Monochromatic Challenge in the semifinals. He chose Robbie because he valued the latter’s efforts in the kitchen and was of the opinion that Robbie’s abilities just could not be taught. In the finals, one of the ousted competitors served as the two cooks’ sous-chef.

Robbie originally desired Lana, but after learning that Mike desired Lana as his partner, he decided to accompany his close buddy Ed. The other contestants, who functioned as judges, cast their votes after the finalists served their delicious assortment of meals, and Robbie received 5 votes to Mike’s 4. Hence, at the end of the show, Delaware’s local chef Robbie Jester has been crowned the winner of Netflix’s cookout competition Pressure Cooker.

Mike Eckles Career

Let’s jump to Mike Eckles’ career. He started his culinary studies at the famed Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where he later launched his culinary profession. He worked at some of Michigan’s best restaurants after receiving the highest grade in his class and graduating. After beginning at Coach Insignia, the sous chef at James Beard Award-winning Forest.

Mike is the founder of Abode Fine Dining. According to the website of the establishment, for him and his team, abode refers to more than “a place where one lives” as it can be a restaurant.

“We bring the fine dining restaurant right into your own home. We bring the wait staff, ingredients, plates, silverware, cooking utensils, napkins, tablecloths, flatware, and glasses. All you need to do is enjoy your evening,” the website states. “Our cuisine focused on, but not limited to, seasonality, modern techniques with French/ Italian flavors. But we can make whatever you can imagine; with completely custom menus to suit anyone from picky eaters to fine dining commissures. If you would like to schedule an event feel free to reach out to us to check our availability.”

The restaurant also has its own IG page with 1114 followers and counting.

Their menu is entirely based on seasons and clients’ requests. For 1-4 guests they charge $175 per person, $150 per person if they have to accommodate 5-11 guests, and if 12+ guests then $125 is the charge per person. The standard testing menu includes a 5-course tasting menu, amuse, bread service, palate cleaner, and coffee service.

Additionally, they also offer a prim fixe menu with a 3-course menu that includes amuse, bread service, and palate cleanser that cost $90 per head.

Is Mike Eckles Married?

No, Mike Eckles isn’t married yet but one thing that we can certainly confirm is that he is in a relationship. Based on his Facebook relationship status, he is fresh into a relationship with his girlfriend Reine Assaly. They made it official on 5 August 2022.

Mike has featured his girlfriend only once on his IG and it was in October 2022. He posted a selfie that he took with his girlfriend. Reine is on both Facebook and IG.

Mike Eckles Age

When Mike Eckles competed on Netflix’s show in 2022, he was 27 years old.

Mike Eckles Family

Mike Eckles is the son of Jeffrey and Laura “Laurie” Begeman Eckles. Jeffrey who is currently 64 and Laurie who is 63 married in 1993 when they were 34 and 33 years old respectively. Laurie is on Facebook as well as IG. According to her FB, she is a graduate of Ida High School.

Mike has a younger brother named Alexander Eckles. Born in 1994, he is presently 29 years old.

Mike Eckles Height

Speaking on his physical attributes, Mike Eckles stands tall at 5’8”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mike Eckles From?

Several sites online report that Mike Eckles is a resident of Bloomfield, Michigan.

  • When Is Mike Eckles Birthday?

Currently, Mike Eckles’s birthday is not available on the web.

  • Is Mike Eckles On Instagram?

Mike is available on Instagram (@mikehastheflav) and Facebook.

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