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Mike Gabler Bio, Survivor 43, Job, Wife, Height, Parents

Mike Gabler joined the cast of Survivor 43. Survivor has been one of the most popular and longest-running reality shows. Now in season 43, one of the interesting contestants viewers would like to know more about is Noelle Lamber, an above-knee amputee.

Mike along with other casts has the cast of Survivor 43 which aired on 21 September 2022. He and 17 other fellow castaways are dropped off in the Mamanuca Islands off the coast of Fiji. The survivor season starts with three tribes; Baka (yellow), Coco (blue), and Vesi (red) with six players each.

Learn about his age, job, wife, and more.

Mike Gabler On Survivor 43

A self-proclaimed, “Intense, energetic, fun,” Mike Gabler thinks that life is short and life is now. He shared with, the person he is today is the best person he has ever been, and he is looking to become better with the passing days. Survivor 43 is a challenge for him that he thinks is going to test him in every way imaginable.

Mike has been a long-time fan of survivor. He and his wife watched the show before they even had any kids. It has become something that they do now as a family. Mike told that his favorite Survivor winner was Jeremy Collins.

One thing that prepared him for Mike was his career as a clinical specialist to prepare for Survivor. He states, “It’s in high-pressure situations sometimes. To be able to communicate and work effectively and get good outcomes for patients with that team, I think that’s probably going to really help me out here when it starts getting really dicey.”

Mike thinks that the first impression of his fellow cast him would be a “severe-looking guy”. He has shaved head and beard and a variety of tattoos. He adds, “So you don’t know what the first impression might be. But I’m a very genuine person. And I think time is on my side. The longer I can stay in the game, the better it will be. Because I really do care deeply about people.”

He added, “That comes from my work dealing with patients. And I think if I can connect with people, and they connect with me, that’ll grow my power in the game and advance me. The deeper I get, the more powerful I will become.”

Mike is looking for alliances that have heart and were “out there for a variety of reasons that aren’t just being the person at the end or the title.” He said, “So I think that kind of a genuine competitor is somebody I’d like to align with to get deep into the game.”

After representing the Baka tribe during an offsite excursion, Gabler successfully risked his vote, and he managed to secure an immunity idol that would only work at one of his two first tribal councils. When his tribe lost the first immunity challenge, Gabler said that he didn’t want to use his advantage and that he even intended on using his shot in the dark during tribal council.

Mike Gabler Job

Mike Gabler is working as a Territory Manager of Transcatheter Heart Valves at Edwards Lifesciences since 2014. Before that, he was working in the same role in Texas. Before that, Mike served Medtronic as Territory Manager (Endovascular) from 2005 to 2011.

He regularly assisted Vascular Surgeons, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons, Interventional Cardiologists, Interventional Radiologists, and their respective Fellows, with film reading, aortic mapping, pre-case planning, in-case proctoring, 3D-imaging, & trouble-shooting clinical challenges.

Mike’s LinkedIn further states that he worked as a Territory Manager of Oncology & Peripheral for Boston Scientific from 2003 to 2005. He served as Key Account Executive at ADVO, Inc. from 2001 to 2003. From 1995 to 1998, she served as Gargoyles Performance Eyewear at Southern Territory Manager.

His career started with Expeditors as Area Sales Manager.

How Old Is Mike Gabler?

Mike Gabler recently turned 52 years old. He was born on 4 September 1970.

Mike Gabler Parents

Mike Gabler was born to his parents Robert and Joan Gabler.

Robert turned 81 years old in June 1941 and Joan celebrated her 79th birthday in November 1941.

Mike Gabler Height

Mike Gabler stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Is Mike Gabler On Instagram?

Mike Gabler doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or Facebook.

Mike Gabler Wife

Survivor 43’s Mike Gabler is married to his wife Joanna Gabler. The married couple reportedly shares two daughters. Not much is known about their marriage currently.

Talking about his wife’s career, Joanna is working at Citrus Advertising as a Planning Specialist. She had also served at Boise State University as Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing. Moreover, she is working as a Lecturer at Boise State University, and Adjunct Faculty – Lecturer at the University of Houston.

Per her LinkedIn, Joanna has also worked at Bond University as an Assistant Professor of Marketing and BMC Software as a Senior Market Research Analyst.

Joanna graduated from Austin College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and earned her Ph.D. in Social Psychology & Marketing in 1998 from the University of Houston.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mike Gabler From?

Mike Gabler hailed from his hometown of Houston, Texas. He is currently residing in Meridian, Idaho.

  • When Is Mike Gabler Birthday?

Mike Gabler celebrates his birthday on 4 September.

  • Where Did Mike Gabler Recieve His Education?

Mike is a 1989 graduate of Kingwood High School. He earned Bachelor’s Degree in 1993 with

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