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Pablo Salas Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Iron Chef: Mexico

Learning is a never-ending process. No wonder, Pablo Salas, who was recognized for his efforts in elevating the Mexican culinary industry by Senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila, joined Iron Chef: Mexico “to explore the diversity of formats and ingredients.”

Get to know him better as this Pablo Salas Bio proceeds.

Pablo Salas On Iron Chef: Mexico

Netflix’s Iron Chef: MexicoIron Chef’s spinoff — premiered on September 21, 2022, and like the original series, it featured six chef challengers including Pablo Salas ready to take on the judges.

In case you’re new to the format, the Mexican chefs competed in a studio, each battling the “Iron Chef”. So, the gold was to impress a rotating panel of judges with their cuisine while under immense time pressure to prepare different dishes. Thus, by the end, only one winner remained who was then gifted with a Katana, the long sword associated with the Japanese Samurai.

But why Katana? Well, originally the program first aired in Japan in 1993 titled Ryōri no Tetsujin, meaning “Ironmen of Cooking”. The series ran for 309 episodes until 2002. Then, it was revived under the new name Iron Chef in 2012. It has since spawned numerous regional spin-offs, including this Mexican version.

“An honor that a great event like Iron Chef has come to our country 🇲🇽 Thank you@netflixlat. I take with me a great experience and above all learning, a challenge like this makes me recognize and explore the diversity of formats and ingredients, above all, it is a great pride for me that our work is known throughout the world,” Pablo promoted the show on his IG.

Joining Pablo for the inaugural season of Iron Chef: Mexico were his co-stars — Claudette Zepeda (owner of Taqueria Zepeda – a small taco shop in Sydney, Australia), Claudia Albertina Ruiz Sántiz (owner of Kokonó and Albertina), Abel Hernández (owner of Eloise and Loretta), Adria Marina Montaño (owner of two food trucks), Diana Dávila (owner of Mi Tocaya Antojeria in Chicago, Illinois), Karen Valadez Burstein (owner of Casa Valadez and La Virgen de la Cueva), and Francisco Molina (owner of Evoka and Casa Bernabé).

As for the judges, the “Iron Chefs” were Francisco Ruano, Roberto Solis, and Gabriela Ruiz.

Also, the original Chairman, Mark Dacascos returned for the show that season.

Did you know: Pablo has also appeared on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern in 2018.

Pablo Salas Career

Pablo Salas says he’s “merely a cook” — a primarily self-taught cook, who later enhanced his culinary skill at Ambrosía (probably the best source of culinary education for cooks in Mexico).

At Ambrosía, Pablo apprenticed under chef Federico López. There, he learned the extensive theories behind cooking. But when he graduated in 2002, he faced the shocking reality that the real-world food industry was“not looking for knowledgeable bachelors in gastronomy,” but rather a ready-made cook.

So, hopeless to find a job, Pablo went back to Toluca and started a pastry studio. Eventually, he then bought a restaurant on Calle Francisco Murguía (owned by his friend), and finally, in September 2010, he decided to redefine his cuisine and career — giving birth to Amaranta.

Now, Pablo’s restaurant is listed as one of the best restaurants in Mexico in various publications. 

Besides Amaranta, Pablo was also the man behind Lona Cocina And Tequileria. This Mexican eatery offered “Salas’ eclectic, soulful Mexican cooking in a chic, yet funky environment, complete with a breathtaking outdoor bar, casually elegant interior dining room, a special tequila tasting room, and multiple private dining spaces.”

After his success, Pablo was also appointed delegate of the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture (CCGM) and given a membership of the Mexican Cuisine Collective, where he offered cooking classes through various educative institutions all over Mexico.

Is Pablo Salas On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram at @pablo_salasc.

Also, here’s his Facebook @ChefPabloSalas and Twitter @Pablo_SalasC.

Pablo Salas Family

Pablo Salas credits his success to his family of four.

Looking back, it was his dad, Francisco, who resigned from his job and sold everything he owned to support Pablo’s decision to buy his friend’s restaurant on Calle Francisco Murguía.

Thereafter, Pablo’s mom, Verónica, joined in as the manager, and Pablo’s brother worked there as the sommelier and floor manager.

“My mother was the biggest influence on me because she wasn’t a trained chef, but she really loved to cook every day. I saw her cook all the time, always trying new things. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, and I think that’s the way we cook (at Amaranta) too,” Pablo recalled.

When Is Pablo Salas Birthday?

Pablo Salas receives his birthday wishes on October 23.

As per his birth date, Pablo is of the Scorpio zodiac.

Pablo Salas Age

Pablo Salas was 41 years of age when he appeared on Iron Chef: Mexico in 2022.

Yes! he does look a lot younger though.

Pablo Salas Wife

Pablo Salas didn’t reveal information about his wife or kids.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Pablo Salas?

Pablo stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

His distinct features include — shaved head and a religious-tattoo coved body.

  • Where Is Pablo Salas From?

Pablo proudly bears his origin Mexico.

Even as of 2022, he resided in Toluca, Mexico.

  • How Much Is Pablo Salas Net Worth?

In 2022, Pablo flaunted a net worth of above $3 million.

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