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Miley Altman Bio, Today, Age, Mallory Beach Best Friend

Before we introduce you to Mallory Beach’s best friend Miley Altman, let us remind you that Mallory died on the fatal booze-fueled boating trip in the Murdaugh family’s boat in 2019. And early in 2023, late Mallory’s family reached a settlement with the Murdaughs.

The 19 February 2019 incident put only Mallory’s family, the Murdaugh family into the spotlight, the others who were on the boat at the time, also have been on the lookout.

Miley Altman is one of them. And so in this writing called ‘Miley Altman Bio’ we shall tell you what she is been up to since her best friend’s wrongful death.

Meet Miley Altman, Mallory Beach Best Friend

Miley Altman met Mallory Beach for the first time in the early 2000s. They were attending the same preschool and Mallory came up to her and told her she was pretty. Miley recently shared this and many other stories of them in the Netflix original Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal. Since then and before Mallory passed untimely, they were inseparable, even more, when they were joined by Morgan Doughty during their early teen years. As the trio, they went around as the “three M’s” of Low Country.

With time, the three of them landed jobs at the same place called Retail Therapy, and at the time they were also dating inside their extended friend group. Mallory was dating Anthony Cook and Miley was happily seeing Anthony’s first cousin/best friend Connor Cook. Morgan on the other hand had been Paul Murdaugh’s girlfriend for around four years.

In the Netflix crime series, Miley also revealed how she and Mallory merely tolerated Paul, because they could tell he hurt Morgan physically as well as emotionally when he drank. They had seen her crying more than often. With time, Miely also helped Morgan part ways with Paul, who later on 7 June 2021 was found shot to death alongside his mother Maggie Murdaugh at their family’s hunting property.

Before that, on 23 February 2019, the day the boat crashed taking Mallory’s life, these six people had originally planned out a casual hang-out at an Oyster Roast house party.

So, the unthinkable happened and Mallory’s remains were found eight days later. Still hopeful that she would be recovered alive, Miley, a day after the crash and Mallory’s subsequent missing had taken to her social media to write “please continue to pray for my other half, that’s all I can ask for right now”.

As for Miley, she did not sustain any severe injuries. She was immediately rushed to the hospital for a check-up. Just like Anthony, Morgan, and Connor, she also separately gave her statements to the police.

Where Is Miley Altman Today?

Fast forward to February 2023, Miley Altman continued to lead a fairly quiet life well away from the public eye.

In the past years, since she lost Mallory, she seemingly took her time to not feel guilty about her connection with the mishap. Also, it seemed like she and the rest also have continued to remain, friends, while also honoring Malllory’s memories. Reportedly, Miley and the other friends actually got tattoos to celebrate their late best friend.

Miley Altman Age

As of February 2023, Miley Altman had been 22 years old.

Who Are Miley Altman’s Parents?

Miley’s dad is Mark D Altman and he turned 59 years old in June 2022. On LinkedIn, he mentioned working as Vice President IT Hampton, South Carolina branch of Palmetto State Bank since 1987. He also did highlight the fact that he studied B.A. in Economics at Georgia Southern University from 1982 through 1986.

While Miley’s mom Michelle Mignerey Altman turned 53 years old in September 2022. Still married to Mark and based in Hampton, she started working full-time at Clemson University as their rural health agent in June 2019. She got her master’s degree in 2011 from the University of South Carolina. Before that and she worked for her an Associate of Science in Health Services/Allied Health Sciences at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.

Also, we learned that Miley, on 4 September 2022, lost her paternal grandmother Shirley Altman of Hampton at the age of 87. Shirley, so you know, was the widow of the late Don Altman, to whom she was married for 57 years.

Miley Altman Job

Miley Altman’s job/career-related information was not available to the public. Even her LinkedIn profile could not be located.

Is Miley Altman Married?

Miley Altman did continue her teenage romance with Connor Cook, until the time of this writing. Everything they have been through over the years apparently has made them stronger and more understanding than ever. They were certainly not married though as of February 2023. And if they were planning to get married anytime soon, Miley chose not to talk about it on camera.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Miley Altman From?

Miley Altman has forever been a native of Hampton, South Carolina.

  • Is Miley Altman On Instagram?

Yes. Miley Altman could be found on Instagram @mileyaltman with 90 posts and 1,746 followers. Yet, the account continued to be kept private as of 23 February 2023.

 She however did show occasional glimpses of her life publicly on Facebook.

  • When Is Miley Altman’s Birthday?

Miley Altman had not yet revealed when her birthday is.

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