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Gabrielle Moses Ethnicity, Parents, Sister, Relationship Status

Fan-favorite Chase DeMoor, the star of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle and Perfect Match, was rumored to have dated was rumored to be dating a certain someone called Gabrielle Moses. But then, Chase decided to go on Perfect Match in March 2022 to find love basically.

So, what’s the status now, is Chase DeMoor still dating Gabrielle Moses? Let us tell you all about it and more in the rest of the writing.

Meet Gabrielle Moses, Chase DeMoor Rumored Ex-Girlfriend

Rumors about Chase DeMoor and Gabrielle Moses dating started to surface sometime in 2022. Especially when the two also appeared together on Gabrielle’s IG back in early 2022, people almost believed that the two were dating. Gabrielle posted a short clip of herself with Chase where the two talked about going kayaking and encountering an issue with a couple. Reportedly, Chase also posted Gabrielle-related content on his social media.

However, the two did not confirm or deny the speculations about their alleged romance.

As of the time of this writing, in February 2023, Gabrielle was following Chase on Instagram @chasedemoor, but Chase was not following her. So, it seemed as if they were not together even if they once had been, secretly. Especially because Chase chose to go on the reality dating game show Perfect Match.

How Long Did Gabrielle Moses And Jack Brinkman Date?

Gabrielle Moses was once known for the collaborated popular YouTube channel ‘Jack and Gab’ with none other than her then-boyfriend Jack Brinkham. The channel entertained 2 million subscribers. And on it, the two regularly played pranks on each other, took on viral challenges, and gave relationship advice. Even today, the channel included 1.73M subscribers. In the last video posted in June 2021, Jack alone confirmed that they will no longer be posting here and also that he and Gabrielle are no more together.

As for Gabrielle, she explained in a video on her personal channel that she is crushed about the ending of her relationship of almost 5 years with him.

Gabrielle Moses Relationship Status

On Facebook, Gabrielle Moses marked her relationship status as ‘single’ as of February 2023.

Gabrielle Moses Ethnicity

Gabrielle Moses, who stands exactly 5′ 4.5″ in height, proudly admitted in a social media reel that she acquires mixed ethnicity from her parents.

Who Are Gabrielle Moses’s Parents?

Gabrielle’s dad is James A Moses and he turned 66 years old in November 2022. James, AKA Mr. Moses, spent 27 years employed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in Las Vegas, Nevada. Per his BIO on his website, he retired at the rank of Lieutenant in the Robbery/Homicide Bureau, while managing and directing the Career Criminal Section.

Besides, it is from her father that Gabrielle gets her beautiful eyes and from her mother that she gets her overall looks.

Gabrielle often lovingly shows off both her parents on her social media. In October 2019, as she wished her “momma” a belated happy birthday, she thanked her for always being such a strong person and an amazing role model.

The matriarch’s name is Sarah Ann Moses and she turned 56 years old in October 2021. Also, she seemed to be residing in Springfield, Missouri with her husband at the time of this writing.

Gabrielle Moses Sister

Gabrielle Moses has a twin sister named Madalyn and they have a younger sister named Cassie.

Besides, Gabrielle also filmed a YouTube video with her older brother where he reacted to her DMs.

Madalyn could be found on IG @madamo_ and she entertained 32.1K followers here. Swimming and diving enthusiast Cassie, full name Casaundra Moses, on the other hand, had 44.3K followers on IG @cassiemoses_.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Gabrielle Moses?

Gabrielle was born on 6 April 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and later relocated to Missouri at a young age. She turned 22 years old in 2022.

  • How Much Is Gabrielle Moses’s Net Worth?

Gabrielle Moses reportedly had more than $700 thousand net worth in February 2023.

It seems that Gabrielle generates a good part of her income from her YouTube channel ‘Gabrielle Moses’ where she entertained 825K subscribers at the time.

Also, it looks like she is a full-time content creator at this point in her life. Speaking of her content, she mostly invites people who love everything makeup, working out, hair, fashion, dogs, and shopping related to her channel.

On her IG @gabrielle_moses, Gabrielle entertained 609K followers.

  • Is Gabrielle Moses On LinkedIn?

Gabrielle Moses only introduces her as a student at Drury University. It details that she enrolled in the university in 2018 and graduated sometime in 2022.

Back in July 2019, she talked in detail about her dream job. Showing glimpses of her at a medical camp she attended in 2017, she shared that her dream job is to be a doctor, maybe a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon that specializes in robotic surgery for the burn unit. She opened up that it was this camp she went on that made her realize that this is something she can actually do and that her dream was attainable. “It is crazy the difference a positive mindset makes🧠 What’s your dream job?” she also asked her people on social media.

  • What Med School Did Gabrielle Moses Attend?

Gabrielle Moses, back in the day, went to Mini-Med School – University of Maryland School of Medicine.

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