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Mimi Morris Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Bling Empire

The wait is over. Bling Empire season 2 is finally here! And a cherry on the top, a few new cast members have been introduced this season — one of them being our star Mimi Morris.

So, who is she? Get to know her better as this Mimi Morris Bio proceeds.

Mimi Morris On Bling Empire

Mimi Morris was first introduced on Bling Empire season 2 as Christine Chiu’s friend. According to Christine, Mimi was “a firecracker — everything she says makes you happy.”

But unlike other cast members, Mimi wasn’t born into a life of affluence. With her humble beginnings in Vietnam, Mimi was able to set herself apart and turn many heads, all thanks to her unique background and lavish Instagram posts.

Unfortunately, sorry gentlemen, she’s married. Though it’s not clear when she married her husband Donald Morris, we do know that they held their wedding at The Resort at Pelican Hill, a five-star hotel in Newport Beach surrounded by Italian-inspired architecture and the Pacific Ocean view.

Also, as of 2022, the two were already together for over a decade and shared three kids. However, only two of them are their biological child. Their eldest son Huy Tran was born from Mimi’s previous relationship. He turned 26 in November 2021 and seemed to vibe well with his step-dad Donald.

Talking a little about Mimi’s husband, Donald is 22 years older than Mimi. He is the CEO of Morris Group International, a company with 28 divisions and partnerships that manufacture specified plumbing products.

However, Donald started his career back in 1969 in sales with Elmco, the founding company of Morris Group International. Eventually, he joined the manufacturing side of the business, moving to Acorn Engineering Company and holding all sorts of leadership positions with the company. He then became President of Acorn Engineering Company in 1985. And it was only after 2003 that he started being the CEO of the company.

As of 2022, the husband-wife lived in Newport Coast, California.

Mimi Morris Net Worth

Brace yourselves. Mimi Morris flaunted a net worth of $100 million in 2022. However, combined with her husband, Donald, together, their net worth was close to $1 billion.

The wife/husband even brought an $8.8 million home in the Strand at Headlands gated community in California in 2018.

So, what’s Mimi’s job? Well, she’s a model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Mimi Morris Daughter

Mimi Morris’ daughter is Hannah Oquist. She’s a mother herself and has a daughter named Scarlett Rose Oquist, IG @scarlettroseoquist.

According to Hannah, she first revealed the news about her pregnancy to Mimi on Mother’s day 2020.

Hannah turned 30 on September 28, 2021.

Here’s her IG. Looking through the posts, it’s clear as a day that Hannah loved her beautiful mother more than anyone and was grateful for her. “In your arms, you held us. Little did we know but you have given us the greatest treasure that will never fade in our hearts and that’s your love,” Hannah wrote on Mother’s Day 2022.

Also, she called her mother Mimi to be her “best friend forever from the heart.”

What Is Mimi Morris Maiden Name?

Mimi Morris’s maiden name is “Thuan.” She was also known as a “Mimi Thuan Nguyen.”

Who Are Mimi Morris Parents?

Mimi Morris didn’t talk much about her parents. However, we do know that she was close to her mother.

On Mother’s Day 2020, she took it to her IG to post a pic alongside her mother captioned, “Happy Mother’s Day mommy! You mean so much to me. I miss you”

Also, we know that Mimi and her parents went through some really hard times during the Vietnam War. Yes! They were there and at one point they even took shelter in a hole in the ground for two whole years. Reportedly, the family then had to subsist on very little food and water.

Who’d have guessed! a person with such a humble beginning who go on to live a very luxe life in Orange County, California, with her family.

Trivia: Mimi has a niece named Bảo Linh Nguyễn

Mimi Morris Age

Mimi Morris was 52 years of age in 2022.

It true! And we do agree with a lot of fans that she indeed looked a lot younger.

Mimi Morris Height

Mimi Morris stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Mentioning her district features, Mimi has a long triangular face, brown eyes, and a mole on her chin.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mimi Morris Birthday?

Mimi was born in October, making her either of the Libra or Scorpio zodiac.

  • Does Mimi Morris Have Siblings?

Yes, Mimi has seven siblings. She comes from a large family and struggled a lot growing up.

  • Is Mimi Morris On Instagram?

Yes, as of May 2022, find her on Instagram @mimi_morris_ with 40.5K followers. Most of her posts then featured her in amazing outfits and a few showcased her family.

Also, here’s her Facebook @mimi.nguyen.980. She entertained 1.5K followers there.

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