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Donald Morris Bio, Net Worth, Age, Mimi Morris Husband

Netflix for the second time dropped the luxurious world of Bling Empire (Season 2) on 13 May 2022. In the reality television series bigger than its predecessor, viewers were introduced to the newest cast member, Mimi Morris. As the new season commenced with the likes of Kevin Taejin Kreider, Christine Chiu, and Kane Lim, its original line of cast, Mimi jumped into the socialite group as another extremely rich. And because newcomers get all the attention, Mimi’s newfound fans have been kindly nosy also about her husband, Donald Morris, about whom we shall tell you all in the rest of the writing.

Meet Donald Morris, Bling Empire Mimi Morris’s Husband

It is not clear when exactly philanthropist-influencer Mimi Morris tied the knot with her husband Donald Morris, aka Don Morris. Still, there is one thing we learned about their wedding day. It was at The Resort at Pelican Hill, a Five-Star hotel in Newport Beach surrounded by Italian-inspired architecture and the Pacific Ocean views that the couple exchanged their vows.

Also, on social media, they themselves admitted being together for roughly 10 years already (as of 2022). Meanwhile, his Facebook revealed that they shared their wedding vows on 5 November 2011.

Speaking of if or not the two are still together, the couple not just seemed blissfully married but also shared the beautiful job of parenting their son Skyler. Like Donald, the young man was born in September (2013). So, he turned 8 in 2021.

Then there is also Mimi’s son from her previous marriage and Donald’s two whom he shares with his ex-wife. And among these kids, we could only tell you about Mimi’s. He turned 26 years old in November 2021 and he seemed to vibe well with his step-dad Donald. Mimi’s son also seemed to get along with his half-brother and step-siblings.

Mimi also has a daughter named Hannah Oquist (@hannahthegram) from her previous relationship.

By the look of things, Donald and Mimi are happy together and they seem to support one another, be it in business ventures, philanthropy endeavors, or parties.

Donald Morris Job

Donald Morris is the CEO of Morris Group International, a company with 28 divisions and partnerships that manufacture specified plumbing products. (Yes. The same Donald E. Morris, who was featured in the December 2017 Edition of The Wholesaler as Person of the Year.)

Back in 1969, Donald started his career in sales with Elmco, the founding company of Morris Group International. Slowly, he joined the manufacturing side of the business, moving to Acorn Engineering Company and holding all sorts of leadership positions with the company. He then became President of Acorn Engineering Company in 1985. And since 2003, he started being the CEO of the company.

For more, you may locate Donald talking about Morris Group on its Instagram @morrisgroupintl, Twitter @morrisgroupintl, and on their YouTube channel.

Donald Morris’s Net Worth

According to Cinemaholic, Donald Morris reportedly had a whopping $800 million and increasing net worth as of 2022. He also reportedly generated an estimated yearly revenue of $4.11 million.

Is Donald Morris On Instagram?

Indeed! Donald Morris could be found on Instagram at Only thing is, he did not seem to spend as much time on the platform. So far, he only had a post that is about him wishing a “Happy Father’s Day” to actually his wife.

Donald Morris Age

Donald Morris, age 74, is 22 years older than Mimi who was 52 as of the time of this writing. Almost every year as Mimi wished Donald him the happiest birthday early in September, she promised to love him forever and also lovingly called her the best dad in the world.

Donald Morris Parents

As of the time of this writing, it was only known that Donald’s dad Earl L. Morris is no longer alive. He had breathed his last year on 3 April 2003. And at the time, he was survived by Kathryn, his wife/friend of 37 years.

Other than Donald, the couple had also welcomed their other son Dennis into their lives. And before Earl died, he and Kathryn were also grandparents of ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

As for 52-year-old Mimi, she hails from Vietnam, where she struggled through a tumultuous upbringing. With the Vietnam War going on, she and her siblings had to live, in her words, in a large hole in the ground for two years.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Donald Morris From?

Donald was based in Newport Beach, California as of the time of this writing. The University of Southern California (MBA in Finance in 1969) alum is also likely a native of this city.

  • How Tall Is Donald Morris?

Donald Morris stands above 6 feet tall in height.

  • Does Donald Morris Appear On Netflix’s Bling Empire?

Yes. Donald Morris appears in the Netflix Series Bling Empire and he himself admitted this in bold letters on his LinkedIn’s BIO. He is seen as Mimi’s husband and Skyler’s dad. Still, however, IMDB had not already credited him for his presence on the show.

As for Mimi, Bling Empire viewers saw her in its trailer just in a quick snippet where she is showing off an engagement ring. However, the show promised to show more of her throughout its new season.

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