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Miranda Richardson Young, Partner, Dating History, Winx

Miranda Richardson never forced herself to have a perfect home, husband, and kids. She believed that it happens when it happens. She avoids talking about “marriage” at all. Here are a few things she has said in the past. This article is about her partner, her dating history, and her role in Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga.

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Miranda Richardson On Fate: The Winx Saga

Netflix premiered season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga and there has been a few changes in the original cast members. We talked about Alex Macqueen stepping down from his role as Professor Ben Harvey and being replaced by actor Daniel Betts earlier. Another new face fans see being re-cast is actress Miranda Richardson who is playing the role of Rosalind Hale.

The role of Rosalind was played by Lesly Sharp who only appeared at the end of the first outing with her blonde ponytail, and now, Miranda has taken over with her cropped haircut.

According to The Tab, “Rosalind is particularly interested in Bloom, who joined Alfea College in season one. At the end of season one, fans saw Rosalind kill Dowling after she refuses to take a sabbatical.”

But the question remains, why was Lesley dropped from playing Rosalind? It most likely has to do with the other projects she has been working on. According to The Economic Times, Lesley has narrated Heaven Made, a BBC One documentary series that presents a look behind the scenes of three religious orders throughout Ireland and England. She was also busy on stage with the lead role in Kae Tempest’s Philoctetes in 2021.

Netflix also confirmed that because of Lesley’s committed schedule, she wouldn’t be able to return to season 2 as the filming dates wouldn’t work for her.

Miranda Richardson Partner

When it comes to discussing Miranda Richardson only one name that pops up is actor/comedian Rowan Atkinson, best known for his role as Mr. Bean. They were rumored to be at least in a relationship although some outlets claimed that they were married. However,, confirmed that they weren’t.

They were only co-stars appearing on Blackadder Goes Forth. As of 2022, she appears happily single.

Her singlehood also generated speculation that she can’t find the perfect man because she is a lesbian. But she doesn’t prefer addressing her sexuality or her relationship. She has confirmed being in love with men a few times debunking the lesbian rumor.

The actress spoke about her marriage to Radio Times in 2014 and described love as “an illness.” She continued by saying that once she reached this stage of her life, she might never again give marriage much thought. She added, “And I may not marry. People I know to do it as much for tax reasons as security.”

Miranda Richardson Dating History

Miranda Richardson shies away from discussing her dating and romantic life. But there have been a few attempts made by journalists to withdraw information from her. In 2007, she was interviewed in Daily Mail, where she was asked, “Are you in a relationship at the moment?”

Miranda graciously replied, “In my industry, everybody wants to know everything about you, and it’s just dumb. I think the only way of maintaining some of that mystique is by not giving away too much about yourself. It has served me well so far. I never want to feel up for grabs.”

Then Miranda was asked about having any regrets about not marrying and having children. She answered that her pets – two dogs, two cats, and an axolotl (Mexican salamander) are her family. She shared that marriage would be quite good for her but she made it clear that she wasn’t going to just go out and hire someone.

Miranda added, “I think, intermittently, that you find Mr. Right, but you have to get lucky. I don’t rule out having a family – it just hasn’t happened for me yet.”

Although Miranda acknowledged that her career might’ve played a role in her not having longevity in her romantic life. The actress explained, “It’s difficult to keep in touch with someone when you’re moving around all the time. I’ve decided that you can have it all, but you can’t have it all, all of the time.”

At the end of 2017, Francine White of Big Issue North did an interview with Miranda. There she wrote, “Ms. Richardson has never married, she’s not going to let on and will politely and swiftly scupper any further questions in that area.”

Is Miranda Richardson Related To Natasha Richardson?

The Sun UK confirmed that although Miranda Richardson and Natasha Richardson shared the same last name, they are related to each other in contrary to the urban myth. Natasha is a veteran actor who died at the age of 45 following a fall while skiing. She married actor Liam Neeson at the time and had two children: Micheál, who was 13 at the time of her death, and Daniel, who was 12.

Miranda Richardson Young

Miranda Richardson When She Was Young (Pic: Facebook)

Related FAQs

  • Is Miranda Richardson Related To Vanessa Redgrave?

No, Miranda Richardson is not related to Vanessa Redgrave, but Natasha Richardson is. Vanessa, who is a Tony, Emmy, and Oscar winner, is Natasha Richardson’s mother.

  • How Old Is Miranda Richardson?

As of Sept 2022, Miranda Richardson is 64 years old.

  • How Tall Is Miranda Richardson?

Miranda Richardson stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

  • Who Were Miranda Richardson Parents?

Miranda Richardson was born to her marketing exec father William Alan and housewife mother Marian Georgina. Her parents raised her in the coastal town of Southport, Lancashire, England. She also has an older sister.

Miranda has talked about her mom worrying about picking up a broad accent. The actress told, “I remember going to what they called ‘elocution’ classes. I think my mom was terrified that I would pick up her very broad accent because of where we were living and because I was a mimic.”

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