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Mista Strange Bio, Age, Partner, Real Name, Height, Rapper

A believer in god, Brit rapper Mista Strange isn’t afraid to speak his mind and his feelings on his songs. This particular trait earned him fans and now he is the star of the new BBC show “We Are Black and British”. But, there is more to learn about him than what he opened up about in the show. Here we cover topics such as his age, partner, height, real name, and other aspects of his life.

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Mista Strange On We Are Black And British

Openly gay British rapper Mista Strange is the star of BBC’s new show “We Are Black and British”. The show features six Black Britons from different lifestyles and backgrounds who came together and scrutinize the issues which they faced as Black people in the UK in the present UK.

In the two-part series, each cast opens up about their personal stories, brings into question the Black experience in modern Britain, and comes up with ideas for feasible solutions. During the filming of the show, they live together in a Cotswolds country manor for ten days and are encouraged to engage in a series of discussions on topics comprising politics, race, and more.

Mista Strange came from London. He shared on the show that “being Black and gay” has prepared him “for these sorts of situations”. He echoed, “I usually find that you get excluded from your culture. So I really wanna get into that conversation.”

Joining him are Lin Mei, Michelle White, Kehinde Andrews, Raphael Olaiya, and Dominique Samuels.

After the show premiered, he received several messages from a fan who dealt with similar circumstances. Posting the snapshots of a handful of them he wrote, “This is why I do it. I live in the service of God. I live in service of love. When a message is so strong it is undeniable. When the message comes from the source it will affect people in the same way.”

He concluded, “We will not only hear it but feel it because the message speaks not to the ears but the soul. This message has been dormant inside me waiting for the right time. But God’s timing is divine and that time is now. You are all loved eternally. Thank you all for your kind words.”

Does Mista Strange Have A Partner?

As of February 2022, Mista Stranger’s dating life remains obscure. He omitted to share about his current partner but he did open up about his dating history. In the first episode, he opened up about coming out as gay in January 2020. He lost many childhood friends during the process.

As a member of a proud community, he also celebrates pride. He has posted pictures from pride month 2021 on his IG and captioned, “LET’S MAKE LOVE ☁️ #transpride 🏳️‍⚧️ #pridemonth #pride2021“. He also wished everyone, “Happy Pride #pride #pridemonth #pride#pride2021 #gay #lgbtq #lgbtqpride”.

Then, he touched on the subject of being able to rap about his experience dating men.

Speaking with, Mista Strange said, “Before I came out I started to write some lyrics hinting, very subtle and I was the only person who knew what I was saying.” He did it so that his listeners would speculate and ponder his sexuality. After coming out he rapped about what he was going through so it would be no different after he came out.

He shared about exploring his sexuality, a new lease of life, and he is enjoying and experiencing it.

Mista Strange has experience of what it is like to date girls and he has rapped about it too. For him, it was the stage of denial and hadn’t come to full acceptance of who he was. He switches lyrics based on his experience and what he was going through and he certainly isn’t afraid to do so.

He was worried in the past about coming out. Since LGBTQ+ issues were considered taboo he was scared about the reaction of the Black community. He felt the White community would be more accepting of him being gay and it was the case for a lot of Black gay kids.

The rapper shared with the outlet that he is keen to dismantle the stereotype that gay men are feminine, and admitted he felt pressure to be less masculine rather than more. He added, “Emotion isn’t synonymous with femininity. Masculinity is more emotional than femininity, men throw tantrums all the time, it’s just in the form of rage. Men are just as emotional.”

Mista Strange Age

At the time of the filming of the show, Mista Strange was 22 years old.

Mista Strange Height

While the blonde curls are his distinct features, Mista Strange stands tall to the height of 5’9”.

How Much Is Mista Strange Net Worth?

With a thriving music career, Mista Strange has built a net worth of $100 thousand.

In January 2020, Strange made history with his Blackbox Freestyle by defiantly revealing his sexuality to the world rather than spewing braggadocious lyricism. He was able to set the internet alight and appeared on national TV where he talked candidly about his experience as a gay rapper in a hostile homophobic industry.

Mista Strange’s penmanship awakened in the far corner of West London when he started putting words together in school. He would join rap ciphers would enjoy writing poems.

As of 2022, he has lived up to his name and single-handedly spearheaded a change in an antiquated industry.

Be Yourself, DESTNY, Open the Gates (released on his 19th birthday), Burning, Be Yourself, and Da Bag are among his notable songs to date. You can check out his Spotify for more songs. In early December 2021, he proudly posted a 2021 Spotify recap which revealed he had 21.1k listeners and accumulated 147.2k streams from 115 different countries.

Outside of music, he is also serving as the brand ambassador of Zalando (ASOS, but European). He also posted about feeling honored being featured in the Attitude 101 100 LGBTQ+ trailblazers January issue.

The artist also shared that for him just living his life gives him the “creative juice” and he is living to be able to write and all of his inspiration comes from that. For the up-and-coming artists, he encouraged them to be true to themselves the love and hate is the neverending process. The mission is to be heard and he added, “Progress is forged in fire, so put your oven mittens on baby it’s about to get heated! ”

Mista Strange Family

Mista Strange had shared in an interview that he had been homeless; so, he appears to be estranged from his family. But, other than that he has kept his lips closed about his family members.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mista Strange Birthday?

Mista Strange’s birthday remains unknown as of this writing.

  • What Is Mista Strange Real Name?

Along with family members, Mista Strange chose to keep quiet about his real name.

  • Is Mista Strange On Instagram?

Mista Strange is all over the social media platforms. He promotes himself on Twitter (@mistastrange1), Instagram (@thestrangegram), Facebook (@mistastrange), SoundCloud (@user-937208414), and TikTok (@mistastrange1).

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