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Misty Slaton Bio, Age, Job, Husband, IG, 1000-lb Sisters

Meet Misty Slaton, sister of TLC reality stars Tammy and Amy Slaton.

Misty is known for her unapologetic personality and straightforward nature. Because of this, she has become a fan favorite and earned praises for her appearance on the show. Furthermore, here you’ll learn about her age, job, information on her husband, and her social media.

Scroll down to learn more about her.

Meet Tammy And Amy Slaton’s Sister, Misty Slaton

Misty Slaton is best known as the eldest sister of Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton. They were born to their mother Darlene Slaton (Rednour). Besides, Tammy and Amy, she also has a sister named Amanda Halterman, and two brothers Christopher Combs and Steven Slaton.

Furthermore, Misty also has two step-siblings; Crystal Collins and Wayne Rednour, from her mother’s marriage with Frank Rednour. Misty lost her dad a while before.

All eight children lost their father Frank Rednour on 6 January 2021. Frank, a volunteer dispatcher, rescue, bus driver, and firefighter, lost their father at the age of 62 in Morganfield, Kentucky.

Misty Slaton On 1000-lb Sisters

According to ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Misty Slaton has been actively involved in the life of her sisters Tammy and Amy. From the show, we understand that Tammy only listens to her sister Misty. During her appearance on the show, she clarified that Tammy’s life goals were ‘whack’. She insisted that her sister need to stop pursuing a love life focus more on her health.

Misty has fearlessly shared her opinion on her reality star sisters’ love life. This makes Tammy feel like her sister is intruding on her personal life although it was in her best interest. Misty admitted that she fell short when it comes to Tammy’s relationship with her ex, Jerry, which led her to gain 100 pounds more which could’ve been prevented.

Meanwhile, fans are in love with Misty for her bold character. One Twitter user even petitioned for a new show that included Misty and Amanda and pleaded to drop Tammy and Amy, for a new show. In support of Misty, another user tweeted, “Misty is 100% right. Tammy has food addiction”. Another viewer wrote: “Misty is blunt AF and I’m here for it!”

Misty Slaton Age

As of the time of this writing in early January 2022, Misty Slaton is 45 years old or above.

Is Misty Slaton On IG, Facebook?

No, Misty Slaton is not on Instagram, but she is on Facebook and goes by the handle name (@misty.wentworth.1).

Misty Slaton Job

On her, Facebook Misty stated that Misty graduated high school from Gallatin County Unit 7 in 1994. Based on her social media, she appears to be a full-time mother taking care of her kids and her husband. So, it is likely that she doesn’t pursue any type of career. 

Misty had once written on her Facebook, “Having children was my choice. I gave up things and went without for them. It’s a pity some parents choose to give up on their children so they don’t have to sacrifice their lifestyle. I regret nothing; it was, and is, all for them. Please copy and paste this if you are a proud parent -if you put your children first and NEVER last!

Meanwhile, her new fame as a supporting character on TLC’s ‘1000-lb Sisters’ has given her a new career. She is now on Cameo and charges $25 for a personal video or $175 for a business-related video.

Misty Slaton Husband

Misty Slaton is married to her husband David Wentworth. It remains obscure for how long they have been married to each other. But, they share four boys who are in their 20s. Her Facebook posts revealed that David and Misty are parents to Austin Wentworth, Dustin Wentworth, Josh Wentworth, and Matt Wentworth.

David has lived in Shawneetown, Illinois, and also in North Carolina. He is related to Dale Wentworth and Juanita Wentworth. Besides that, not much is known about her husband and his job.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Does Misty Slaton Weigh?

Unlike her two younger sisters, Misty appears to be in shape way better. At most she might weigh, 90 kilograms (198 lbs).

  • Where Does Misty Slaton Live?

Misty with her husband and her four boys currently lives in Shawneetown, Illinois. However, she hailed from Morganfield, Kentucky.

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