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Mona Kattan Net Worth, First Husband, Height, Dubai Bling

Mona Kattan is a public figure who is gracing the frame of Netflix’s Dubai Bling. Who is she? How much is her net worth? Is she married? Who was her first husband?

Read all that we know about her as this article proceeds.

Mona Kattan On Dubai Bling

Mona Kattan is the star of Dubai Bling season 2. Zeina Khoury, Safa Siddiqui, Farhana Bodi, Ebraheem Al Samadi, and the rest of the cast were joined by newcomer Mona as they began a brand-new season in December 2023.

The Dubai Bling Circle already boasts a large number of entrepreneurs, but Mona, another businesswoman, joins the group in season 2. Moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2002, the Dubai Bling newbie started a career in investment banking in 2008. She chose to transition to business shortly after and hasn’t looked back.

How Much Is Mona Kattan Net Worth?

Mona Kattan’s estimated net worth is $150 million. She has been an Advisory Board Member at The Retail Summit since August 2023. She is also working at Heroine Sport as a Board Member and Partner, as a Creative Council Board Member at Waldencast, and founder of Kayali Fragrances.

Mona previously worked at Johnson & Johnson | Consumer Division as a Financial Accountant, DBS Bank – Development Bank of Singapore as a Financial Analyst, Corporate and Investment Banking, and MasterMind PR & Communications as Managing Partner | PR Division.

Along with her sisters Huda and Alya Kattan, Mona Kattan co-founded Huda Beauty, where she currently serves as Global President. The inspiration for Huda Beauty’s founding, Mona recognized an opportunity when her sister Huda, a cosmetic artist, began creating her fake lashes and pushed her to start a line of her own.

Together, they debuted a false eyelash collection at Sephora in 2013, and the first run of the collection sold out almost instantly. With a range of innovative products that range from body foundation to lip contouring pencils, melted eyeshadow to 3D highlighters, they have grown the business to a $1 billion valuation today. These products are sold globally at Sephora, Harrod’s, Net-a-Porter, and other top retailers.

Mona co-founded The Dollhouse Beauty Lounge which she ran from 2012 to 2018 and worked at Meta as Executive Producer & Co-Star from 2018 to 2019.

Mona received her BS from the American University of Sharjah in 2008.

Is Mona Kattan Married?

Mona Kattan is married to her current husband Hassan Elamin. Hassan and Mona exchanged wedding vows on 22 February 2022. January 2021 marked the beginning of the couple’s whirlwind relationship, and the rest is history, as you may know. For additional information on Hassan Elamin, the spouse of Mona Kattan, and the development of their romance, continue reading.

The founder of KAYALI Fragrances and content producer Mona confirmed her engagement to her now-husband Hassan in December of 2021. The duo is shown grinning broadly in a set of pictures she posted on Instagram, with the comment. “Forever Ever 💘 @hassanelamin.” Kattan was spotted rejoicing with her friends and family and flaunting the diamond ring on her left hand.

The pair started organizing their wedding celebrations not long after becoming engaged. All of their closest friends and family were invited to a small, private supper that kicked off the week-long celebration of love. This was followed by the first of their two wedding ceremonies.

The couple exchanged their vows in front of a small group of relatives and friends during an intimate ceremony. In contrast, the couple invited more close friends and family to their second wedding, which took place in a larger and lavish location, so they could celebrate their love with them.

Mona Kattan First Husband

Mona Kattan doesn’t have a first husband but previously had an ex-fiance named Dominic Nowell Barnes.

She ended her engagement with Dominic, the wood dealer, and deleted any trace of him from her Instagram account, even though she had announced her engagement to him. The Huda Beauty Global President, who met her former partner on Tinder, had previously disclosed that she didn’t realize she didn’t want to be single anymore until she saw the first season of Huda Boss.

And the couple’s bond immediately grew stronger once they virtually met online. Early in their relationship, Dominic—who is originally from Leeds, England—converted to Islam. He had only lived in Dubai for two years when he met the woman. Additionally, he is the first boyfriend that Mona has ever told her parents about.

Dominic is the creator and CEO of The Giving Movement, a streetwear company based in Dubai. The brand has integrated philanthropy into its basic values, contributing $4 from each item sold to organizations that help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. By early 2023, the label had generated more than $4 million for Dubai Cares, a childhood education organization, and Harmony House, a non-profit located in Delhi, India.

In October 2023, Dominic moved on and married his new wife Ghizlan Guenez Barnes.

How Old Is Mona Kattan?

As of 2023, Mona Kattan is 38 years old.

Mona Kattan Family

Ibrahim Al Kattan and Susu Al Qazzaz are the parents of Mona Kattan. Her parents independently moved to America where Ibrahim went to study mechanical engineering and Susu went to teach biology.

Mona’s mother Susu hailed from one of Baghdad’s wealthiest families and its members always intermarry. But her father, Ibrahim wasn’t rich and the wedding wasn’t arranged.

Ibrahim and Susu met and married for love. The couple shared five children Huda, Alya, Mona, and Khalid.

The family didn’t grow up very wealthy. Her sister Huda shared, “We didn’t really have a lot of money. We lived in apartments—I can’t even remember all of them—and then we moved into a house and that was the most exciting thing, ever.”

Back to Mona’s siblings, Alya was born on 19 February 1973 and she is 50 years old. Alya is working as a Chief Social Media Officer at Huda Beauty.

Huda, another sister, was born on 2 October 1983 which makes her 40 years old. She quit her job in finance to become a makeup artist. She launched her blog in 2010.

Halida is another sister you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Mona’s only brother is named Khalid Kattan.

Mona Kattan Height

Mona Kattan stands tall under the height of 5’6”. She has shared that she feels insecure sometimes.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mona Kattan From?

Mona Kattan was born in Oklahoma. She moved to the UAE In 2003.

  • When Is Mona Kattan Birthday?

Mona Kattan’s birthday is on 8 May.

  • Is Mona Kattan On Instagram?

Yes, Mona Kattan is available on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, X, and Instagram.

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