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Monte Colburn Bio, Age, Net Worth, New Job, Deadliest Catch

The Discovery Plus docuseries The Deadliest Catch for a new 18th season on 19 April 2022. Captains Wild Bill, Jake Anderson, Sig Hansen, and Josh Harris reappeared on the scene as they aboard fishing vessels in the Bering Sea during the Alaskan king crab and snow crab fishing seasons. Viewers were also introduced to the season’s new addition, Rip Carlton, and one of the series’s irregular, Monte Colburn.

Monte, aka Monty, whom we are going to talk about in the rest of the writing, was at a point fired from the show.

Monte Colburn On Deadliest Catch

As per IMDB, Monte has appeared in more than 120 episodes of the original Deadliest Catch from 2007 through 2022. He then also made several other appearances on the franchise’s TV movies like Deadliest Catch: Trial of a Generation, Deadliest Catch: The Harris Bloodline, Deadliest Catch: How to Beat the Russians, Deadliest Catch: Unfinished Business, and TV specials like Deadliest Catch: Battle ScarsDeadliest Catch: Battle ScarsDeadliest Catch: An Epic SeasonDeadliest Catch: A Hillstrand 4th of July.

And mostly, all this time, he has been aboard as the captain of the Wizard crew. (Wizard is a single deck crab fishing vessel with a single diesel-oil propulsion engine, single rudder, and a single propeller.)

Monte was fired from the job during the 2019 season of Deadliest Catch by his own brother F/V Wizard Captain Keith Colburn, following a dramatic blow-out over Monte’s treatment of a deckhand. But then, he was rehired again by Keith the following season.

Reassuring fans that Monte is back on the boat, Keith had thus said on Facebook that it was not their first fight, also not their worst fight, and definitely not their last.

Meanwhile, no know knew what Monte did (or what his job was) between the firing and rehiring.

Monte Colburn’s New Job

As of 2022, Monte Colburn introduced himself as a relief captain/owner on the fishing vessel Wizard and as a crab fisherman on Deadliest Catch. And as of January of 2013, Monte went around as the first mate for Keith, and as captain when Keith headed south.

On Facebook BIO, Monte also mentioned being a North Tahoe High School graduate.

How Much Is Monte Colburn Net Worth?

Monte Colburn reportedly had an estimated $1.7 million net worth as of May 2022.

He has been fishing since 1987 when he joined his brother in the Bering Sea in Alaska onboard the 110′ F/V Juno. This very first year of fishing was a marathon that lasted 10 months.

The next year, Monte joined his older brother Keith aboard the Wizard as a full-share deckhand. A few years later, Keith took over in the wheelhouse and Monte became deck boss.

In 1992, Monte earned his Coast Guard mate’s license and upgraded it to a master’s in 1995. By that time, Keith and Monte had started operating the Wizard full time together, respectively, as captain and relief captain/mate.

Since then, Monte’s career has been one adventure after another. And these journeys have not always been sunshine. were not all success stories. Back in 2009, when their 156-foot steel-hulled boat got into trouble with a 40-foot wall of water surge, Monte had suffered four or five broken ribs. Other crewmembers were also severely injured.

Monte Colburn Age

Monte Colburn, the young deckhand once known as the “Kid”, turned 58 years old in 2022.

Monte Colburn Wife

Almost a decade ago, Monte Colburn was believed to living in the Lake Tahoe town of Brockway in California with his wife Catherine, and son Gregory. The home they were staying in was Monte’s childhood home. Monte and his wife had bought it around the time or long before that.

However, in recent times, Monte marked ‘Bering Sea, Alaska’ as his ‘current city’ on Facebook.

Also, there has been no further information about his wife and son. Except for the fact that Monte continues to name his relationship status as ‘married’ on Facebook.

Is Monte Colburn On Instagram?

Monte Colburn was not on Instagram but seemed active on his Twitter @MonteColburnDC (23.4K followers) and on ‘Captain Monte Colburn ~ Wizard Mouse’ and ‘Monte Colburn’ Facebook accounts, as of 5 June 2022.

Monte Colburn Family

Monte Colburn’s parents originally gave him the name ‘Montgomery W Colburn’.

Monte’s dad Gary Clark Colburn, of Plymouth California died at the age of 81 in January 2019. When still alive, Gary attended grammar school in Plymouth and high school at Amador County High in his younger years. And following graduation, he attended the University of Santa Clara and McGeorge School of Law.

As for Monte’s mother, she is either Patricia Laughton, of Amador County, whom his dad married while still in college and started a family, or, it is his dad’s second wife Marye Rossi, who he married while working on the North Shore.

Speaking of his siblings, we already know about his Deadliest Catch‘s crabber brother Keith (on Instagram @captainkeithcolburn). A dad, husband to beautiful Florence Colburn, and an entrepreneur, people also know Keith as “The CrabWizard”.

The other brother of Monte is Gregory Colburn who as per the internet lived in San Jose in California; worked at Casino M8trix; served as California State President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Monte does not have any sisters but there certainly is a sister-in-law Lisa Urjevich (his wife’s sister). If you also need to know, Caroline and Lisa’s parents are no longer alive.

Monte Colburn Height

Monte Colburn’s nickname may be ‘mouse’ but he is tough as nails and stands above 6 feet tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Monte Colburn’s Date Of Birth?

Monte Colburn is a Taurus and he was born on the 12th of May in 1964.

  • Where Is Monte Colburn From?

Monte hails from South Lake Tahoe in California. He was born here.

  • Did Monte Colburn Have A Drinking Problem?

Monte Colburn had shocked Deadliest Catch fans during S16 E08 which among other plots explored his excessive drinking problems.

But let us tell you, it’s not just Monte who has drinking issues on Deadliest Catch. His brother Keith also has time and again made the likes of “Once-Sober Captain Keith Colburn Caught Drinking, Flirting In Mexico” headlines.

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