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My Strange Addiction Kinah: Where Is Toilet Paper Eater Now?

My Strange Addiction Kinah is living the dream. She can eat her favorite food as much as she wants without gaining any calories! But her beloved snack is toilet paper.

Get to know her better below.

Meet Kinah, The Toilet Paper Eater From TLC’s My Strange Addiction

Kinah has developed a rather unusual addiction — eating toilet paper. This peculiar habit has become an integral part of her daily routine, as she indulges in her favorite household item even before brushing her teeth each morning. Despite the raised eyebrows and bewildered glances from others, Kinah remained unapologetic about her unique snacking preference.

Her addiction is so pronounced that she spends an astonishing $2,700 annually on toilet paper alone. According to TLC, Kinah consumes up to four rolls of toilet paper a day, totaling nearly 14,000 pounds over two decades. The fact that she enjoys one-ply over two-ply is just one quirky detail that sets her apart as a toilet paper connoisseur.

Not confining her habit to the privacy of her home, Kinah takes her TP fix everywhere she goes — from her workplace to her car, and even to the nail salon. Though she has encountered a few odd stares and even witnessed someone attempting to record her unusual behavior, Kinah remained undeterred.

To her, consuming toilet paper is a blissful experience akin to the post-Thanksgiving satisfaction one feels after indulging in all their favorite dishes. Despite the perplexed reactions from those around her, Kinah continues to munch on her peculiar snack of choice, like the scene where she enjoys her toilet paper treat while getting her nails done, much to the bewilderment of the shop owner, Flora.

Fans over the internet are also as astonished as Flora.

“We’re watching My Strange Addiction and this Black lady is addicted to eating toilet paper… BUT before she eats the toilet paper, she “marinates” it in Gain (powdered) laundry detergent for two days. Y’all, my chest is caving in from laughing,” a user tweeted.

Where Is My Strange Addiction Toilet Paper Eater Kinah Now?

Thanks to her addiction, Kinah is now bathing in the spotlight. Her business is flourishing and she’s getting a lot of modeling offers as well.

On the other hand, she’s also made it clear that her addiction to eating toilet paper is not something she plans to give up easily.

My Strange Addiction Kinah Age

My Strange Addiction Kinah was 32 years of age in 2023.

What Is My Strange Addiction Kinah Last Name?

My Strange Addiction Kinah’s last name is “Moore.”

Her real name is Sakinah Moore.

My Strange Addiction Kinah Job

Kinah is an actress, model, and business owner.

Besides My Strange Addiction, Kinah has graced shows such as It’ll Cost You (2016) and The Worst of Us 1 and 2.

Award-winning writer, Sherrod Tunstall said, Kinah was his WCW. “This young lady is a very talented actress and beautiful. I know one day I will see her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Much success to her and her career,” he added.

As for her modeling career, she has done photoshoots with The Definition Magazine, Juzi Mag, and Swing Black Mags.

Now, talking about her business, she runs Nanah Boutique @nanahboutique which is focused on clothes, shoes, lashes, hair, jackets, and accessories.

When Kinah wasn’t working, she loved cooking, going out with friends to go to music events, and enjoy nights out.

Did you know: Besides crispy toilet paper, Kinah also makes a delicious crispy baked Italian chicken. 

Is My Strange Addiction Kinah Dating Or Married?

My Strange Addiction Kinah was single when she appeared on the show. However, she almost got married to her ex-fiance, Anthony, who appeared on the TLC show My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted?

Expressing his concern for her well-being on the show, Anthony pointed out that toilet paper is not meant for human consumption and doesn’t break down in the body. “That sh*t gross, man,” he said.

However, Kinah appeared unperturbed by the criticism, relishing the taste and crunch that “makes her mouth water.”

My Strange Addiction Kinah Instagram

In July 2023, Kinah entertained 10.1K followers on her Instagram

Also, here’s her TikTok

Related FAQs

  • Where Is My Strange Addiction Kinah From?

Kinah hails from Baltimore, Maryland.

  • How Tall Is My Strange Addiction Kinah?

Kinah stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Kinah has tattoos on her arm, back thigh, and leg and a voluptuous body.

However, Kinah wasn’t always this fit. She lost over 19 kg (42 lbs) in 2022, thanks to her diet and workout routine.

  • When Is My Strange Addiction Kinah Birthday?

Kinah receives her birthday wishes on April 30 and is of the Taurus zodiac.

“I love you sooo much we like Bonnie and Clyde when we step outside. You are the most, caring, loving, nurturing, and strongest woman I’ve grown to know these past years. I’m glad to have you by my side beautiful,” her friend Lissy Kennedy wished her on her 32nd birthday.

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