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What Happened To Catherine Ebs Dad Bill Eberlein?

Catherine Ebs’s dad Bill Eberlein passed away on November 7, 2022. The TikTok star confessed that she’s still morning his death and “doing things in honor of him.”

So, what happened to Catherine Ebs’s father? Keep reading to find out.

What Happened To Catherine Ebs Dad Bill Eberlein?

Bill Eberlein unexpectedly died while on vacation with his family in Denver, CO, on November 7, 2022. He was a humble and faithful man who treasured his family and was grateful for his strong, long-lasting friendships.

Sadly, Bill didn’t support Catherine’s career as a TikToker. But she was his favorite daughter. Or at least that’s what the TikTok star said.

Nevertheless, Catherine misses her father dearly. In her heartfelt IG posts, she said that she misses the drop-ins to her house, daily FaceTime calls, time dates, and comforting hugs. The void left by his passing has been immeasurable, and she expresses her longing to have him back in her life.

In one of her posts, Catherine shared how her father meant the world to her, emphasizing that he meant more to her than he would ever know. She reflected on the beautiful moments they shared during a weekend in Colorado, feeling grateful for the peace they experienced together.

Catherine’s grief journey is raw and honest, as she opened up about the pain and struggle she faces in accepting the reality of her father’s death. The void left by his absence was difficult to bear, but she found solace in the support of her friends and community.

“When I think of my dad I almost feel crazy, like I’m trying so hard to remember every moment, and every memory we had together,” she wrote in May 2023. “Some days I feel like I’m making things up just to be able to remember anything at all. IDK if anyone else has experienced this, but it’s a scary feeling. I want so badly to be over the pain, yet I know this isn’t a healthy coping, it seems like my body is forcing me to just forget the trauma.”

Bill Eberlein Wife And Kids

Bill Eberlein was survived by his wife Shannon, and four kids Aaron, Andrew, William, and Catherine.

He married Shannon back on February 12, 2000. They were married 22 years before death parted them.

His 3-year-younger wife, Shannon is a highly experienced accessibility professional with over 30 years of dedicated work in the field. She has conducted 2,000+ home assessments and modification projects, specializing in residential and commercial accessibility. With a BS degree in Housing and a focus on Barrier-Free Design, she excels in creating functional and inclusive spaces.

Find her on FB @shannon.eberlein.

But Shannon’s only the mother of his two kids, Aaron and Andrew. William and Catherine were born from Bill’s previous relationship with Sheila M Annel @sheila.annel (born: Mar 1971).

“I am amazed at what a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, and empathetic young lady you are. I love you more than you could ever imagine and I will support you in your choices, now and in the future,” Sheila dedicated an FB post to Catherine.

Now, talking about Bill’s kids:

Aaron: He worked as a Brand Ambassador and Retail Stylist at Queen Anna House of Fashion. Before that, this University of Minnesota (Strategic Communication: Advertising & Public Relations) graduate worked as an Office Assistant at Modified Living Spaces. Here’s his FB @aaron.eberlein.7 and IG @aaron.ebes.

William: He worked as a Record Center Specialist at Iron Mountain. In 2023, he led a single life in his hometown  Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Andrew: He graduated from Hill-Murray School in June 2020.

Catherine: The TikTok star needs no introduction. She has over a million followers on her TikTok and worked as a staff account at Robert Hall in 2023.

Trivia: Besides his family, Bill was close to “meep meep” Allie, his son’s girlfriend.

What Was Bill Eberlein Age At The Time Of His Death?

Bill Eberlein was 60 years of age when he left this world in 2022.

Did you know: Bill’s real name is William James Eberlein. He believed he represented the meaning of his name, William which means ‘great protector’, and James which means ‘truthful.’

Who Were Bill Eberlein Parents?

Bill Eberlein was born to his parents, Kenneth and Frances Eberlein. We don’t know about his father, but his mother Frances turned 95 in April 2023.

Also, he has older two siblings named Kathryn and John (born: Apr 1959).

Bill Eberlein Job

Bill Eberlein didn’t reveal his job.

But we do know that, he loved traveling around — bird watching and fishing. “Bill always took the scenic route, not necessarily the fastest route, as he enjoyed the journey,” his obituary wrote. “Bill loved to talk, share stories, and discuss a wide variety of topics.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Bill Eberlein Born?

Bill was born in St. Paul, MN.

  • When Was Bill Eberlein Birthday?

Bill celebrated his birthday on August 22 and was of the Leo zodiac.

  • Was Bill Eberlein On Facebook?

At the time of writing this article, Bill had no social media presence.

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