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Nail Rayner Wiki, Whitney Thore, Age, Height, Instagram

“My Big Fat Fabolous Life” star Whitney Thore often shares about her relationship with a mystery French guy. But, she avoided giving away any details regarding him including his identity. ( However, prying fans and Reddit sleuths claimed that they might’ve discovered the identity of a mystery man, and confirmed it was her French tutor-turned-boyfriend Nail Rayner.

So, who is Whitney Thore’s French tutor/boyfriend? Learn more about him in this Nail Rayner Wiki.

Meet Nail Rayner, Whitney Thore’s French Tutor-Turned-Boyfriend

Fans of reality star Whitney Thore had known for quite some time that he was dating an unnamed Frenchman. Every time she posted snaps of her man she blurred out his face to keep it a secret, provided that he didn’t want to be filmed for the show. But, sleuth fans might have got some leads on the man of Whitney Thore and allegedly he is Nail Rayner, Whitney’s French tutor-turned-alleged boyfriend.

All thanks to TLC, Reddit sleuths have claimed that they figured out the mystery man. While the producer of the show was thorough to keep the man’s face to keep his identity a secret. However, a brief clip showed the name of Whitney’s French tutor which most people believe is intentional.

Reddit sleuth noticed that the French tutor is named Naïl which is an Arabic name. Moreover, everyone was quick to notice that the reality star followed a few Muslim Instagram account such as @Islam, @Muslim, and @ruqayas.bookshelf. The fans on Reddit discovered Naïl Rayner from Paris that seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

After they caught the wind that Reddit users might have figured out Naïl’s identity, his social media presence also began to disappear. The fact that the rapper’s music videos and the Facebook account were deleted reinforced the assumptions even more.

The relationship of Whitney’s Frenchman came to the light after her bad breakup with Avi Lang. The relationship lasted for only half a year. The reality star introduced audiences to Avi on My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 5.

After Whitney discovered that her boyfriend was hiding his relationship from her, and this ruined everything for her. In the episode of 2018 of her show, she discovered the reason why Avi didn’t want to be on social media.

Entered Nada Louis, an Egyptian woman who introduced herself as Avi’s fiance, so you know, Whitney was his side chick. Nada had a few posts that marked her relationship as proof and she still does on her Instagram. The relationship between Whitney and Avi ended in March 2017 with a confrontation.

Is Nail Rayner A French Rapper?

Yes, Nail Rayner is a French Rapper.

While putting two and two together, it appears French rapper Nail Rayner is the boyfriend of Whitney Thore. As already revealed, after fans on Reddit discovered that Whitney’s French tutor might be behind the blurred face, the rapper deleted most of his music from social media platforms.

If the rapper wasn’t the one and Redditers were false about deduction regarding the relationship of TLC star, then there was no point in him deleting his music from the internet. Still, there are a few videos of him on the internet, that you can watch. He went by the moniker P-Jay and his real name which connects to @BRAINFREEZERDUDEZER ID.

Nail Rayner Age

Nail Rayner appears to be in the age range of the late-20s and mid-30s. But his precise age remains obscure.

Nail Rayner Instagram

To cut to the chase, no, Nail Rayner doesn’t appear to be on Instagram. And even if he has one, he deleted his IG account same as his Facebook account.

How Tall Is Nail Rayner?

Based on the pics of Nail Rayner which Whitney shared on her Instagram, the French rapper stands tall to the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Has Nail Rayner Appeared On My Big Fat Fabolous Life?

No, Nail Rayner hasn’t made an appearance on “My Big Fat Fabolous Life.” The very first thing that we know about Whitney’s French boyfriend is he avoids appearing on the show and he doesn’t want extra attention. So, it is highly likely that we might never get to see him on the show unless the hell freezes and he changes his mind and ends up appearing for the sake of the happiness of his girlfriend.

But, some fans feared that Whitney, who easily falls in love, might be in the vicious circle of falling for the same thing that happened with her relationship with Avi Lang. But, Whitney assured that her boyfriend’s unwillingness to be on the show was the reason behind him hiding behind the camera and the history won’t repeat.

  • Where Was Nail Rayner Born?

Based on what we know by far, yes, Nail Rayner is a French guy born and raised in France. Plus, his ability to teach French to others suggested that French is his first language. So, most probably, Nail Rayner was born in France even if he was of middle-eastern heritage.

However, some sources claim that Nail hailed from the French-speaking region of Canada.

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