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Nareesha McCaffrey Bio, Siva Kaneswaran Wife, Age, Job

Meet Nareesha McCaffrey, fiancee of Siva Kaneswaran. Are they married yet? What is her age? What does she do for a living now?

Find out more about her and their relationship as this article proceeds.

Is Nareesha McCaffrey Siva Kaneswaran’s Wife Yet?

No, it appears, as of 2023, Siva Kaneswaran and Nareesha McCaffrey haven’t shared their wedding vows yet, so we can say that Nareesha isn’t his wife already. Siva confirmed that they were engaged while speaking to Hello! magazine. Kaneswaran’s friends and family were assembled by Nareesha to throw him a surprise birthday celebration, but the singer turned the tables by using the occasion to surprise his partner with an engagement party.

“I found out Nareesha was planning a surprise party on my birthday with her family so I thought perfect!” the Irish boy bander told the magazine. “I’d bought the ring months before I’d been trying to figure out the right time.”

Siva’s friends and family came together for a surprise birthday celebration hosted by McCaffrey, but the singer turned the tables and used the occasion to propose to his partner in secret.

“I said to her I wanted a present I would always remember this year by . . . for you to be my wife,” he recalled. “It was like a military operation to plan the proposal. I couldn’t even tell the other boys in the band in case they blew the surprise.”

Nareesha, a shoe designer, has been dating Siva for six years. According to Hello! magazine, Siva nearly passed out when Nareesha originally rejected his proposal before changing her mind. “I’m still in shock,” Nareesha explained to the magazine. “I don’t like surprises and he really surprised me, but I was so happy. I can’t wait to start planning the wedding.” Nareesha acknowledged that the proposal was so unexpected that she almost passed out, but she was also overjoyed.

Following The Wanted’s breakup, the pair traveled around a lot, so they put their wedding plans on hold. The couple relocated to Los Angeles in 2016 as the musician attempted to launch his music and film careers. However, after spending lockdown apart from their loved ones and their country, they made the decision to return and establish London as their base once more.

In March 2022, Siva took to his IG and wrote, “Look at how beautiful my Nareesha is. I’m a very lucky man. I can’t believe we’ve been together for 14 years. To the light of my life, my queen, and my baba. It’s been a joy sharing existence with you and I love you so much❤️ Here’s to many more years x Happy Anniversary Baba x.”

In January 2023, Siva also wished his fiance and his girlfriend a birthday via an IG post. He wrote, “Happy birthday to the most beautiful Spirit I know. It’s been an honor to share your existence with you. My Queen. My best friend. I love you x Happy Birthday x.”

Nareesha McCaffrey Age

In January 2023, Nareesha McCaffery turned 34 years old.

Nareesha McCaffrey Job

Nareesha McCaffrey worked as a luxury shoe designer. She was a co-company director at Crisian and McCaffrey since 2009. Crisian is a “British luxury shoemaker Crisian and Nareesha dedicated to designing, developing and crafting the”. Her shoe was also donned by singers Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie, Cheryl Cole, and Lady Gaga.

Nareesha and her business partner were also interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar in 2011. At the time she said that “The female form and muscular structure” inspires her. She also shared her first fashion memory.

Nareesha added, “When we were little, my mum used to lay out three outfits on the bed for me and my sister to choose from. Although there was strictly no mixing and matching allowed, we loved the fact that we had a choice in how we looked and had our outfits laid out every day. I think my mum thought she was a stylist.”

Later on, the interviewer asked her what she would do if she weren’t a designer. She said, “I have a great passion for architecture so an architect for sure.”

 A few years later, she shifted to a new business called Spirit in Bloom. There she designs and sells spiritually-linked crystals. Her business is pon several platforms IG: (, TikTok (@spiritsinbloom), and Facebook (@spiritsinbloomLtd).

How Much Is Nareesha McCaffrey Net Worth?

In 2023, Nareesha McCaffrey’s net worth is above £600 thousand.

Nareesha McCaffrey Height

Nareesha McCaffrey’s height measures around 5’6”.

What Is Nareesha McCaffrey Ethnicity?

Nareesha McCaffrey is reported of “1/4 Jamaican, 1/4 Pakistani, 1/4 Chinese, and 1/4 English”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Nareesha McCaffrey Born?

Nareesha McCaffery was born in Nottingham, United Kingdom which is also her hometown.

  • Is Nareesha McCaffrey On Instagram?

Yes, Nareesha McCaffrey has an IG page (

  • When Is Nareesha McCaffrey Birthday?

Nareesha McCaffery celebrates her birthday on 2 January.

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