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Lana Lagomarsini Bio, Age, Married, Pressure Cooker

Lana Lagomarsini is a good chef but she lacked the cunningness that the cooking show Pressure Cooker demanded. No wonder, she was left blindsided by her own teammates in ep 5 of the Netflix show.

This Lana Lagomarsini Bio is all about her.

Lana Lagomarsini On Netflix’s Pressure Cooker

When Netflix’s Pressure Cooker premiered on Jan 6, 2023, everyone knew it was going to be more than just a regular cooking show. Instead of chefs making culinary creations to impress a panel of celebrity judges, they were judging each other! This also meant that the contestants were encouraged not only to cook their best but also to strategize and form alliances! But little did we know that the show would turn this nasty.

One of its top contenders, Lana Lagomarsini was eliminated in the 5th episode not because her food wasn’t good enough but because the rest of her team decided in a meeting (excluding Lana) that they would not vote each other out. Infact, as per guests’ personal remarks left in a notebook, Lana prepared good food.

For those who missed the drama, in a challenge featured in ep 4, the 8 remaining chefs were divided into teams of four and were then tasked with preparing a “seasonal” dish for their families and friends. As a result, the blue team won the competition by 8 votes out of 11 in total.

The losing team, which Lana, Jeana, Sergei, and Caroline were in, was then asked to kick out one contestant — which obviously was Lana. Initially, everyone thought that Jeana should be nominated as she did less work. But Jeana reminded Sergei that she helped him with his final dish (which helped them with some votes) and ultimately, everyone voted for Lana.

Heartbroken, Lana then realized their dirty game and said she supported the wrong group and should have joined the blue team instead.

Spoiler Alert: The final two remaining chefs on the show were Robbie and Mike. For the final task, they were asked to prepare a 4-course meal that told their personal stories — which Robbie ended up slaying.

But though the show wasn’t fair to Lana, she said that joining Pressure Cooker was “one of the realest, scariest, most special experiences” of her life as she had never dreamed of being on TV until then. Also, being able to compete with some of the “country’s best chefs,” she was the proudest.

Lana Lagomarsini Career

Ever since a child, Lana Lagomarsini has always loved more than one culture, and growing up food was a constant. However, it wasn’t until she got her associate’s degree from the Culinary Institute of America in 2016 that she started her career in cooking.

Her first job was as a chef de partie at Daniel (from Jan 2017 – Jun 2018). Then, she joined Momofuku as a line cook for the next 11 months before becoming a sous chef at Mokum. From Oct 2019 – Mar 2020, Lana then went on to work as a chef de partie at Charlie Bird, and finally started her own company, Lana Cooks in August 2019.

At Lana Cooks, the star offers cooking services for dining events across the Big Apple. She’s inspired by the farm-to-table movement — using seasonal ingredients and keeping flavor the most important factor of food.

Blessed to have found a job that she loves, Lana quotes, “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” But contradicting herself, she added, “I was lucky enough to find mine, years ago, but I certainly can’t say I haven’t worked since I discovered I wanted to make cooking my career.”

It seems the chef has worked hard, day and night, and while wasn’t always fun, it was “always worth it.”

Prior to entering the cooking industry, Lana worked as a bartender at Blue Hill At Stone Barns for three years, as an editor at The Huntington News for 4½ years, as public relations assistant at Herman & Almonte Public Relations for 7 months, and as a business reporter at The Patriot Ledger for a year.

She also has BA in Journalism from Northeastern University and a degree in International Affairs from Universidad de Belgrano.

Is Lana Lagomarsini Married?

Lana Lagomarsini got engaged to the love of her life in September 2012. But it’s unclear if they got married or not.

Back then, she even took to her FB to share a pic of the proposal captioned, “Agreeing to get married.”

Lana Lagomarsini Age

Lana Lagomarsini was 33 years of age when she appeared on Pressure Cooker in 2023.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Who Are Lana Lagomarsini Parents?

Lana Lagomarsini was born to her parents, Susan Carr and Wolfgang Lagomarsini.

According to the star, her mother Susan is her mentor and her number one supporter. She even modeled Lana’s apron while adverting in their community.

As for her father, Wolfgang hails from Bronx, New York, and is a DeWitt Clinton High School graduate.

Susan and Wolfgang were 65 and 74 years of age respectively in 2023.

Talking about her siblings, Lana has two brothers named Travis (a Dogwood employee) and Adam Lagomarsini. They both are Beacon High School graduates.

Also, she has an aunt named Gloria Evans who lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lana Lagomarsini Height

Lana Lagomarsini stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Is Lana Lagomarsini On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @lana_cooks and @lanalagomarsini.

Also, here’s her Facebook @lana.lagomarsini.

  • When Is Lana Lagomarsini Birthday?

Lana celebrates her birthday on October 5 and is of the Libra zodiac.

  • Where Is Lana Lagomarsini From?

Lana hails from New York, New York. And even as of 2023, she resided in her hometown.

She speaks American English, American Sign Language, and Spanish language.

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