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Nate Shanklin Bio, Family, Height, Age, Job, The Courtship

Nate “Nathaniel” Shanklin, is a romantic at heart and goes after what he wants. This is the one reason he found himself vying for lady Nicole Rémy’s heart in the first new season of NBC show The Courtship.

So because Nate is one of the contestants on this Bridgerton-inspired “The Bachelorette” journey, we are here to tell you all about Nate Shanklin’s family, height, age, job, and (of course) his chances of winning over the leading lady’s heart.

Nate Shanklin On The Courtship

Nate thought he was ready for love; believed that his experiences have shaped him into someone who can go the distance. And bang! He was up for this journey with his co-competitor suitors Daniel Bochicchio, Alex “Achilles” King, Giuseppe Castronovo, Caleb Ward, Chandler “Chan” Luxe, Charlie Mumbray, Danny Kim, Dan Hunter, Derek Kesseler, Jaquan Holland, Jarrett Schanzer, Lincoln Chapman, Lewis Echavarria, and Peter Saffa.

A romantic at heart who enjoys buying flowers, serenading his partner, showing affection, and being extremely chivalrous, Nate, as he puts it, had never been this ready to fall in love. So why not in a good old-fashioned way on such a large stage of The Courtship.

Be that as it may, Nate also had many emotions leading up to The Courtship. “What will people think of me” “How will they portray me”, he admitted that all these for sure played out on his mind.

Nate Shanklin Relationship Status

Nate Shanklin seemed single in recent times. Naturally, because, he had not long ago been on the reality dating TV scene looking to meet his ideal partner. And the makers likely would not have chosen him had he already been committed elsewhere.

How Old Is Nate Shanklin?

Before The Courtship went on air on 6 March 2022, Nate Shanklin was 33 years old. On turning 33 in 2021, he recalled what a year it has been as he got to live so many new experiences and opportunities he did not foresee happening.

Nate Shanklin Family

Nate Shanklin has been blessed to have a father who told him he would be there no matter what. And just as promised, Nate said that Ronald Shanklin stuck around and dealt with his “wild momma” for close to 40 years (as of June 2021).

The reality TV star said he can feel how “CRAZY” for his parents to bring all those kids up and sacrifice so much just to give them a shot at life.

Nate also publicly admitted that he and his did not always have a perfect relationship. “But if you fight through what could pull you away and operate with the same heart and patience you would show to a stranger, I think you’ll find you’re capable of maintaining that connection”, Nate wrote all this on his parents’ wedding anniversary just to make a point to his people on social media that we are often so hard on our own family.

As for siblings, including him, they are a bunch of five. Among them are seemingly youngest Isaiah Shanklin and Joshua Shanklin, an analyst at the California Department of Public Health. (Of course) there is Saroyah Shanklin who joined the wrestling team and made the family proud in March 2020.

Also don’t miss the fact that Nate’s mother Linda Shanklin is White and his dad is Black.

Nate Shanklin Height

Nate Shanklin stands 5’11” tall and loves to stay active by getting outdoors and boxing.

Is Nate Shanklin On Instagram?

Yes. Nate could be found on Instagram @n8shanklin where, as of 8 March 2022, he entertained 7,098 followers.

Nate also occasionally posted to his 846 friends on ‘Nate Shanklin’ Facebook.

Nate Shanklin Job

As per LinkedIn, Nate Shanklin has been working full-time as an associate governmental program analyst and IT recruiter for the California Justice Information Systems Division of the Department of Justice of California.

Other than that, he also claimed to be a travel nursing blogger (at; with a demonstrated history of excellence working in the healthcare staffing industry.

Following a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Biological Sciences from the California State University-Sacramento (2006 – 2012), Nate also worked as a surgical research technician at Sutter Memorial Hospital (January 2014 – September 2016); as a recruiter at FlexCare Medical Staffing (September 2016 – January 2020); and as a managing director at Pure Heart Staffing (October 2016 – January 2020).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nate Shanklin’s Birthday?

Every year the 7th of July marks Nate Shanklin’s birthday making him a Cancer.

  • Where Is Nate Shanklin From?

Nate was born and raised somewhere in Sacramento city in California and he never really left the place since.

  • How Much Is Nate Shanklin Net Worth?

Nate Shanklin reportedly held more than $400K as net worth as of March 2022.

As per‘s estimation, Nate should have earned an average salary of $68,294 every year working as a technical recruiter in California.

Growing up, Nate also sang in Midtown bands and went on to record his solo music in recent times. However, it is unclear how much he has dedicated himself to making a career in music as well.

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