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Danny Kim Bio, Height, Family, The Courtship, Who Is He?

NBC’s new dating show The Courtship is a mix of Bridgerton with The Bachelorette, no wonder it demands the suitors have confidence, perfect manners, athletic skill, and a charming personality. Well, our star, Danny Kim already has the confidence part down, now, all that he needs is Nicole’s approval to let him grow beside her.

Keep reading this Danny Kim Bio to learn all about him

Danny Kim On The Courtship

Danny Kim was the only Asian-American featured on the inaugural season of The Courtship. And he turned that opportunity to show how “Asian men can be sexy and awesome.”

Also, he wanted to let the world know that “when an Asian man falls for a woman, he will do everything to go for the woman he desires.”

But with that being said, Danny admits that he doesn’t represent all Asian men.

Joining him this season, in the quest for Nicole Rémy’s love were his co-stars — Rick Edwards, Lincoln Chapman, Daniel Bochicchio, Jaquan Holland, Peter Saffa, Alex “Achilles” King, and 10 others.

Unlike other dating series, The Courtship also featured the lead, Nicole’s side of the family (brought in for her help). They were — Dr. Claire Spain-Rémy (mom), Claude Rémy (dad), Danielle “Danie” Baker (older sister), and Tessa Cleary (best friend).

For Danny, the hardest part about being on the show was against other suitors for one woman. Especially, when it came to fighting for the woman he can “possibly love,” Danny got very competitive. So competitive that it was difficult for him to control his emotions at times.

On the flip side, the easiest part for the star was being “genuine” on the show. He felt like he could just be himself on the show and that was enough for him to win the heroine.

Overall, Danny had an unforgettable experience with the whole filming process. Being transported back to the regency era and “courting” his possible future queen, felt like a dream world.

But among his countless memories, one part stands out the most — “When I first approached the castle where the heroine lived and saw her for the first time,” he reminisced.

Danny Kim Relationship Status

Danny Kim was single as of 2022. Or at least, this was what his Facebook relationship status shared.

We’ve no idea how far he made it with Nicole. However, we do know that Danny has had his fair share of heartbreak. Also, it was his past relationship that pushed him to love himself and become a new person.

How Old Is Danny Kim?

Danny Kim was 31 years of age when he appeared on The Courtship in 2022.

He is five years older than Nicole Rémy.

Danny Kim Family

Danny Kim comes from a Korean family of four.

It was his father who first moved to the States for studies, and Danny’s mother later joined him. So, during their time apart, the husband-wife would often exchange handwritten letters, which greatly influenced Danny to follow the traditional courtship.

According to him, his mother still has those letters his dad wrote to her.

But those letters weren’t the only thing that inspired Danny. On his parent’s 40th anniversary, Danny pulled his dad aside to ask, “Do you still love Mom?” And the reply he received was “‘Yes, she’s my best friend.”

“And that’s when I went onto the show, to find my best friend that I can fall in love with,” he explained.

However, though Danny’s looking forward to a modern and yet traditional courtship, his parents still want him to go through the traditional Korean traditional wedding.

As for Danny’s sibling, he has a brother who’s very close to him.

Danny Kim Height

Danny Kim stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Is Danny Kim On Instagram?

Yes, find him on IG @captaindanielkim.

Also, here’s his Facebook @dkwade37, TikTok @captaindanielkim, and Youtube @CaptainDanielKim.

Danny Kim Job

Danny Kim is a former Air Force captain who was later inspired by the movie Hitch to start a business as a confidence coach for men.

Talking about his military career, Danny graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2012, earning a degree in systems engineering management, and was immediately stationed in South Korea. He then went on to serve in Oklahoma and Los Angeles later, before leaving the service in 2018.

Recalling his training, Danny shared that the experience was “brutal,” and he was not prepared for the yelling. Also, he was once unable to recite the Airman’s Creed and was forced to stand up in the front of the class while his classmates did push-ups.

After retiring, Danny then went on to work as a freelance model and a confidence coach at a dating and lifestyle consulting company.

But why take a job as a confidence coach, you ask? Well, ever since Danny was a child, he had huge insecurities about his body. He even labeled himself to be a “fat and ugly Asian kid.” So, when he hit puberty, the lad got into bodybuilding and went through a successful weight loss journey.

And now, Danny flaunts a ripped body. No wonder, he chose to be a confidence coach.

However, after The Courtship, Danny plans to pursue acting in Korea and represent Korean Americans in Asian media.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Danny Kim Born?

Danny was born in Seoul, South Korea. But he was raised in East Brunswick, NJ.

His co-stars, Giuseppe Castronovo and  Jarrett Schanzer are also from NJ.

  • When Is Danny Kim’s Birthday?

Danny receives his birthday wishes on July 26.

  • How Much Is Danny Kim Net Worth?

By 2022, Danny garnered a net worth of above $300 thousand.

Reportedly, he made around $48 thousand per annum from his job as a relationship coach.

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