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Nathalie Nicole Smith Bio, Age, Net Worth, Is She Married?

Meet Nathalie Nicole Smith from the Lifetimes unscripted show Million Dollar Hustle. Here you’ll learn about her age, career & job, family, marriage, and net worth.

So keep scrolling down to learn more about her.

Nathalie Nicole Smith On Million Dollar Hustle

Life Time’s show is a show born out of female entrepreneurs who are willing to change the financial situation of other women. In the show, viewers get to witness glamorous lifestyles supported by a gritty, competitive world of selling products and events and self-branding at all costs.

The show follows health and fitness influencer, author, entrepreneur, and self-made millionaire Stormy Wellington and her elite group of unstoppable leaders called the Circle of Bosses.

One such leader is Nathalie Nicole Smith entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and a coach. Joining her are Maniya Essence Canty, Bianca Shadai, Ana Cantera, Dianna Williams, Tammy Price, and Bawselady Meek. The show premiered on 17 March 2022 on Lifetime.

Nathalie Nicole Smith Net Worth

Nathalie Nicole Smith has a net worth above $3 million. Her family life drove her to be something that she was in at the time. Her mother struggled financially and although she was making enough to support her family but not enough to buy her own house. So, Nathalie knew she had to complete high school and go to college, exactly what she ended up doing.

She graduated from John F. Kennedy High School and completed college at Howard University in 2010.

Her life as an entrepreneur began with her selling weaves, bartending, and dedicating free time mentoring D.C. youths. By the time she completed college, she had laid out a plan to establish her own business which became Plush Beauty. Her business works on clients’ weight management, wellness and sells product related to beauty, body, and hair. She reportedly made $5 million from Plush Beauty.

The brand’s second website is particularly focused on Beauty and Wellness. Some of the other brands of Nathalie are Women Who Boss and The Brand Kit. According to Vanguard, she exemplifies the true meaning of self-made.

Moreover, Nathalie is also an author whose most famous book to date is Becoming A Brand. She was selected as a ‘Top 30 under 30’ honoree by 93.9 WKYS and partnered with Total Life Changes to work on more health and wellness products.

Speaking with Medium, she shared, “Opening my store with very little Capital was so hard and took a lot of faith. So going from making very little profit to earning multiple 7 figures now has showed me how the world defines success. I learned to make sure I never judge anyone by their struggle and always share resources to help others get ahead. I didn’t have much help until I got started with direct sales. So my life mission now stems from the struggle I had to go through to become successful.”

Furthermore, she has an IMDB page and she was credited as an actress in the movie Secrets (2017).

Is Nathalie Nicole Smith Married?

Nathalie Nicole Smith isn’t married but appears to be in a relationship. In January 2022, she posted on her Instagram, “Normalize being in happy, healthy, prosperous, blessed, non-toxic relationships that turn into forever.”

Along with the caption, she posted a picture of her boyfriend J-Dee (@jdee313). In May 2021 IG post, Nathalie confirmed that she has known her man for seven years via doing business together.

She added, “Loving me and working with me are two different experiences/roles .. & guess what @jdee313 has mastered it well! Showing up as an executive ambassador, coach, and your woman first have been fun & I finally understand how to balance & win at both!”.

Nathalie shared about her plan of becoming a mother during her Revolt interview. Furthermore, she wants to shut down everyone’s opinion and create a healthy space for a child and her husband.

Her boyfriend is also an entrepreneur who is the co-founder of @thevillagedet.

Nathalie Nicole Smith Age

In September 2021, Nathalie Nicole Smith turned 34 years old.

Nathalie Nicole Smith Family

Nathalie Nicole Smith was born to her parents Michael Smith and AKA @Coaddad777 and her mother Dr. Annmarie Wilkinson. Her parents divorced when she was 12 and she was raised by her single Trinidadian mother. Her mom moved to her grandmother’s house. In her freshman year of college, her grandmother purchased her first car Lexus AS300 so she knew she had to work hard to maintain that status.

But, based on the social media posts, her parents are on speaking terms and support each other on their respective social media.

Her father is an acclaimed life coach who promotes fitness on his social media. She has publicly spoken about her father’s family during her interviews with several magazines.

Nathalie once said, “As far as I’m concerned, I was born to a boss, in the sense that I was always going to be master and commander of my own destiny. She added, “My father always told me I was a human being before I was a female and that I was equal to any man. He didn’t make any special allowances for me, and it was his way of preparing me for a world he knew was stacked in the favor of men.”

Whereas speaking with V Magazine, she shared, “My father never babied me,” Smith said. “He didn’t want me to think I was weak just because I was a girl He even had a special nickname for me He called me ‘Junior’ to show that I could be as strong and intelligent as a man.”

Meanwhile, her mom is a graduate of Montgomery Blair High School and the University of Maryland.

According to her mom’s website, she is a fashion stylist and consultant best known for her refined classic sensibilities and colorful trends. Her innate sense of style and industry knowledge along with her illustrious career is now taking her to the next level as a style innovator and fashion influencer.

However, her career began in the banking industry for over 30 years. She offers a coaching program and also sells products in her online shop.

On her mother’s side, she has a sister named Yakita Wilkinson.

Is Nathalie Nicole Smith On Instagram?

Nathalie Nicole Smith is on Instagram (@nathalienicole), Facebook (@iamNathalieNicole & @natnicolesmith), and Twitter (@natnicolesmith).

What Are Nathalie Nicole Smith Measurements?

Nathalie Nicole Smith is blessed with the measurements of 36-26-39 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nathalie Nicole Smith From?

Nathalie hailed from Silver Spring, Maryland. She is currently living in Washington D.C.

  • When Does Nathalie Nicole Smith Celebrate Her Birthday?

According to IG and FB posts, Nathalie celebrates her birthday on 28 September.

  • How Tall Is Nathalie Nicole Smith?

Nathalie stands tall under the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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