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Nathan Meggs Bio, Age, Height, Job, Olivia Plath Brother

TLC’s Welcome to Plathville is a look into the life of the conservative Plath family in Southeast Georgia. In Season 4, viewers meet Olivia Plath’s brother, Nathan Meggs, a new addition to the cast of Welcome to Plathville.

Know Nathan closely in this article, where we will talk about his role in the TLC show, his dating life, age, job, and more,

Meet Nathan Meggs, Olivia Plath Brother

Many viewers were not even aware that Olivia had a brother before the Season 4 premiere of Welcome to Plathville. They only came to know about Nathan when Olivia revealed in the Season 4 premiere that he moved to Tampa, Florida when she, her husband Ethan Plath, and Moriah Plath moved there at the end of Season 3.

Nathan was 18 when Season 4 was filmed and moving in with his big sister in Tampa was his first time living away from home. In the show, he revealed moving to Tampa was an “overnight decision” made right after he graduated from high school.

As we all know, Nathan and his sister Olivia, much like the Plath kids, come from a conservative family of fundamentalist Christians. It will only be a matter of time before he learns to spread his wings and realize the true meaning of freedom.

Nathan wants to experience the world and according to his Instagram, he’s trying to do so as a musician.

Is Nathan Meggs Dating Moriah Plath?

Moriah Plath, also dubbed as the “wild child” of the family, might not be living her best life now. In the Season 4 premiere, she confirmed that she and her longtime boyfriend Max were no longer together, and even though we’re well into this season, it seems like she is not over the breakup yet.

Moriah and Max were since Season 2 of the show and everything seemed to be going well for them until Max made a mistake. Although the mistake remained a secret for some time, Nathan, in a now-deleted YouTube video, revealed that the reason for their breakup was that he cheated on Moriah. He even mentioned crossing the boundaries.

Adding to her recent breakup, seeing Moriah reside with Nathan, Ethan, and Olivia as they share a place together, everyone’s been assuming that Moriah and Nathan are dating. Are they?

Moriah and Nathan do have a lot in common. Besides being teenagers who have only recently got the taste of freedom, they’re both aspiring musicians. That being said, they are pretty much the opposite when it comes to their character and nature. On one hand, there’s Nathan who is introverted and likes to keep everything to himself, and on the other, there’s Moriah who’s called “the wild child” of the family.

Everything said we do not think Moriah and Nathan are dating as there is not much evidence suggesting they are a thing yet. Besides, it’s only healthy for Moriah to not rush into dating as she is not clearly over that disastrous breakup. More than anything or anyone, Moriah should focus on herself and fix many things in her life that are not going right before starting something up with someone.

In case you did not know, it was Moriah who first sparked the dating rumors between Nathan and herself when she shared a few photos from her nights out in November 2021. While many fans swooned over Moriah’s outfit, some noticed an unfamiliar guy in the pictures. Although Moriah later deleted the pictures, it was too late and people had already found out that the unfamiliar guy was Olivia’s brother, Nathan Meggs.

Moriah shares a picture, featuring Olivia, Ethan, and Nathan, from her nights out.

That since-deleted Instagram post also almost made it clear that Moriah and Max had split up since Moriah was not wearing her promise ring in the photos.

Talking about Nathan’s love life, we are not quite certain if he is single or dating someone at the moment. However, in 2020, he was definitely seeing a girl named Frida Aguilar. Nathan even made Instagram posts celebrating three and six months of their togetherness.

Nathan Meggs Age

Welcome To Plathville’s newest cast member Nathan Meggs was reportedly born in 1996, which means his age was either 25 or 26, as of June 2022.

Nathan Meggs Job

Nathan Meggs’s IG bio states that he is an aspiring musician/artist. Through his IG bio, we also learn that he works in the aviation industry.

Nathan is a model as well. Pictures from his modeling shoots can be found all over the Internet.

In his Facebook introduction, he’s also written that he is Diesel Mechanic at Franklin Welding and Equipment Co. Inc.

Is Nathan Meggs On Instagram?

Nathan Meggs is on Instagram @nathan_meggs, where he has close to 2.5 thousand followers. You can also find him on Facebook.

Nathan Meggs Height

TLC star Nathan Meggs stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Nathan Meggs Parents And Siblings

Talking about Nathan Meggs’s parents, he is especially close to his mother, Karen Meggs. On May 11, 2020, he even wrote a sweet, touching Instagram post for her on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Nathan Meggs has, at least, 4 siblings. They are Elijah, Joshua, Sophia, and Maura Meggs.

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  • When Is Nathan Meggs Birthday?

As of this writing, we did not know when Nathan Meggs celebrates his birthday.

  • Does Nathan Meggs Star On Welcome To Plathville?

Nathan Meggs joined Welcome to Plathville recently in the 4th season of the show.

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