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Nathan Ruggles Bio, Height, Parents, Job, The Ultimatum

Nathan Ruggles and his fiance Lauren Pounds are one of the six couples who appear on Netflix’s reality series The Ultimatum. The other couples who are joining them are Colby & Madlyn, Shanique & Randall, April & Jake, Rae & Zay, Alexis & Hunter. Most of the couples were dating for less than three years at the time of the filming but are ready to take the big step. However, their respective partners aren’t ready to commit for various reasons. So, each of the cast on the show issue The Ultimatum to their respective partner, either marry or leave.

From here on, you’ll learn about Nathan Ruggles. So, scroll down to learn about his job, height, parents, and his journey in the show.

The Ultimatum: Are Nathan Ruggles And Lauren Pounds Still Together?

Note: Spoilers Ahead

Nathan Ruggles and Lauren Pounds have been together since 2018. According to Lauren’s Facebook, she has been dating him since 17 November that year. After dating for two and a half years, Nathan proposed to his lady-love on 27 March 2021. And, she accepted the proposal.

However, Lauren’s refusal to have children brought their relationship to a standstill. Nathan stated that he was quite open about his desire to settle down with a wife and children from the outset. He even emphasized the importance of having children, saying that he couldn’t wait to become a parent. However, when Nate proposed to Lauren, she declared that she did not want any children, which naturally made him reconsider his decision.

Nathan didn’t want to wait any longer for marriage, so he gave his girlfriend an ultimatum: either accept his proposal or leave forever. Initially, he and Lauren appeared to be enthusiastic about the experiment. During the first week of the show, Nate stated that he was ready to settle down with any woman who was eager to establish a family with him, and he began warming up to a few others. Madlyn Ballatori and April Marie, in particular, piqued his curiosity, and both seemed to reciprocate Nate’s approaches.

Nate saw the benefits of the experiment once he began to open up to new individuals, and he looked forward to an educational eight weeks. Lauren, on the other hand, began to form a bond with Madlyn’s partner, Colby Kiss, and soon found herself confiding in him.

Lauren revealed her dissatisfaction with Nate’s frequent travels, and Colby assisted her in confronting her worries about having children. When Colby inquired if she would have children with him, Lauren surprised herself by realizing the need for mutual understanding and seemed willing to give serious thought to her concerns about children.

When the time came to choose potential partners, both April and Madlyn chose other people over Nathan, which surprised him. Nate recognized how tough it would be to watch his sweetheart live with someone else after Colby chose Lauren as his partner. As a result, in an unexpected change of events, he got down on one knee and proposed to Lauren, who seemed delighted to accept.

As a result of their engagement, the couple decided to leave the experiment and exited the show together.

Nate told Lauren that he was ready to marry her as she is when he proposed. He confessed that his desire to have children had blinded him to their love and pledged to be by her side regardless of her decision to have children in the future. Lauren proposed couples therapy to help them find common ground, but Nate was too sure of his love and refused to let anyone else into his relationship.

Before Lauren, Nathan was in a relationship with Paige Springfield. They were in a relationship starting from April 2012. Paige, according to her Facebook, attended New Braunfels High School and currently lives in New Braunfels, Texas. They dated each other for at least until October 2016.

But, the question remains are Nathan and Lauren still together?

Nate and Lauren appear to have split up and are now living separate lives. While Nate appeared to be ready to let go of the dreams he’d had for so long, the process felt too overwhelming, especially because the two hadn’t been seen on each other’s social media in a long time. Lauren has never communicated with Nate on Instagram, although they follow each other and Nate likes most of Lauren’s pictures.

Consequently, despite our desire to be proven wrong, the seeming gap between Nate and Lauren makes it appear as if they are not currently together.

Nathan Ruggles Age

Born in 1990, Nathan Ruggles turned 31 years old before March 2022.

Nathan Ruggles Job

According to Nathan Ruggles’s LinkedIn, he started his career working as Director of Sales for in June 2014. He worked in the company until July 2019 while based in Austin, Texas. Starting from July 2019, he has been working as Vice President of Business Development for Urbanist.

Talking about the company, Urbanist creates “

Moreover, in June 2020, Nathan also co-founded Derive Development as and worked in the company as Co-Founder & COO.

According to, the COO in Houston, Texas makes a yearly salary of $471,684 a year. However, it differs according to the size of the company and experience.

Moving on to his academic qualifications, Nathan completed his high school education at James Bowie High School in 2009. Furthermore, he earned his BBA degree from Texas State University in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies in 2014.

Is Nathan Ruggles On Instagram?

Find Nathan Ruggles on Instagram (@nathan_ruggles) and Facebook (@nathan.ruggles.3).

Nathan Ruggles Parents

Tracy Ruggles and Ranee Ruggles are the beloved parents of Nathan Ruggles. His parents tied the knots on 30 December 1988 and have been married since. Born on 2 January 1956, his mother Ranee is 66. Whereas, his father, Tracy who was born on 9 September 1955 is also 66 years old.

Follow them on Facebook (@tracy.ruggles.96) & (@ranee.ruggles), and Instagram (@tracy.ruggles.96) & (@raneeruggles).

Tracy is a 1993 graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a BS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He joined Applied Materials as Senior Manager of Operations Planning & Control where he worked in that role for 6 years followed by Senior Director for another 6 years.

Tracy became Business Process Architect for a year. Whereas from 2014 to 2020, he worked as a commodity business manager and then retired.

Per Nathan’s mother’s LinkedIn, Ranee completed high school at New Braunfels High School in 1975. She studied Nurse at Saint Phillip’s College. Moreover, she earned her LVN, Practical Nursing, Vocational Nursing, and Nursing Assistants in 1983.

Ranee worked for Driscoll Children’s Hospital as Medical Assistant till 1981, Christus Spohn Health System as Medical Assistant. For the next two years, from 1982 to 1984, she worked for McKenna Hospital New Braunfels as LVN. She has been working as LVN at Texas State University since September 1984.

Talking about Nathan’s siblings, his half-sister (mother’s side) Nicole Palomo Wilkinson died on 21 October 2020. She was born on 23 March 1980 and lived for only 40 years. Nicole had already lost her father Robert Palomo and her grandparents George and Darlene Bunting, Janie, and Cipriano Palomo. She had two children, Luke Wilkinson, and Olivia Darlene Abney.

Moreover, Nathan’s other half-siblings are—brother Jacob Palomo, sister Maggie Palomo.

Nathan Ruggles Height

Nathan Ruggles stands tall under the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nathan Ruggles Birthday?

Nathan Ruggles celebrates his birthday on 11 September.

  • Where Is Nathan Ruggles From?

According to Facebook, Nathan Ruggles hailed from Austin, Texas, the same place he is currently residing in.

  • How Much Is Nathan Ruggles Net Worth?

As of 2022, Nathan Ruggles has a net worth above $500 thousand.

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