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Jimmy Savile Daughter: Who Is Georgina Ray? Her Age, Mom

Netflix announced Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, the story of a flamboyant DJ and radio show host. He lived quite an eccentric life and at the inception of his life, several people approached the media claiming him to be their father. One of them is Georgina Ray, one of the ladies who claimed to be Jimmy Savile’s daughter.

Read more about Georgina’s age, details regarding her mom, and other related information.

Meet Georgina Ray, Jimmy Savile Alleged Secret Daughter

TV and radio personality Jimmy Savile has an alleged secret daughter who he recently heard about. A divorcee named Georgina Ray approached mainstream media claiming that she is the daughter of Sir Savile. She made it clear up front that she is not after his fortune of £2.5 million.

And, now she is seeking a DNA test to prove she is Sir Jimmy’s daughter. However, she bears a striking resemblance to the late presenter is understood to have told lawyers that she is “not after any money”.

However, one of her relatives claimed that it was “obvious” she wanted a share of Sir Jimmy’s £2.5million estate. He alleged cousin Sarah McLaran labeled her “a gold-digger,” adding: “If she’s not after any money, why didn’t she say anything while he was still alive?”

Her cousin added, “It’s obvious she’s doing it for the money. That’s just what she’s like. She’s been having a few money problems since her divorce a couple of years ago. She probably thinks she can get some money out of this.”

Georgina’s mother, then-59 years old, told her that her father was Sir Jimmy when she was seven years old. But, she had forbidden her from contacting him. She followed her mother’s order until two years ago after her divorce from her now ex-husband. She decided to write a letter to her alleged father revealing that she was his daughter.

After receiving no reaction from him, he allegedly decided to confront him in his flat in Leeds. ‘He’s away,’ the elderly DJ is reported to have said over the intercom, pretending to be someone else. Then he refused to answer the door.

After her father’s death, she also went to see Sir Jimmy’s coffin which was put on display in a hotel for three days after his death in October. Her friends claimed that she almost revealed that she was his daughter but chose not to.

But, this sudden interest to be involved in her father’s had only one reason, money, according to her cousin.

She also reached out to her mother’s stepfather Trevor Gough, after he died – despite never speaking to him while he was alive. “Then when he died, it was Trevor this, Trevor that. Suddenly she wanted to know all about the will. It was obvious what she was after.”

However, tired of all the criticism, she claimed that she doesn’t want to be his daughter anymore. She also branded the serial sex offender a “monster” and shared that she abandoned her bid to prove that she is his daughter. The test which was done in October 2012 proved to be inconclusive.

In July 2012, executors of Savile’s estate agreed to perform DNA tests using cigars and other items, but they failed to prove her claim.

She told People, “I’m withdrawing my legal case. This evil man has fooled everybody. It’s so horrendous. Horrific in fact for what he did. He’s lied and he’s cheated, and he’s fooled just about everybody.”

Georgina Ray Mom

Georgina Ray’s mom is Christine Oakes. Christine was age 19 when she met the TV presenter and an infamous womanizer who died in October aged 84. According to Georgina, her mother had a two-week fling with the DJ. At the time, she was working as a waitress in a greasy spoon cafe off the A5 in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Christine was reportedly ‘awestruck’ when the Top Of The Pops host walked into the cafe, ordering six eggs sunny side up and two mugs of tea. Later, Sir Jimmy allegedly ‘carried Christine out of the cafe caveman-style and took her to his camper van. Their affair was over in only two weeks. But nine months later, Christine – who now uses her married name Rumford – gave birth to Georgina.

Sarah, her cousin, added more, “Christine never actually told me that story about Jimmy, but we all knew that he was Georgina’s dad. I do think Georgina is his, the resemblance is striking. It’s her eyes, her nose, her smile – everything. It’s obvious she’s Jimmy’s (daughter).”

According to Daily Mail, Christine Rumford, her mother, also refused to answer the door at her home nearby. A woman at her bungalow, who said she was one of her sisters, said she was feeling unwell and did not wish to comment.

Georgina Ray Age

As of 2022, Georgina Ray is 52 years old.

Is Georgina Ray Married Yet?

Georgina Ray divorced her ex-husband Ian. She shared three kids with her ex-husband. She lived in Cannock, Staffs. After the claims, she has stayed away from the social spotlight. There is no information on her current marital status.

Georgina Ray Job

There is no information on her job. After the divorce, she struggled financially which suggested that she was probably taking care of her three children as a stay home mother. So, we have no information on her job as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Is Georgina Ray On Instagram?

No, Georgina Ray doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

  • Where Does Georgina Ray Live Today?

Georgina Ray, last time we know, was living in Staffordshire, UK.

  • Does Georgina Ray Appear On Netflix’s “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story”?

Whether Georgina Ray will appear on Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story is unclear. But, we can expect her story to be told on the show.

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