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Nayte Olukoya Bio, Ethnicity, Parents, Net Worth, Age

The first suitor to step out of the limo, Nayte Olukoya scored some major points with Michelle Young. On The Bachelorette season 18 premiere, Michelle shared, “People say they have butterflies. I had, like, pigeons in my stomach,” after meeting the handsome lad.

So, who is this contestant, sweeping Michelle away right off the bat? Keep reading this Nayte Olukoya Bio to find out. 

Nayte Olukoya On The Bachelorette

ABC’s The Bachelorette season 18 premiered on October 19, 2021, and Nayte Olukoya stepped out of the limo, greeted the bachelorette with some lovely words, and proceeded to make her giggle with his pickup line — “Before we start this journey. I just want to say, it’s better Nayte than never.”

Also, the two shared a hug. “I just want to say I’m, like, so happy to be here with you right now, and I’m looking forward to seeing if you and I have what each other’s looking for,” Nayte expressed.

It was clear that Nayte was smitten. “Michelle is amazing,” he shared.

Later in the episode, Nayte then lets Michelle into his vulnerable side and revealed his parents were divorced. Furthermore, he went on to tell her about his mother’s second divorce from his stepdad, who was like his best friend.

That night, Michelle gave Nayte her first impression rose, and they shared a kiss.

The bachelorette said, “I feel what I came here to feel and that’s sparks, butterflies, and everything that you want to feel when you kiss someone.”

As for Nayte, he was already head over heels for Michelle. On the very day of The Bachelorette premiere, Nayte took it to his IG to share a picture of them captioned, “Well, I mean, just look at her.”

What Did Reality Steve Say About Nayte Olukoya?

According to Reality Steve, Nayte Olukoya was one of the two participants who got 1-on-1 dates with Michelle in Minnesota. The other one was Joe Coleman. Later, he got the first date after the rose ceremony.

But Steve didn’t know who made the final four.

For Nate’s 1-on-1 date with Michelle and two of her female friends, they took a pontoon boat out on Lake Minnetonka. Finally, they arrived at Lord Fletchers where Nayte played volleyball with Michelle and her two friends.

Reality Steve also claimed Nayte Olukoya got engaged to Michelle Young in the season finale.

Nayte Olukoya’s Ideal Partner

Nayte Olukoya was set on finding a long-lasting relationship that will go the distance. His ideal partner would be an outgoing, spontaneous, and swaggy woman, who would be able to keep up with him.

Also, he wanted his relationship to be filled with heat. He was looking for someone who will be just as passionate about him as he would be about her.” Nayte is looking for a teammate for life and is confident that Michelle may just be the one he’s been waiting for,” his ABC bio mentioned.

What Is Nayte Olukoya’s Ethnicity?

Nayte Olukoya flaunted Canadian and Nigerian flags over his Instagram. So, we guess that he probably might be of Nigerian ethnicity.

He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. But as of 2021, he resided in Austin, Texas.

Previously, Nayte lived in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nayte Olukoya Parents

If you didn’t miss the premiere of The Bachelorette then you should already know, Nayte Olukoya’s parents are long separated. After the divorce, Nayte’s mother Carol Kawaza @carol.kawaza then went on to marry Nayte stepdad, who was like a best friend to him.

Unfortunately, Carol’s second marriage didn’t work out as well. However, she wasn’t giving up. The last we saw her, she was in a relationship with certain someone that she kept anonymous. All we know is that they started dating on November 29, 2020.

Fun Fact: Nayte’s mother is a teacher like Michelle. This was also one of the reasons Nayte had great respect for the bachelorette.

Does Nayte Olukoya Have Siblings?

Yes, Nayte Olukoya has two siblings named Kunlé Tijani and Neil Olukoya.

His brother, Kunlé lived in Canada and was a member associate of the Orangetheory Fitness Sage Creek.

As for Nayte’s bother Neil, he lived in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife Donna Olukoya. Neil is a University of Regina who went on to work as a sales representative for Pepsi.

Trivia: Nayte has a cousin named Shey Tevin Lexis.

Nayte Olukoya Net Worth

Nayte Olukoya garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2021.

Talking about his career, Nayte has stepped into quite a few professions. In 2021, he was working as an account executive at Before that he worked as a bartender for almost a year at Press. And initially, he worked as a sales representative at AT&T for over 2 years.

In light of his education, Nayte has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Eastern Washington University. Also, he had an apple master certification, issued in Jan 2017.

When he isn’t working Nayte liked to travel, read and eat. Someday he wishes to visit the Taj Mahal.

In case you want to know, an account executive salary in Austin, TX was around $81 per annum.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Nayte Olukoya?

Nayte Olukoya was born on July 9, 1994. That made him 27 years of age in 2021 when he first appeared on The Bachelorette.

  • How Tall Is Nayte Olukoya?

Nayte Olukoya stands tall at a height of 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm). Yes, he is insanely tall.

This Adonis of a man has  “Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa”, tattoo on his back.

  • Is Nayte Olukoya On Twitter, TikTok?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him over Twitter or TikTok.

But he is his Instagram @kingbabatunde, and Facebook @nayte.olukoya.

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