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Will Urena Wiki, The Bachelorette, Height, Family

Grand Rapids-native model/actor/fitness guru Will Urena made his debut on ABC’s The Bachelorette 18th season. He joined the show with 29 other contestants trying to impress Michelle Young.

So, it is worth knowing him with this Will Urena Wiki where we cover his family, height, and net worth.

Will Urena On The Bachelorette

“The cat is out the bag! Proud to officially announce my Bachelor Nation journey! Hitting your TV screens Oct 19 on ABC. Stay tuned for my pursuit of love.🌹 #TheBachelorette #BachelorNation” Will Urena announced on his Instagram.

Will described himself as classy, swaggy, and sharp. He is more than ready to make a substantial connection with someone and is also very tired of being the only single one in his group of friends.

The Grand Rapids native has joined the 2021 edition of The Bachelorette season 18. This season is about Michelle Young and the show is going to be co-hosted by Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. He joined with 29 other contestants to end his streak of bad luck ever since he arrived in the ABC’s show.

Will Urena Ideal Partner

Speaking about the ideal partner, Will Urena arrived looking for a woman who is thrill-seeking, always up for a spur-of-the-moment adventure, and who is loyal, ambitious, accountable, and ready to push him every day to be the best version of himself because he’s going to do the same for her.

Will claimed he is a true romantic. He will do anything to make his significant other know how loved she is, and now, he’s ready to make Michelle the happiest she’s ever been.

Will Urena Family

Will Urena is the son of Dilergio C Urena and Ada B Tejada. He barely spoke anything about his father, but when it comes to his mother, Will is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. In June 2018 he wrote, “I’m my mom’s son, I have to rise. That’s my best friend y’all, if you couldn’t tell. 👸🏾❤️.”

Will Urena is one of the three sons born to his parents. He has two brothers named Michael J Urena and Ricky Urena. Michael’s Facebook stated that first he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, and later to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Whereas, Ricky is quite a public figure in his hometown of Grand Rapids. Back in May 2017, he went viral working on an assignment. A police officer by profession, Ricky worked as a community police specialist in the Grand Rapids neighborhoods.

He told Fox17, “I was working a protest for immigration. We were blocking the roads for the protest and someone just took a picture of me and I guess it went viral.”

Suddenly, Officer Urena said he was getting texts from friends and family and Facebook messages from all over.

Not only did he become a heartthrob but his service towards his community earned him praise in his hometown of Kentwood.

“It’s kind of unreal. I was not expecting that at all.” As you would imagine, he also caught a lot of heat from his fellow officers. “People making fun of me, but it’s all in good fun,” said Officer Urena.

Will Urena Height

Based on his profile on ExploreTalent, Will Urena stood tall at the height of 6 feet 3 inches. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Will Urena Net Worth

Will Urena should have a net worth of at least $200 thousand. He pursued a fashion model and actor but also focused on fitness and pursued a career in fitness coaching. According to his bio in ExploreTalent, he has over 6 years of experience working with clients, photographers, and stylists to execute engaging local print campaigns and high fashion advertorials.

With his good looks and camera-friendly personality, he also advertised himself as an actor with natural acting skills that combined with his skills to quickly memorize scripts and deliver lines to articulate brands and promote products.

Talking about fitness, Will shared on his Facebook that his fitness journey started in high school. He trained for over 10 years with the 35 lbs rusty which his mother picked up at a garage sale.

Will also started a YouTube channel where she uploaded videos of his workout routine. His eponymous channel Will Urena gathered 104 subscribers and contained 5 videos.

To talk about his day job, Will worked as an academic interventionist. And according to ZipRecruiter, an “academic interventionist” is an education professional who “oversees behavioral and academic issues at a school.” As Bustle reported, It’s their job to work with teachers and parents to pinpoint students who have learning issues and make a plan to address them.”

Trivia: Will Urena is bilingual who is fluent in Spanish and English. He loves basketball and also played rugby at Davenport University in Michigan.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Will Urena’s Birthday?

Will Urena was born on 21 August 1992. This makes him 29 years old as of October 2021.

  • What Is Will Urena’s Ethnicity?

Will Urena is of Latino-American ethnicity.

  • Is Will Urena On TikTok?

Yes, Will is on TikTok. His handle @illmaticwill gathered 46 followers. He is also on Facebook and Twitter.

In March 2021, Will retweeted a few of the tweets from Darron The Mastodon where he spoke about “toxic masculinity,” “feminism,” and “being an alfa-female.” “Will Urena, 29, Dominican Republic. IG: (@illmaticwill). Fitness trainer. But holy shit, some recent problematic retweets. He doesn’t like US women. It’s the Alpha Male-ness for me. Good chance this will kill his chances of making it on the show. Yikes.” RealitySteve also shared the snap of Will’s retweets and wrote.

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