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Nepenthez Brother: Who Is John Douglas? Age, Job, Reddit

While some siblings are already ready to die for each other, Nepenthez’s brother John Douglas is trying to bring him down! In a now-deleted video, he accused the Youtuber of a scam and fraudulent mortgage.

But who Is John Douglas? Keep reading to find out.

Meet John Douglas, YouTuber Nepenthez Brother

John Douglas is Nepenthez’s bother who stepped into the limelight thanks to a now-deleted video where he accused Nepenthez of a scam and fraudulent mortgage. Furthermore, he also threw dirt at his bother claiming Nepenthez didn’t help him when he wanted to launch his own YouTube channel.

In the video, John said, “Let me get started about Craig Douglas (Nepenthez). This guy if we research him in 2017, he had 120 subscribers on YouTube, he was broke, he had no money, he used his uncle who is an estate agent to forge him a mortgage application so him and his girlfriend could get the first house. In 2017 Craig Douglas went to court and he lied through his a** in court.”

He continued, stating: “Craig Douglas got rich of scamming kids through YouTube. He was manipulating kids absolutely in the age between eight and 15 to steal their parents’ credit card details and pass on to him. A lot of families fell victim to this and I can tell you now Craig Douglas Nepenthez made millions with all that scam. “Now onto me I used to have a nice humble laugh been a HGV driver for quite a few years and one day I woke up and decided I wanted more and I spoke to Nepenthez I said to him I’d like to start my own YouTube.”

Obviously, Nepenthez refuted the “harmful” allegations in another removed-viral video. In the video, the Youtuber said, “A year and a half ago I had to take my brother to court because he was harassing me and abusing me and manipulating me and it was difficult to deal with. Klonopin The final straw was when he started shouting at my kids.” He then remarked that he wasn’t broke at that time because he already had a YouTube career that had lasted several years. “The money wasn’t that good as these days in social media but I wasn’t broke,” he added.

To address the alleged fraudulent mortgage, Craig also said it was his uncle was a mortgage broker who purchased the mortgage for him and his girlfriend. However, he stated that there “was no fraud” in the process of buying a mortgage.

Later in the video, Craig even touched on the court case after he ran a website that let gamers gamble online currency. “I didn’t lie in court about anything. I was convicted for facilitating and promoting gambling without a license,” she shared. 

For those who don’t know, back in 2016, the YouTuber pleaded guilty to offenses under the UK’s Gambling Act and was ordered to pay a fine of £8000 and court fees of £80000.

John Douglas Age

John Douglas was reportedly born before 1981. That made him at least 42 years of age in 2023.

Also, that makes him atleast 4 years older than Nepenthez who was born on Oct 31, 1984.

You can find more of Douglas’ family on Nepenthez’s socials. It seems John’s grandfather just turned 85 on September 28, 2022.

John Douglas Job

John Douglas didn’t talk about his job, but fans were sure he had a less successful career than his brother and was only trying to drag Nepenthez down with him.

“The @NepentheZ situation. It’s obvious what’s happened here. A jealous brother, who has let that jealousy and envy destroy his own life and he’s trying to drag Nepenthez down with him. Clearly struggling with his mental health, but that’s no excuse for those false accusations,” a fan wrote.

Also, another agreed, “His brother made some Tik Tok out of pure jealousy basically tryna drag nep down.”

His brother, Nepenthez is a FIFA Ultimate Team gamer with a huge fan following. He launched his Youtube channel in March 2006, but now his earliest video “God Damn It” dates to March 2010, and his most watched videos Free Pack Glitch, Fifa 13 Skill Games Free Kicks (4/8), and The Richest Club In Fifa!! – Fifa 15 Ultimate Team.

Besides Youtube, Nepenthez also streams on Twitch to his over 557K followers. There, he mostly plays Minecraft and League of Legends.

Also, the Youtuber has collaborated with brands like Facebook, SCUF, EE Wembley Cup, Spotify, Topps Kick, and Epic Games.

Is John Douglas Married?

John Douglas didn’t reveal his relationship status.

On the other hand, his brother Nepenthez is open about his married life. The Youtuber and his wife Lauren Lolipop started dating in 2006 and only got married in 2015, the same year they welcomed their daughter Grace.

Nepenthez’s wife, Lauren runs the clothing apparel store named PRESTIGE26, founded by Nepenthe. Their brand offers accessories from Beanie and T-shirts to Hoodies, pants, and more.

Find her on Twitter @LaurenLolipop.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does John Douglas Reside?

As of 2023, John likely resides in England, UK.

  • Is John Douglas On Reddit And TikTok?

No, it seems John has deleted his social accounts including Redding, TikTok, IG, and FB.

However, John still boasted 336.6K followers on TikTok @nepenthez, 1.96M followers on Youtube @NepentheZ, 418K followers on IG @nepenthez, and 1M followers on Twitter @NepentheZ.

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