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Meet Lauren Mehmet, Nepenthez Wife! Her Age, Job, Instagram

FIFA content creator/YouTuber Craig Douglas, better known as Nepenthez, has always somehow found ways to surround himself with controversies. It is early March of 2023 and he has found himself amid drama after his brother John Douglas made rounds on social media accusing him of fraud, mortgage manipulation, and whatnot. In this writing though we shall not talk about this, rather discuss Nepenthez’s wife Lauren Mehmet. Let us tell you everything about her, including her age, job, Instagram, and more.

Meet Lauren Mehmet, YouTuber Nepenthez Wife

Nepenthez, who has a massive audience on YouTube and Twitch, has been together with his wife Lauren Mehmet, AKA Lauren Lolipop, since 2006. We don’t yet know how they met and how they got married eventually. But, still, they have not been that private about their life together in general. Here’s what we know.

On a 19 December 2013 tweet, Nepenthez can be seen wishing Lauren, his girlfriend at the time, a happy seventh-year anniversary.

Then, one time, Nepenthez replied to a fan that they did not get married until 2015. He was asked how he manages his pregnant wife and to this, he answered they were not married, but despite that managed their life just fine.

NepentheZ’s YouTube channel for the FIFA video game series has earned him more than 1.9 million subscribers to date. He started the channel in March 2006. there are also other channels on the platform. For instance, the NepentheZ 2 channel, meant for bonus FIFA uploads, entertained 520K subscribers. The NepentheZ Clips one included over 33K subscribers the DraftToGlory channel had over 77K subscribers.

He is managed by Digital sports Management and he is also a Twitch streamer. Thus far, he was followed by 557K plus followers on this platform. On IG @nepenthez he was followed by 419K followers, and by 980K and 249K respectively on TikTok and Twitter. Over the course, Nepenthez in these platforms has collaborated and worked with various influencers and brands like Facebook, SCUF, Spotify, Topps Kick, EE Wembley Cup, and Epic Games.

In recent times, Nepenthez has denied all of the claims, made by none other than his own brother. He clarified his position to his fans in a YouTube video that has since been made private. He explained that the video has been made private to impede further speculation about the controversy after the TikTok accusations made by his brother were deleted.

John, in his confession, also added that his brother refused to help him start his own YouTube career. He expressed delight at having gotten the secret out. Yet, despite all this, he failed to provide any evidence to back up his claims. About John though, Nepenthez said that he was mentally unwell and that most of the accusations in the TikTok video were lies painted with half-truths. And that his sole reason for making the video was jealousy.

Lauren Mehmet And Nepenthez Kids

Nepenthez and his wife Lauren Mehmet are proud parents of three amazing kids.

Lauren Mehmet’s husband and the kids as seen in November 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Their first child is a daughter and they named her Grace. She was born on 15 January 2015.

Fast forward to 15 February 2018, the couple yet again got blessed with a baby and this time it was a baby boy. They named him Ryan Douglas. And in July of 2022, Nepenthez was seen proudly parading his same son telling people that he graduated from Nursery. “Super proud of him after a covid hit first year in pre-school. 2/3 done through nursery now”, he gushed.

In March 2020, came their third and final child, making the two parents to a daughter and two sons.

Both Lauren and Nepenthez’s social media pages are filled the beautiful pictures of their children. They seemingly try to give their followers the best possible peek into their babies’ growth. Especially on occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, vacations, Thanksgiving, and Lauren and her husband have kind of made it a family tradition to show up together on social media as well.

Lauren Mehmet Age

Lauren Mehmet was born in 1982. So, she turned 40 years old in 2022.

Her husband on the other hand turned 38 years old on 31 October that year.

What Is Lauren Mehmet Nationality?

Lauren Mehmet was residing in Bournemouth, England as of February 2023. Apparently, her country of origin is also the United Kingdom. So, her nationality is naturally British.

Lauren Mehmet Job

While Lauren Mehmet’s husband can be seen frequently teaming with other YouTube channels such as Calfreezy and KSI, he has let her be in charge of the clothing apparel store that he launched. It’s called PRESTIGE26.

It seems that Nepenthez gets busy handling his full-time social media career, and Lauren takes care of his brand and merchandise. The brand is known to be selling accessories such as beanies, T-shirts, Hoodies, and pants. And according to the internet, Lauren was appointed as the director of the company on 24 March 2020.

On Twitter, Lauren introduces herself as “proud wifey of NepentheZ, mum of 3, runs the clothing apparel store and our property portfolio.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lauren Mehmet Birthday?

Lauren Mehmet’s birthday is on June 1st and that makes her Gemini.

  • Is Lauren Mehmet On Instagram And Facebook?

For some reason, Lauren Mehmet could be found only on Twitter @LaurenLolipop at the time of this writing.

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