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Netflix Love Village Cast, Location, Real Or Scripted?

Netflix premiered the debut season of Love Village and viewers of the show have been wondering many things about the latest project. Where was it filmed? Is the show real or scripted? Are the cast members on Instagram?

Get to know all about the show here as you scroll down this article.

Meet Netflix Love Village Cast

The Japanese reality dating TV show Love Village on Netflix follows eight individuals over 35 from various walks of life as they move to a home in the highlands remote from the city. All of these people taking part in this social experiment have one thing in common: they want to give themselves another chance to fall in love and meet their soul mate in the idyllic and serene setting of the country.

The drama that develops between the singles as they laugh, cry, and argue while looking for love makes the dating program intriguing in addition to the hosts, the vivacious and charismatic Atsushi Tamura and Becky. Additionally, the tranquil and picturesque backgrounds of the mountains’ lush green terrain add to the reality series’ suspense.

The cast members for the debut season of the show include:

  • Taabo

Simply known as Taabo, he is 36 years old. By trade, he is a business owner and an entrepreneur.

According to his bio, he has never married before so he came into the show searching for the one. Whether he was lucky to find love, you’ll have to watch the show.

Is Taabo on Instagram? Yes, he is. According to his IG bio, he was born on 11 November 1986 in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka. Furthermore, he has stated that he is Japanese and Korean mixed.

Some of the companies that he is a brand ambassador for are Nagahara Group and Fix Co., Ltd. More about him is in the link here.

As for some of his favorite things: Hospitality business, training, kickboxing, driving, karaoke, Basketball, overseas travel, Japanese drums, music festivals, apparel, and business books.

  • Tocchan

Toochan is 45 years old. He is working as a therapist and was born in Hyogo prefecture. She was reportedly married once.

  • Hollywood

Hollywood has crossed 50 glorious years of his life and is currently 51 years old. Professionally, he works as an actor. Like Toochan, he was also married once before.

  • Okayo

Okayo’s age is 39. He works as a convenience store clerk. A native of Osaka, he was also married once before.

  • Yukie-mon

Since “Ai” literally means “love” in Japanese, Yukie-mon’s birthplace in the Aichi prefecture may bring her some luck despite the fact that she has never been married.

Yukie is 45 years old and works as a cafe clerk.

  • Mina-nee

The oldest contestant in Love Village is Mina-nee. She is currently 60 years old. Even though the Osaka resident has two marriages under her belt, she hasn’t given up on love yet.

Mina works as a picture book writer.

  •  Joni

60-year-old Joni is a psychologist by trade. Tokyo resident Anchovy has never found a life spouse, in contrast to Mina-nee who has married twice in her 60 years.

  • Anchovy

Chef Anchovy is a native of Tokyo. Although he has never been wed, we can already see some of the cast members being impressed by his Italian cooking.

Netflix Love Village Location

The entirety of Netflix’s Love Village was shot in Japan, more specifically in a rural region. The singles are brought together in a solitary, remote spot from various regions of the nation so they can concentrate on interacting with others.

To film all of the crucial scenes for the reality program, the production crew departs from the bustle of the city and heads to the serene countryside amidst the mountains. Many significant scenes are filmed in the neighborhood, including some open green fields with lush green mountains in the background, in addition to the old house where the singles spend the majority of their time together.

Additionally, it is said that a sound stage of one of the Japanese film studios was used to record the scenes involving the hosts. There are numerous well-known film studios in various locations of the Asian nation. Kindai Eiga Kyoka, Shochiku Studio, and Nikkatsu Corporation are a few of the noteworthy ones.

Speaking about Japan’s rich green spaces, the island nation has nine different forest ecoregions, ranging from temperate coniferous forests in the northern islands to subtropical moist broadleaf forests on the Ryky and Bonin Islands.

Is Netflix Love Village Real Or Scripted?

It is believable that Love Village and all the drama the show brings are real.

Despite some having connections to the entertainment industry, the cast members in the show appear to be members of the general public. They all appear to genuinely want to find their perfect partner, and almost everyone is willing to submit to the procedure.

Regarding how the program was developed, Love Village is a component of Netflix’s initiative to produce unscripted content for the nation. Unscripted content has been a favorite of Japanese audiences since the 1950s, and it continues to be one of the nation’s most popular kinds of entertainment, according to Mitsuko Koyabashi and Taro Goto, Netflix’s Managers for Live-Action Creative in Japan.

“From comedy shows to competition shows, Japan’s lean-back variety programs offer the sort of comforting entertainment people have come to expect from television, while reality shows tap into a great enthusiasm for living vicariously through the real-world adventures of on-screen personalities.”

Related FAQs

  • Is Netflix Love Village Cast On Instagram?

Only two cast members were discovered on Netflix. Taabo’s IG account is (@tabo_0fficial). You can find Anchovy on Instagram (@loveanchobi).

  • Will There Be A Second Season Of Netflix Love Village?

Currently, there are no updates on whether there will be a second season of Netflix’s Love Village or not.

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