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Who Is Former Bitwit Editor Chris Pinto? Where Is He Now?

By now, everyone’s been aware that Kyle Hansen and Heather deCaussin, the couple behind the delightful vlogs on tech channel Bitwit, have divorced. They had been together for a long time, and the breakup was not only difficult for both of them but also unhappy news to their fans. Anyway, the two divorced and maybe even moved on. But, the fans have not yet called it quits from wanting to talk bout it. Most of them have it believing that Chris never fully recovered. Also, there have been talks that Heather cheated on him with Chris Pinto. So, who is Chis? Let’s find out in this writing.

Meet Chris Pinto, Former Bitwit Editor

The internet tech world’s favorite couple Kyle and Heather separated somewhere between the end of 2020 and start of the 2021. It was Kyle who first gave away the news. Also, it was he who had filed a divorce lawsuit back in January 2021. After that, they kept themselves off YouTube for a month maybe, and again Kyle uploaded a video on the channel ‘Bitwit’. He talked about the future of the channel, himself, and more. He also explained that one of the reasons behind his break was his personal issues with his ex-wife. Kyle concluded the video after also announcing his plans for a new reaction and vlog YouTube channel ‘wrkhrs3’ and a new Tech channel of the same name. Yet, he assured that ‘Bitwit’ was also going to be continued.

Then, it was Heather’s turn to come up with her own personal update. In a video on her YouTube channel, she first answered her fans’ burning queries as to why she had been away. She then acknowledged her divorce and thanked her family, friends, and fans for their undying support. She said that separating from Kyle was one of the most difficult things she had to go through in life. And finally, she admitted to being in a new place and looked eager for the new chapter in her life. Yet, nowhere did she talk about Chris Pinto. Kyle too did not talk about him being cheated on.

Chris is apparently Kyle’s former editor.

Where Is Chris Pinto Now?

So, now, as of May 2023, Chris Pinto seemed to have stopped pursuing his romance with Heather, his ex. employer’s wife.

Heather, meanwhile, at this point was said to have sued Kyle for spousal support and half his channel’s profits in the divorce. In his latest video, Kyle was seen talking about coming back to ‘Bitwit’ full-time due to the ongoing divorce. He particularly said that the legal fees put a financial burden on him. He even specified that at one point in the process, he was running the risk of losing his house.

She owns a luxury vacation and travel company called Skyring Travel.

What Is Chris Pinto’s Relationship Status?

Heather’s Instagram is proof that she was no longer together with Chris Pinto. Instead, she seemed to be having a boyfriend named Martin Salgado, who already happens to be the father to his young kid. On his TikTok @martinjsalgado, he mentioned being the CEO of spending too much time on tik tok. Also, per LinkedIn, Heather’s new man specializes in helping growing companies achieve their business goals through demand engineering. He has been the founder, Head of Growth – Demand Engineering at Influential Agency since April 2020.

Anyway, Chris was no longer dating Heather. But, it was not clear if he was also not dating other people. His social media exchange also did not give away anything regarding his current relationship status.

Chris Pinto Age

Chris, with the full name Christopher Pinto, was born in 1995. So, he turned 27 years old in 2022.

Chris Pinto Career

Chris Pinto on his BIO on his official website goes around as a Los Angeles-based camera operator specializing in Steadicam and underwater operating with some light AR omega operating as well.

He further mentioned coming from a few years of background in camera assisting for multiple multi-platinum artist projects, the wealth of knowledge, and problem-solving skills. He also talked about his intimate knowledge of VFX & post-production.

The cinematographer happens to own a full Tiffen M2+volt rig capable of carrying payloads up to 70lbs with ease & grace even in the most demanding conditions.

Chris has been owning his own Pinto Productions since June 2014.

Before coming this far in his career, he studied Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography and Film/Video Production at California State University, Fullerton from 2013 through 2018. Even prior, he went to Walnut High School in the Class of 2013.

Is Chris Pinto On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Chris Pinto can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 2 May 2023, his IG @pintoproduction included 5,016 followers and 225 posts. He also seemed as much active on ‘Christopher Pinto’ Facebook and Twitter @Chrispintobeans.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Chris Pinto’s Birthday?

Chris Pinto’s birthday is on May 25th and that makes him a Gemini.

  • Where Is Chris Pinto From?

Chris Pinto originally hails from West Covina, California. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Burbank of California.

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