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Nick Cutsumpas Bio, Age, Height, Partner, Instant Dream Home

Nick Cutsumpas is a career plant coach, urban farmer, and landscaper who lately felt the joy of a lifetime working alongside his three talented friends on Netflix’s Instant Dream Home.

Instant Dream Home premiered on 10 August 2022 with a team of interior and exterior design experts, a carpenter, and a special projects leader. And Nick Cutsumpas, was in charge of overseeing if the home’s curb appeal is up to the required standard.

Now, let us take you through this ‘Nick Cutsumpas Bio’ where we shall tell you all about Nick’s age, height, partner, family background, and more.

Meet Nick Cutsumpas, The Landscape Designer On Netflix’s Instant Dream Home

Hyping Netflix’s original show on social media, Nick shared that this experience with Instant Dream Home truly pushed him to his landscaping limits, and completing the homes they were assigned to in just 12 hours was “wild”. He then promised that the show is going to make its audience laugh, cry, and inspired of all.⁣⁣

(Of course) Nick also cared enough to mention that he is so very proud of his comrades Adair Curtis; Paige Mobley; Erik Curtis; ⁣and Danielle Brooks (of Orange Is the New Black).

So, is there also going to be a second season?

As of now, Netflix had not already confirmed if there is going to be a potential renewal or cancelation for its new show.

Nick Cutsumpas Career

Nick Cutsumpas is a full-time plant coach/gardener/landscaper/giant flower sculpture artist. As a plant coach and urban farmer, he says his mission is to give people the knowledge and confidence they need to create their own green spaces.

He boasted on his LinkedIn profile that he has more than 80 clients in New York City and Los Angeles. Not to miss, he has also been featured in the NY Times, Vogue, Business Insider, Goop, NY Post, and the Netflix original series The Big Flower Fight.

Now a proud founder of Farmer Nick (since January 2020), he started his plant journey in 2014. This was right after he had graduated from Tufts University. However, it was not a botany degree but a BS in Psychology he got there. Though he may not have a botany degree he claims that he learned through his own research, working with experts in the industry, and from his personal trial and error. Also, recently, he was studying Sustainable Garden Design at New York Botanical Garden.

As a former college baseball player and personal trainer, food was really important to him. And so he decided to start a vegetable garden in his backyard. It soon became a fixation and each year the garden grew more “robust”.

Then, after moving to New York City in 2017, Nick went “intro green withdrawal” and turned to the world of houseplants. Over 70 houseplants later, he started taking on clients around NYC before quitting his full-time corporate job.

Fast forward to today, besides working in the gardens with his favorite Fiskars, Nick also managed to create other things. For instance his well-reviewed book THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO CARING FOR PLANTS AND THE PLANET.

Is Nick Cutsumpas On Instagram?

Nick Cutumpas could be found on Instagram @farmernick and there were 1,515 posts and 137K followers on the account as of 12 August 2022.

Nick also shared his expertise with plants on Twitter @farmernicknyc, on Facebook, and on the ‘Farmer Nick’ channel on YouTube.

Nick Cutsumpas Age

Born in 1992, Nick “Nicholas” Cutsumpas reached the age of 30 in 2022.

Nick Cutsumpas Height

Nick Cutsumpas stands around 5’10” in height.

Does Nick Cutsumpas Have A Partner?

Not only did Nick Cutsumpas share that he is interested in women, but also that he is particularly interested in his lady love Alana Williams. Yes. Nick certainly had a partner as of the time of this writing. And on 28 May 2022, they celebrated their two years anniversary.

Nick Cutsumpas and his partner as seen in July 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Alana, also known for her website’s moniker ‘Chews Good Food’, is passionate about food, and precisely those that promote a healthier planet. Until recently, the LA-based was getting her master’s degree in Food Studies at NYU. And other times, she loved being an advocate for any policy that helped consumers access healthy choices and encouraged farmers to rebuild topsoil or reduce food waste.

Often, these two gushed about each other on social media. Back in August 2021, they had been together for 15 months and Nick also shared that within that time also they had to spend six of those months apart. It is incredibly frustrating, he said, being away from his partner.

Apparently, working during the pandemic had made things pretty challenging for them to be together.

Nick Cutsumpas Family

Nick’s mom Karen Tenner Cutsumpas reached the age of 59 in July 2022. Also around this time on Mother’s Day, Nick not only promised but did actually rebuild the garden for her. He did it for his mom because he knows it is not easy for her to restart the garden every year.

Then, there is John Cutsumpas, Nick’s dad who turned 60 in April 2022. John, according to LinkedIn, has been the owner of Lothrop Associates for 15 years and plus (since January 2007).

And before this from 1980 through 1985, he studied for his B.Arch. at Syracuse University.

Nick has a sister called Rachel Cutsumpas. She turned 24 on 4 April 2022. And before that, she studied Integrated Marketing Communications at Ithaca College (2016 – 2020). And for high school, she went to White Plains Senior High School.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nick Cutsumpas Birthday?

Nick Cutsumpas’s birthday is on the 13th of April and that makes her an Aries.

  • Where Is Nick Cutsumpas From?

Nick Cutsumpas was born and bred in White Plains, New York. And he continued to live in this city in New York State as of 2022.

  • How Much Is Nick Cutsumpas Net Worth?

Nick Cutsumpas reportedly had below $600K as his net worth as of 2022.

About his salary, he maybe makes an estimated $87,773 per year working as a landscape designer around New York Area. This is an assessment according to glassdoor‘s calculation.

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