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Nick Radner Bio, Age, Job, Wife, Instagram, Netflix Outlast

Meet Nick Radner from Netflix’s Outlast. What does he do for a living? Is he married?

Learn more about him and his personal and professional life as you scroll down.

Nick Radner On Netflix’s Outlast

Nick Radner was adamant about being a prize winner. He quickly joined Charlie Camp as the members discovered that they could create their own teams. Seth Lueker, Andrea Hilderbrand, and Angie Kenai were among his teammates.

Nick’s gang was able to construct a sturdy shelter and light a fire because of their cooperation and resourcefulness. He appeared anxious to take command, but Angie did not like that; she did not want to be treated differently just because she was a woman.

Charlie Camp’s situation became problematic when Andrea left after the first night for medical reasons. Nick was angered by the development since he interpreted it as resigning, something he did not enjoy. As both teams got the opportunity to get some crab pots for the task, his argument with Angie finally came to a head. The team had to determine who to send forward to carry out the task and cross the Neka river after building the raft.

Nick was adamant about sending Seth, but Angie countered that given her lesser weight, she would be a better fit. The fact that the latter was ultimately the only contestant to receive crab pots significantly altered Nick’s perspective. Delta Camp approached Charlie Camp shortly after and asked if they might borrow one of the crab pots. The request was granted, and Nick and his colleagues took the time to entice Paul Preece to join their squad.

Paul transferred to Charlie Camp after Jordan Williams left, pitting the entire gang against Dawn Nelson and Joel Hungate, who were the last two survivors of Delta Camp. Nick’s squad continued to dominate the competition despite having four more members than any other Camp. They even formed an alliance with Alpha Team, which influenced them to decline Javier Colón’s proposal to join Charlie Camp.

When Angie needed to be medically evacuated, Nick’s squad did suffer a significant defeat. Nonetheless, the surviving three made the decision to give it their all in her honor. When just Camps Charlie and Alpha remained, the former attempted to entice Jill Ashock but she refused the approach. Their second suggestion was made to Justin, who accepted the change but was fired when some of his behaviors rankled the other three Charlie Camp members.

The remaining players were asked to reach a specified point during the final stretch in order to be crowned the champion. Nick’s squad had a longer path and frequently crossed cold water streams, although the other team did encounter more difficult terrain. In the end, Charlie Camp secured the first position and received the $1 million prize.

Where Is Nick Radner Today?

Only after appearing on the show, Nick Radner started his Instagram account. He recently hiked Tuolumne Grove, Yosemite National Park with a few of his family members per his recent post.

Nick Radner Age

As of March 2023, Nick Radner is currently 38 years old. He was born in November 1984.

Where Is Nick Radner From?

Nick Radner hailed from Tampa, Florida. However, he has also lived in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Nick Radner Job

Nick Radner is working as a high school wrestling coach. He worked as a head wrestling coach at Palm Harbor University High School from 2017-2018. He was the assistant coach from 2015-2016. Under his tutelage, the school’s wrestling team earned several titles including district champions and first-ever regional champions. The team had one state finalist and won the Pinellas County title.

In 2017, Nick also won the coach of the year award. “It was a huge milestone in my coaching career, but I couldn’t have done it without the support of my team, my assistant coach, and my family. It’s a building process and it took me many years to achieve that,” Nick told TBN Weekly.

Nick also teaches English three honors, reading for college success, and AP seminar capstone at Palm Harbor University. He also coached wrestling for seven years at Anclote High School in Pasco County.

Nick has wrestled his entire life, developing his skills in elementary and middle school. He was on the wrestling team at East Lake High School.

Seeing “Saved by the Bell,” a comedy about a group of high school friends and their principal, and recognizing A.C. Slater, one of the show’s main characters, served as his inspiration for becoming a wrestler. Radner aspired to have A.C. Slater’s coolness. In New York, wrestling was also covered in the gym curriculum at his school.

Nick always regarded wrestling as a challenging sport where he gained valuable life lessons. David Taylor, a wrestler for team USA who is American, is another one of his heroes. Radner employs Taylor’s coaching approach when he coaches himself.

Nick Radner Wife

Nick Radner is very private about his personal life. However, he has at least one son named Kai who he has featured on his IG a few times.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nick Radner Birthday?

Public record shows that Nick Radner’s birthday is in November.

  • Is Nick Radner On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Nick Radner is on Instagram (@forestfire_nick). Instead of Facebook, he has a FB fan page.

  • How Tall Is Nick Radner?

Nick Radner’s height measures above 6 feet.

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