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Seth Lueker Bio, Age, Wife, Job, Instagram, Netflix Outlast

Meet Seth Lueker from Netflix’s Outlast. Does he have a wife? What job does he have?

Outlast, a new Netflix survival series, will make you forget all you already know about reality competition shows. There are no rules, no intricate tasks, no petty competitions, no immunity, and the only way to exit the show is to literally pass out or “tap out” (due to a life-threatening illness). Due to the fact that 16 survivalists are really dropped into the Alaskan tundra and told to “survive,” Outlast may be the pinnacle of reality television.

You may be wondering how demanding producing a drama like Ozark made executive producer Jason Bateman’s work. Michael Bluth is the creator of this program. Outlast is a minimal reality program, which makes it all the harsher.

From hereon, read about Seth as you scroll down.

Seth Lueker On Netflix’s Outlast

Seth Lueker was very keen to find a formidable team so that he could take on any challenges that were put forward. He joined Nick Radner, Angie Kenai, and Andrea Hilderbrand in Charlie Camp in a very short period of time. Andrea’s departure left the team down one member. But, that didn’t stop them from getting a good night’s sleep and constructing a cozy fire on the first night.

During the crab pot assignment, Seth’s team’s luck turned around. Seth was able to assist in building the raft required for the assignment because of his experience as a marine. However, there was some conflict between him and his other two comrades. When Angie was the only one to return with any crab pots after their initial skepticism, it greatly improved the team environment.

Paul Preece, who had just left Delta Camp after Jordan Williams left, soon joined Charlie Camp. As a result, Seth’s team was able to recoup its strength and grow stronger. The change did, however, deteriorate their friendship with the two surviving members of Paul’s former squad. The Alpha Team and Charlie Camp were able to work together through Paul’s hunting prowess to enable the quick exodus of the other two groups.

Seth’s team was keen to add Jill Ashock to their team as only Camps Charlie and Delta were in play. Unfortunately, Angie’s need for a medical evacuation owing to bowel-related difficulties caused Charlie Camp to quickly suffer a great loss. Charlie Camp soon after refused to accept Jill, and at Seth’s urging, Justin Court went up to him.

Although he did consent to the move, the latter was expelled shortly after the three guys from Charlie Camp. They did this after discovering that he had partially demolished the shelter of his previous squad. Both sides had to travel in separate ways to get to a specific location with just five people left on each squad.

Finally, the first season of Netflix’s Outlast was won by Seth, Nick, and Paul.

Where Is Seth Lueker Today?

At the time of this article, Seth Lueker is based in Winchester, Virginia. Seth recently promoted the show on his IG writing, “Closing in on the release of the new show Outlast! Come watch these wolves compete in the new extreme reality show Outlast! See who has what it takes as a pack animal and who leaves in solidarity!!!”

Seth Lueker Age

Seth Lueker is currently a 31-year-old man as of 2023. His birth year is 1992.

Where Is Seth Lueker From?

For Seth Lueker, Gainesville, Virginia is his hometown.

Seth Lueker Job

Seth Lueker is working as an electrician in Winchester, Virginia. According to his LinkedIn, Seth worked at USMC as Artillery Sensor Supportman.

Describing his job, Seth stated on his LinkedIn, “Field artillery sensor support men assist in the delivery of accurate artillery fires and prosecution of counter fire flight by developing weather data for artillery ballistic computations, performing survey operations, and operating acoustic and electronic counter fire assets.”

He added, “Duties include preparing and operating weather observation equipment such as theodolites and surface sensors, measuring atmospheric reading; preparing and operating survey equipment such as inertial navigation systems, global positioning system receivers, theodolites and electronic distance measuring equipment.”

Seth concluded, “Additionally, the sensor support man will prepare and operate acoustic sensors and electronic radar systems for employment in the counter firefight. Other duties include operating computer systems for computations, digital communications, command and control, and imagery development. Sensor support men are assigned upon completion of formal school.”

Talking about his education, Seth completed high school from

Seth Lueker Wife

Based on the Courthouse Notes of Frederick County from 25 September to 1 October 2019, Seth Lueker married his wife Elissa Renee Steele during that period. Elissa has revealed a few details about their relationship. In June 2018, they celebrated their two years together.

Furthermore, in the IG post, she wrote, “Celebrating two years with @lueker13x69 It’s been fast-paced and full of road trips, motorcycles, toys, and Jack Daniels and I hope it never stops. Never knew I would end up with a #viking  #beard  #tattoo  #devilsbathtub  #icecold  #devilsforklooptrail #beattheheat #dogdaysofsummer.”

Moreover, their most recent post together is in March 2022 on Seth’s IG. Whereas, he was featured in June 2022 post on his wife Elissa’s IG. Elissa captioned it, “Devils Backbone Brewery is right off the trail! They give free rides, camping, and showers for #thruhikers and they even have #trailangel beer that donates back to the #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrailvirginia.”

A month before, Elissa wrote on her IG, “Not every marriage is made to go through something like this, but I think I can confidently say now that we can *almost* put the tent up together without fighting! 😂 #atthruhike #appalachiantrail2022.”

The married couple doesn’t share any kids together.

Find Elissa on IG and FB. Per her LinkedIn, she is working as a Dental Assistant at Pediatric Dentistry of Reston. She attended American Academy of Professional Coders.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Seth Lueker Birthday?

Seth Lueker celebrates his birthday in February.

  • Is Seth Lueker On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Sethe Lueker is on Instagram (@sethlueker) and Facebook (@seth.lueker).

  • How Tall Is Seth Lueker?

Seth Lueker stands tall under 5 feet 9 inches.

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