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Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Wikipedia, Husband, Political Party

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, a former public defender, is running the office of City Attorney of Seattle. She is going head to head against Ann Davison and Pete Holmes. But, her political party affiliation and Abolitionist agenda have been a matter of concern for the people.

Learn all about her in this Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Wikipedia.

Seattle Got Hold Of Nicole Thomas-Kennedy 

Born to her parents on 24 January 1975, Nicole Suzanne Thomas-Kennedy, age 46 (as of September 2021), grew up in her hometown in Mid-West, Iowa. She left her home at an early age when she was only 15. She stayed mum about her family details. Adopting a lifestyle where she would move from city to city and not settle in a particular place, was always the plan.

But, she couldn’t bring herself to live anywhere else than in Seattle. So, she spent the rest of her life in the city.

Nicole Is A High School Drop Out; LinkedIn

After moving to Seattle, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy started working for bars and restaurants waiting tables. She did the waitressing job for over 20 years. During a radio interview, she stated that she was a high school dropout. But, she attended Seattle Central College where she had amazing teachers like Greg Hinckley and Mohammad al-Madani.

Realizing that she wanted to pursue something else, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. And in 2013, she enrolled at the Seattle University School of Law. She graduated with a JD in 2016.

Nicole joined as Staff Attorney at The Defender Association Division of the King County Department of Public Defense from 2016-2020. Then she founded NTK Law LLC where she worked as a managing attorney. She had left the public defender’s office to take pro bono activist defense work, part-time public defender contract cases, and volunteer with the National Lawyers Guild.

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Is Best Known As Abolitionist

If Nicole Thomas-Kennedy gets elected, she promised to stop prosecuting most misdemeanor charges. She has a belief that the criminal justice system reinforces systemic oppression, punishing largely BIPOC, disabled, and poor people. Whereas, prosecuting most misdemeanor charges is a waste of the City’s time and money.

Before pursuing a career as a lawyer, Nicole believed that punishment wasn’t always the best way to deal with every situation. She spent most of her career working for public defense. But, her work at Seattle Municipal Court as a public defender hit her that how much the system wasn’t salvageable.

Nicole understood that the justice system was never broken but designed wrong. So, she chose to advocate for defunding the Seattle police department and become an abolitionist.

Her policy is to target not only the police but the whole carceral system. She thinks that the carceral system just reinforces all the injustices that we see from officers. For her visions to work, Nicole plans to start working by abolishing misdemeanors. She also believes crimes are rooted in mental health and addiction problems and the legal system won’t be able to abolish that.

Any reforms that came before, she found ineffective. The Consent Decree which was introduced was often used as a shield by SPD, according to Nicole.

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Planned To Run For City Attorney In Last Minute

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy heard from someone that City Attorney Pete Holmes was about to run for a fourth term unopposed. So, she took a night to think about it and filed her candidacy the very next day. They explained that if a lawyer was working as a prosecutor, they wouldn’t want to run against him because you might work for him.

And if they were defense lawyers, they might end up working in City Attorney’s office. She realized that she had no limitations. From the very beginning, she made it clear that she would run for the office but only as an abolitionist. She filed candidacy 4 hours before the deadline.

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Get A Wikipedia Page

Now that Nicole Thomas Kennedy got the attention of political parties and other government bodies with her Abolitionist movement, she might even get a Wikipedia Page after her win for the City Attorney’s office. She seems to be affiliated with The Democratic party but never spoke publicly about her political ideology.

She Played Bass Guitar In A Band

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy was a member of a band called Shitty Person. The band performed in several venues and also released an album titled Judgement in June 2018. Some of the songs were Butthole, Take Your Clothes Off, Champagne and Cakes, Nobody Likes You, Your God is Ending You, Dumbshit, Behemoth, and Dark Bear.

The self-proclaimed self-hatred & counterproductive self-reflection band. They also claimed that music sounded like drugs, had lots of swears, and would probably make their listeners feel terrible. 

Shitty Person is composed of eight members including her husband Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy.

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Has Personality And Style

Standing at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), Nicole Thomas-Kennedy also has the looks. She pulled off different hairstyles over the years and the one she has now added to her personality.

Followers On Her Socials Are Growing

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her Twitter account enjoyed 3,943 followers. She had 2,565 tweets on the platform. Her Instagram account (@ntk4justice) earned 655 followers. The platform contained 49 posts only.

Her Facebook page is (@ntk4justice) and her Facebook account is (

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Has Great Family Life

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy married her husband Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy on 11 November 2007. The married couple welcomed their daughter Vivienne Thomas-Kennedy on 12 July 2011. The married couple celebrated their 13th anniversary in November 2020.

And in each anniversary, Nicole’s husband remembers the day with an Instagram post.

Nicole Thomas Kennedy and her husband Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy (Pic: Benjamin’s FB)

Benjamin is a Tacoma Community College graduate. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Washington in 2013. Later in 2019, he earned his MA in marriage and family therapy from Antioch University Seattle.

Nicole’s husband is the owner and therapist of Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy Expressive Therapy.

On 24 May 2021, Ben showed support to his wife by posting on his Instagram, “Nicole is running for Seattle City Attorney! Please go to and donate $10 to ensure she will be eligible for democracy vouchers. Thank you for the support. Please share. ❤️”

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