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Nina Kharoufeh Bio, Age, Net Worth, TLC Match Me Abroad

Nina Kharoufeh uses her Palestinian roots to work with Americans who hope to find love with someone from the Arab world. Currently, she has an undefeated matchmaker record. But this might change soon as the hopeless romantics on Match Me Abroad are already frustrated with dating life.

Keep reading this Nina Kharoufeh Bio to learn more about this matchmaker.

Meet Nina Kharoufeh, One Of The Matchmakers On TLC’s Match Me Abroad

Unlike any other matchmaking show before, TLC’s connecting couples internationally! The brand news show, Match Me Abroad follows seven single looking for love outside the US following their unlucky history in their home country. These seven individuals are split among three matchmakers in South America, Europe, and Africa, where they’ll continue their quest for love.

Nina Kharoufeh was one of the show’s matchmakers tasked with finding a match for Stanika and Mark in Morocco.

Her client, Stanika resided in Mississippi and was a novice when it came to dating. “I am tired of being friend-zoned and I am done with American men,” she says in the teaser. Thus, she was looking for a Moroccan man to match her energy.

As for Mark, he wanted a Moroccan woman to start a family. However, he has never been to the North African country and knows little about the culture.

How Much Is Nina Kharoufeh Net Worth?

Nina Kharoufeh garnered a net worth of above $1 million by 2023. But it’s not just from her time as a matchmaker. Infact, Nina is a news curator, journalist, producer, standup comedian, author, model, and welterweight amateur boxer.

The last we checked, she was employed as a news curator at Fox News for almost 5 years, and as a producer at SiriusXM for over 7 years.

But whatever job she takes on, Nina’s always determined to break stereotypes surrounding Muslim women. One of her efforts, her first published book, “I’m a Princess Too,”  centers around a young Muslim girl just trying to live a normal life, which is what most of her stand-up deals with.

Nina has also been seen on The Food Network, TRT, and Al Jazeera and has opened for comedians including Tiffany Haddish, Godfrey, Luenell, and more.

As for her education, Nina graduated from  Cliffside Park High School and later got her Television and Digital Media/Communication and Media Studies degree from  Montclair State University College of the Arts in 2017.

Fun Fact: When Nina told her friend Godfrey —  a well-known comedian and actor — that she wanted to be a stand-up comedian, he handed her the harsh truth. “He gave me the honest truth: it’s going to be hard. He laid it down for me, and he was right,” she said.

Nina Kharoufeh Age

Nina Kharoufeh was reportdlty born in 1993. That made her 29 years of age when she appeared on Match Me Abroad in 2023.

She was the youngest matchmaker that season.

Nina Kharoufeh Family

Nina Kharoufeh gets most of her inspiration from her Palestinian-American family of four. “I have no choice but to be a comedian to deal with them,” she joked, adding that her mother is more upset about her boxing than her doing stand-up. “She just thinks it’s silly.”

As for her father, Nina said that he wasn’t much supportive of her career and her choice to wear Hijab. It seems after she started getting harassed online by Muslim men telling her to take her hijab off, her father also asked her to take the Hijab off.

Her parents are likely named Nian and Khasei Kharoufeh. They were 63 and 61 years of age respectively in 2023.

Talking about her sibling, Mohammad Kharoufeh has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of North Carolina. In 2023, he was working as a systems engineer 1 at RoviSys Building Technologies.

Trivia: Nina’s brother got married in April 2021.

How Tall Is Nina Kharoufeh?

Nina Kharoufeh stands tall at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs 70 kg (155 lbs).

Her distinct features include — brown eyes, a curvy body, and an oval face.

Nina Kharoufeh Husband

Nina Kharoufeh didn’t reveal her relationship status. But we know she wasn’t married before 2023 as she joked about her search for a wealthy husband during the Arab culture and heritage celebration at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s (ADC) Turaath Night at George Washington University.

Also, it could be that she refrained from dating as well because he parents were “super against” it. “They are very religious old-school people,” she said.

But Nina’s confident if she ever told her parents that she had a boyfriend and they want to get married, they “will be ok” with it.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nina Kharoufeh Birthday?

Nina receives her birthday wishes on December 30 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • Where Is Nina Kharoufeh From?

Nina hails from Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Even as of 2023, she resided there.

But Nina’s a Palestinian-American Muslim who thinks she’s too Muslim for America but not Muslim enough for the Middle East. “She’s under lots of pressure as people hold her to high standards wanting her to represent all Muslims everywhere. Her comedy is all about trying to make it work and fit in as a Muslim,” her WanasaTimeBahrain bio read.

  • Is Nina Kharoufeh On Instagram?

As of May 2023, find Nina on Instagram @ninakharoufeh with 124K followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @NinaKharoufeh1 and TikTok @ninakharoufeh.

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