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Michelle Johnson Bio, Age, Job, Family, Match Me Abroad

Michelle Johnson is the star of TLC’s Match Me Abroad. Will she be able to find love on the show? Find out about her age, job, family, and more.

Read all about them in this article below.

Michelle Johnson On TLC’s Match Me Abroad

Match Me Abroad, a new dating show on TLC follows seven people looking for love outside of the US. Seven single people who have had bad luck in their native countries are looking for love abroad. Three matchmakers from South America, Europe, and Africa will assist the hopeful singles.

Michelle Johnson is one such cast member from season 1 who swiftly gained global prominence and sparked a desire for further information among her followers. A part-time party princess is out to find her prince charming. And, she thinks her prince charming is in the Czech Republic.

She explains in the trailer, “And accents are always sexy to me. I can’t help it. I’m such an accent wh*re.”

The other cast members who joined her this season are Katarina Nemcova, Juan Nino, Nina Kharoufeh, Susan Boasi, Nathaly, Chad, Stanika Banks, and Mark.

But, like many other shows, is Match Me Abroad scripted. No, we don’t think “Match Me Abroad” is pre-written. The matchmakers who have taken on the task of giving their clients a chance at love in the series appear to be quite skilled at what they are doing and are actively engaged in the field of matchmaking on a professional level in a variety of capacities, such as arranging weddings and assisting individuals in understanding themselves in order to know what they want in a potential partner.

The romantic hopefuls’ overseas journeys in search of their foreign love are one of the most fascinating aspects of the program. Even if nothing else, these excursions do appear to be honest, as many of the participants’ close friends have expressed the same sentiments.

The program itself illuminates a variety of concerns that appear incredibly real to have when it comes to partnerships. Although each participant appears to have a different motivation for being on the show, these motivations are simple enough for the average person to comprehend.

Love needs a few reasons to be sought, whether it be becoming weary of the prevailing dating culture in one’s own nation or desiring to reconnect with your forgotten roots. Although it did create some questions, Harold’s desire to obtain a prenup before ever meeting one’s partner was considered a sensible decision.

Is Michelle Johnson Dating Anyone?

Currently, there are no updates regarding Michelle Johnson’s dating life. In back based on her social media, she is traveling and is currently in the UK.

She used Katarina Nmcová’s services through the program to find a spouse; the latter is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Michelle’s desire to discover and rediscover her European heritage was one of the main drivers behind her decision to look for a mate outside of the United States.

Given that Michelle calls herself a “Feminist Princess,” it makes sense that gender equality is one of the most important attributes she looks for in a relationship. In other words, a man who would want a woman to conform to a particular stereotype of what a woman should or shouldn’t do is unlikely to be desired by a supporter of women’s rights. She stated a wish for a mate who would treat her as an equal and love her with all his heart throughout her time on the show, and her preferences for the same were undoubtedly reflected in that.

Michelle Johnson Age

At the time of filming the show, Michelle Johnson was 34 years old.

What Job Does Michelle Johnson Do For A Living?

Michelle Johnson has been working as a part-time party princess. She is also a photographer who specializes in nature photography. You can find her portfolio on Instagram (@blushandblaze). There are nearly 1800 posts of nature and landscape photography. No wonder she describes herself as a “Wandering Adventurer”.

In addition to photography, she enjoys hiking and going to untouched places.

She has an intriguingly high level of swordsmanship talent. While still a college student, she even earned a qualification from the Society of American Fight Directors in 2009. She is proficient with a variety of weapons, such as the broadsword, rapier, and dagger, yet she also appears equally comfortable fighting without any outside assistance.

Michelle has traveled far and wide across the US and abroad while pursuing her photography career.

Additionally, she has described herself as a finder of historic items, @bestofthe_usa Superstar, and @raw_community VIP.

Michelle Johnson Height

Michelle Johnson stands tall under 5’7”. The reality TV personality was born with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which had a significant influence on her lifestyle and heart functioning. However, she happily acknowledged in April 2023 that she had undergone surgery roughly 16 months earlier and had received all necessary treatment.

Given that she had previously been hospitalized frequently, she has since concentrated heavily on maintaining her physical fitness.

Michelle Johnson Family

While Michelle Johnson’s family is seemingly residing in her home state of Washington, she hasn’t shared much about her folks. Additionally, it is unclear if she has any siblings.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Michelle Johnson From?

Michelle Johnson has been living in North Carolina for a decade. Before that, she was living in Washington.

  • When Is Michelle Johnson Birthday?

No, Michelle Johnson hasn’t shared the date of her birth (no birthday details).

  • Is Michelle Johnson On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Michelle Johnson is on Instagram (@theofficialmichellejohnson) but was unable to discover it on Facebook.

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