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Ninja Warrior Vance Walker Parents: Kent And Stacey Walker

Meet Kent and Stacey Walker, the parents of season 15 winner of American Ninja Warrior Vance Walker. Vance cites his parents for everything that he has been able to achieve in life. So who are his folks?

Learn about their age, job, and more in this article below.

Who Are American Ninja Warrior Winner Vance Walker Parents?

American Ninja Warrior season 15 winner Vance Walker credits his parents Kent Walker and Stacey Walker for their support and encouragement that has allowed him to achieve dreams of more than 8 years. Since his birth, life has been tough for Vance. At just 17 weeks pregnant, Vance’s mother experienced preterm labor. Before giving birth to Vance at 36 weeks, she spent months in the hospital.

Vance’s life started on the edge. Speaking with the outlet, Stacey recalled, “For so many weeks (the doctors) would come in and say: ‘He’s not going to make it. He’s not going to make it. Starting at 20-something weeks, it was: ‘OK, he could make it, but he could have brain damage. He could be blinded.'”

At the age of 1, Kent and Stacey witnessed their son wasn’t walking. “Initially, it was just (the) fear of how it’s going to affect him … and his future,” Kent added. “It was about what we could do to help him feel ‘normal’ so that he has all the same opportunities that everyone else has.”

Bullies allegedly teased Vance at school for having braces or for the way he walked. While other students at his school were in groups with their buddies, Vance would walk around the track by himself. He ate lunch by himself.

“People would ask him: ‘What’s wrong with you?’ That was the biggest issue,” Stacey added. “I wanted to say to people: ‘There’s nothing wrong with him. That’s the way he was made.'”

But Kent and Stacey stood firm for their son so that he wouldn’t stop feeling the normal person that he was, despite having to live with a condition (cerebral palsy) that not many people get to witness and endure. And he is grateful for his amazing parents.

“I’ve been very grateful to have very supportive parents,” Vance told “They’ve always been alongside me every step along the way, helping me to get the best support, best coaching, best physical therapy — just the best everything I could possibly have.”

Meet Kent Walker, Vance Walker Father

Vance Walker’s father as we know is named Kent Walker. He was born Steven Kent Walker to his parents Robert and Kathy Walker. His parents were married for 39 years until his father’s passing on 8 July 2021.

Kent’s four siblings are named Kyle and Shellie Walker, Amy and Tim Smith, Shanin and Rick Nunley, and Ronnie and Lissa Walker.

Kent recently shared on his Facebook the time when Vance was born as they were approaching the ANW season 15 finale. He wrote, “In 2004, I was in Toronto at the Heart Failure Society of America meeting. I got a call from my mother-in-law that Stacey was going into labor and to get home immediately. She was 17 weeks pregnant with Vance. I flew home thinking she was delivering. Luckily they were able to settle her down and she was hospitalized until 36 weeks. Very rough pregnancy.”

Then, the post concluded, “We knew something was wrong when Vance started trying to walk. He was diagnosed with CP at Texas Children’s and fitted with braces. 18 years later, Vance is on the Season Finale of ANW and has a chance at a million dollars. This young man is no stranger to obstacles!! Watch next Monday to see if he makes it to stage 4 and has a chance to win it.”

Talking about Vance’s father, in November 2022, Kent turned turn 56. He was born in 1966. He attended Klein High School and graduated college from The University of Texas at Austin.

Per his LinkedIn, he is working as Southeast Zone Business Director at Travere Therapeutics. Some of the jobs he had over the course of his career are working as Area Business Manager/ Sales Representative at Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Area Business Manager at Scios, Inc., acquired by J&J, Regional Sales Manager at The Medicines Company, District Sales Manager at Cadence Pharma, acquired by Mallinckrodt, and Division Sales Manager at

Meet Stacey Walker, Vance Walker Mother

Stacey Walker is the mother of Vance Walker. Stacey who was born in November 1973 is 49 years old. You can find her on Facebook. Unfortunately, her job and career details of Stacey are not available in the public domain.

Very little is known about her family. Stacey’s siblings are Sammy Miller and Aubry Ramsey, who is a photographer.

Related FAQs

  • Are Vance Walker Parents Still Married?

Yes, Vance Walker’s parents are still married. In July 2023, Kent posted to celebrate their 24 years of marriage. He wrote, “Happy 24th Anniversary to my beautiful wife!! I love the life we’ve built. You truly are my soulmate and I can’t wait to see what the next 24 brings.”

  • How Many Kids Do Vance Walker Parents Have?

Stacey and Kent also have a son named Braxton Walker. Braxton went to Lassiter High School, studied Environmental sciences at Georgia College & State University, and lives in Marietta, Georgia.

  • Where Do Vance Walker Parents Live?

Vance Walker’s parents live in Marietta, Georgia.

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