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Sade Bagnerise Bio, Age, Job, Ne-Yo Ex And Baby Mama

Just in January 2023, Ne-Yo was signing divorce papers by Crystal. Crystal, who shares three kids with the R&B singer-songwriter had alleged him of fathering a child outside of marriage. Fast forward to September 2023, it is understood that the said baby mama was Sade Bagnerise. As of recently, Sade was arrested for allegedly helping her son jump a child. The rest of it and more, we shall unravel in this writing called ‘Sade Bagnerise Bio’.

Meet Sade Bagnerise, Ne-Yo Ex & Baby Mama

Ne-Yo alone is the father of seven children. Two of these youngest kids he shares with Sade Bagnerise. As of now, Braiden turned 2 and Brixton turned 3 months.

On 7 September 2023, this very baby mama of Neyo was taken into custody for allegedly fighting another child with her son. Days after, she took to the internet to open up about this. So, Sade spoke of not condoning bullying by any means and said she would always protect her kids with her life. Still attached to an ankle monitor following her arrest, she shared an image of “16-year-old football players” allegedly bullying her son. She further professed that her son was also being trolled online by these bullies. According to Sade, they posted his pictures calling him a “monkey”.

Sade did not stop there. She posted online another video of her son’s “bullies” jumping him. And just like that she actually showed some ring camera clips of unknown people showing up at her door and harassing her daughter.

The media outlets have reported that the child in question is not one of her sons with Neyo, but one from her other relationship.

Police had taken Sade into custody for cruelty to children charges. RadarOnline secured the documents filed by the alleged victim child’s mother, Veronica Madison, which reveals that witnesses and camera footage saw Sade punching the boy as her son also beat him. According to Veronica, even after that day’s drama, Sade’s son continued to verbally threaten her son on social media. So much so, she also contended that Sade’s alleged partner in crime sent messages and attempted video calls and even allegedly threatened to kill her son over video.

Sade Bagnerise Relationship Status

According to RadarOnline, Dade Bagnerise was released from Fulton County Jail on 29 March 2023 upon posting a $31K bond. Since then and now, a lot happened in Sade’s life. But through all of this, she seemingly remained single. Even on Facebook, she continued to mark her relationship status as so as of September 2023.

Months before, in May, Ne-Yo filed a petition to establish paternity and child support, this was just months after Sade’s arrest. Ne-Yo claimed to be the father to Braiden Bagnerise, born in 2021, and Brixton Smith, born in February 2023, but at the same time, he also requested a DNA blood analysis to verify they are, in fact, his.

As for Sade, she also has one more daughter from an earlier relationship, who turned 16 years old on 26 August 2023.

While reflecting on her ongoing custody battle with Ne-Yo, Sade talked about having “privately” apologized to Ne-Yo’s wife after having not one but two children with Ne-Yo during their marriage. As for the singer, Sade claimed he has a “s** addiction”.

Sade Bagnerise Age

Sade, full name is Sade Jenea Bagnerise, was born in 1988. So, she reached the age of 35 in 2023.

What Is Sade Bagnerise Ethnicity?

Sade Bagnerise has looked like someone with a mixed ethnicity to her fans. But, she herself has not said anything about it. What is understood though is that she has a Black father.

Sade Bagnerise Family

Not much is understood about Sade Bagnerise’s family. Here are a rare few things that we learned.

It was both her mom and dad who liked and gave her the name ‘Sade’. This man with the name Jovan Bagnerise is probably her dad. He turned 51 in 2023 and at this point, he had been calling Los Angeles, California home.

Then, we came to know about Sade’s twin sister. She is Chalea Bagnerise and she too turned 35 in April 2023. In May 2021, Sade’s sister is understood to have received a Paycheck Protection Loan of $20,833 through Harvest Small Business Finance, LLC. And some 7 months ago, a Child Support case was filed against her in Los Angeles County Superior Courts.

Sade Bagnerise Job

Sade loves to call herself an influencer. She was known to the world as Neyo’s baby mama sometime in early 2023.

There is not much that we can tell you about Sade’s career. It is also not known if she pursued her education further after graduating from Fullerton Union High School in 2006.

In addition to influencing the internet people, Sade is thought to be a model and a rapper. Plus the folks on the internet have gossiped too about her being a stripper from Los Angeles. Back in 2016, for instance, some actually claimed that she at the time danced at a place called Magic City.

Is Sade Bagnerise On Instagram?

Yes. Sade Bagnerise was on Instagram as of September 2023. Her account @itsbigsade included 19 posts and 207K followers. At the same time, she also kind of scared people on ‘Sade Jenea Bagnerise’ Facebook by writing “If u don’t know me PERSONALLY I will not accept you” on its BIO.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sade Bagnerise From?

It is not clear where Sade Bagnerise was born and brought up. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Fullerton, California.

  • When Is Sade Bagnerise Birthday?

Sade Bagnerise’s birthday is in April. On what day exactly was not known though.

  • What Are Sade Bagnerise Measurements?

Sade Bagnerise stands around 5’6” with 38-26-37 inches measurements.

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