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Noah LeAnder Boutilier Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Job, I Am Jazz

Meet Noah LeAnder Boutilier who stands out for his appearance on the seventh season of I am Jazz.

The American reality television series on TLC that is about a transgender girl named Jazz Jenning has been going on since July 2015. Meanwhile, its newest season (with 7 episodes) premiered on 30 November 2021 with its final episode scheduled for 11 January 2022.

Now, in this ‘Noah LeAnder Boutilier Bio’ find out more on how and why he features on the I am Jazz and about everything that is related to him.

Noah LeAnder Boutilier On I Am Jazz

As you know, I am Jazz features Jazz Jennings and her family dealing with typical teen drama through the lens of transgender youth. Over its several seasons, it is the Jennings who are appearing on the show as its regulars. However, there are also a few other people who appear on the series from time to time. And recently, Noah also made it to that list of people, making the viewers wonder who is Noah on I am Jazz.

People saw him on the seventh season of I am Jazz as a patient in the office where Jazz interns as part of her re-admittance to Harvard. And after he and Jazz strike up a friendship, he becomes friends with her brother Sander Jennings too.

And because Noah seemed to have grown very close to Jazz and Sander, he is part of the extended cast. That means he will have even more air time on the show. Even so, it was unclear if Noah is a permanent supporting cast member.

All we know, as of today is, I Am Jazz fans consider him to be a good addition and are hopeful to see more of him. While some even wished him well in the future with something like “I like Noah. He’s a good addition to this show. I hope we get to see good things for him.”

Noah LeAnder Boutilier Age

Noah Leander was 28 years old when he first appeared on I am Jazz in 2021 as he was born in the year 1993.

Who Is Noah LeAnder Boutilier Girlfriend?

On his social media, Noah LeAnder has opened up that he is ‘interested in women’ and also admitted being in a relationship with his girlfriend Neasa.

Neasa could be found on Instagram @therealngallag where she posted loved-up memories with Noah and their child-like cute little dogs.

Only recently, Noah even thanked Neasa for making 2021 one of the happiest, most memorable years for him. He precisely was thankful for all she did to cheer him and push him to follow his dreams.

Noah with his “honey bun” girlfriend Neasa on 1 January 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Noah also meant when he said there are many reasons he adores his girlfriend.” She’s gorgeous & can put up with the most difficult man in the world. I’m the luckiest guy in the galaxy. if you have a chance, go tell her how beautiful she is. she deserves it”.

Be that as it may, it appears Noah also seemed deep in love with this person named Sonia Diaz even until Apil in 2020. Together Noah and Sonia used to go around as a trans couple.

Noah LeAnder Boutilier Before Transition

Viewers have especially taken a liking to Noah after he opened up about his struggles as a transgender man. He has shared how his whole family had a difficult time accepting him and how his past ten years were all about transitioning. (Valium)

It is said, Noah’s ability to open up about his experiences and his life as a transgender man is the whole reason some people have been watching the show. (Yes! he was born a female.)

Noah LeAnder Boutilier Job

So, Noah LeAnder Boutilier is a TikTok star outside of the reality TV show. He first rose to fame because of his TikTok @theonlynoah_withnoark where he, as of the time of this writing, has 585.1K followers 10.3M incredible likes.

His social media BIO lists him also as a digital creator/comedian and a model and brand ambassador for the men’s underwear line Andrew Christian.

Meanwhile, for his day job, Noah started working at The Bearded Pig BBQ as of August 2018, and from this and all other endeavors so far, he made an estimated $200K net worth by early 2022.

Is Noah LeAnder Boutilier On Instagram, Twitter?

Even though there have been tweets about Noah being made on Twitter lately, he did not seem to be an active user on it until 5 January 2022. However, he seemed to be having fun on Instagram as well as Facebook, and TikTok (of course).

His Instagram @noah_withnoark included 8,318 posts and 54.7K followers.

One could find Noah also on his ‘Noah LeAnder Boutilier’ Facebook, where he has around 9.1K followers.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Noah LeAnder Boutilier Birthday?

Noah LeAnder Boutilier grew up celebrating his birthday every year on the 26th of July. So, his zodiac sign is Leo.

  • Where Is Noah LeAnder Boutilier From?

Noah was born and bred in his hometown of Buena Vista, Virginia. Although he moved to Miami Beach in Florida in 2021 and has been there ever since.

  • Has Noah LeAnder Boutilier Revealed His Family?

Noah LeAnder Boutilier mentions Tiffany Starr as his mother on his Facebook profile. Then, on Instagram, he goes on to lovingly call her his inspiration and that million years with her could never be enough.

Also, on Mother’s Day, Noah wrote a message for her read like — “thanks for birthing me!!! happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best mom. I’m so thankful that you’re my person, my best friend, my mom— my rock! There will never be another you. I love you unconditionally, mama.”

Noah also mentioned his sister Tyler Banks and dad in an Insta-post in June 2020. And that was from the time when he was “finally” seeing them after ten years apart.

  • What Is Noah LeAnder Boutilier Birth Name?

It appears ‘Noah LeAnder Boutilier’ is not his real name but ‘Chaz Brightwell’ is. Noah also went around by the nickname ‘Turtle’.

  • How Tall Is Noah LeAnder Boutilier?

Noah, who has undergone a challenging top surgery, stands around 5’8” tall.

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