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Mariah Scott Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Next Level Chef

If there’s someone who loves drama on Next Level Chef, it’s Mariah Scott. This classically trained chef is what “being extra” is all about. She loves feeding people delicious pretty bites and has been pursuing this passion for the past few years.

Keep reading this Mariah Scott Bio to learn more about her. 

Mariah Scott On Next Level Chef

Gordan Ramsey’s new cooking show Next Level Chef premiered on Jan 2, 2022, and there appeared Mariah Scott alongside 14 other contestants. Just like the title suggests NLC took three teams, who competed on three levels of a massive three-story kitchen for a prize of a quarter of a million dollars.

The top-level which included the best line gadget and gizmo a cook could ever wish for was mentored by judge Nyesha Arrington. The middle level, with an essentially equipped standard kitchen, was handed by Richard Blais. And the Basement Level, which only received the leftovers, was undoubtedly chef Gordon Ramsay’s.

Well, the first episode was smooth sailing for Mariah. She easily moved on to the next round. However, it was the same for her co-contestants Courtney and Sergio, who were sent to the basement and the top floor respectively.

And to everyone’s surprise, chef Nyesha decided to give the arrogant Sergio a second chance and took him into her team. Given his vanity, many were certain that he would be the next to go home.

Joining Mariah in this inaugural season were chefs —  Zachary Adams, Reuel Vincent, Amber Rebold, Sergio Steele, Jonathan Harrison, Kenny Everett, Ae Southammavong, Angie Ragan, Courtney Brown, Tricia Wang, Roice Bethel, Gary Marandola, Stephanie “Pyet” DeSpain, and Devonnie Black.

All excited to see herself, Mariah took it to her IG on NLC’s premiere date to write, “Are you ready? Because tonight it’s going down. @nextlevelcheffox premieres tonight on @foxtv. I am so excited to watch and can’t wait for everyone to see this amazing and exciting show.”

Mariah Scott Age

Mariah Scott was born on September 29, 1984. That made her 37 years of age when she first appeared on  Next Level Chef in 2022.

Corresponding to her birthday, Mariah is of the Libra zodiac.

Is Mariah Scott On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, as of Jan 2022, Mariah entertained 24K followers over Instagram @i_am_mariah. Surprisingly, not all of her posts featured foods, it was a mix of her everyday life — mediating, waterboarding, playing sports, and family.

Find her on Facebook @mariah.scott.750.

Also, here’s her Pinterest @i_am_mariah.

Mariah Scott Boyfriend

Mariah Scott appeared to be single as of 2022. Also, there were no hints of her romantic life over her Instagram then.

However, we do know that he was in a relationship until 2018. Her ex-boyfriend was still featured over her FB post dated Jan 7, 2018, where the two seemed to be enjoying New Year’s eve at the Hyatt regency.

“Minus the food poison… It was such a great time. Dinner, dancing, and straight-up magical moments,” she recalled.

Mariah Scott Career

Mariah Scott is now a well-established chef, V.I.P. Ambassador of ALTO Ride, and the owner of Lavishly Seasoned that offered services like Private/Group Cooking Classes, Knife Skills, and Catering. But it always hasn’t been a smooth sail. She shared that there were times when life laid “gravel, stones, and sharp glass,” at her feet.

Initially, Mariah started her career in the beauty industry as a Make-up artist and Esthetician in San Francisco. Wanting to explore more, she then went on to become a flight attendant and traveled all over the world for years.

Then, a major turning point came to her life. Her grandmother, with whom she was extremely close, passed away in a car accident coming home from church. “My life changed and I stopped caring about a lot of things. All I wanted to do was live. That’s when it hit me. Living for me was about expressing myself.” she explained.

So, Mariah who was passionate about food decided to share her experiences with those who haven’t traveled as much as her. She then started a Youtube channel, vlogged her travels and food recipes and people loved her. Before she knew it, she was into cooking.

Thus, she turned her passion into a full-time lifestyle and never looked back.

For Mariah, success was about taking risks and not apologizing for them. She believes in the result and not the process.

Back when she was still involved with the beauty business, Mariah also competed in pageants. Moreover, this talented chef went on to become Ms. Texas State in 2015. Though she couldn’t walk away with the Ms. America crown, she shared that she “did walk away, a better person and built tons of new friendships.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mariah Scott From?

Mariah is from Santa Clara, California. But as of 2022, she resided in Houston, Texas.

As for her education, she graduated with a Mass Communications and Media degree from the Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School in Jan 2021.

  • Has Mariah Scott Revealed Her Family?

Mariah Scott comes from a family of at least six. She shared that they had to move around a lot because of her parent’s job, and have lived in Pasadena, Atlanta, and Chicago to name a few.

Her mother, Jeanette Scott often graced Mariah IG, while her dad remained anonymous.

As for Mariah’s siblings, she has two older brothers and at least one younger brother named Ronin Scott, Vaughn Scott, and Denzel Chestnut. One of them who went by the name @fuckwerk over IG is also a professional chef.

  • How Tall Is Mariah Scott?

 Mariah stands tall at a height under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

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