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Noelle Lambert Bio, Story, Husband, Height, Survivor 43

Meet Noelle Lambert, one of the contestants of Survivor 43.

Survivor has been one of the most popular and longest-running reality shows. Now in season 43, one of the interesting contestants viewers would like to know more about is Noelle Lamber, an above-knee amputee.

A survivor in her real life, Noelle joined the casts of Survivor 43 which aired on 21 September 2022. She and her 17 fellow castaways are dropped off in the Mamanuca Islands off the coast of Fiji. The survivor season starts with three tribes; Baka (yellow), Coco (blue), and Vesi (red) with six players each.

Noelle, a member of the Vesi tribe has been a tri-sport (lacrosse, basketball, and soccer.) athlete. However, she lost her leg above the knee. The native of Manchester, New Hampshire, becomes the first above-the-knee amputee to compete out of the 646 competitors over the span of 22 years. Below-the-knee amputees made up two of the prior competitors.

But, that didn’t stop her from her passion for competitive sports. She competed at the Tokyo Paralympic Games where she set a new American record for the 100-meter.

Noelle Lambert On Survivor 43

Noelle Lambert describes herself as “Tenacious, outgoing, determined.” Her pet peeves are Lazy people, slow drivers, and phony people. Talking about her proudest moment, she told, “After my leg was amputated in 2016, I never let it define me. I returned playing Division 1 Lacrosse, and in just two years, I made the Tokyo Paralympic Track & Field team and set a new American record in the 100-meter dash.”

She adds that people don’t see her athleticism instead they feel sorry for her. They doubt her capabilities which is a big mistake.

Furthermore, she interviewed with Boston Globe and shared in a phone interview, “I wanted to represent the amputee and disability community in a really positive way. I wanted to show the world that, yes, I have a disability, yes, I’m an amputee — but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of doing things.”

Noelle also added that she would love to play the game like former contestant Kelley Wentworth who found hidden immunity idols and created blindsides to further herself in the game. She thinks that she can be the winner because she can make friends easily which comes in handy during this competition.

She also believes in her strategizing skills and adapting to the changing environment.

About why she joined the show, Noelle told Parade, “One of the obvious reasons is I’m a huge fan of the show. I basically grew up watching it because my mom is a diehard fan as well. But another big reason is I’m here on behalf of the whole amputee community and the disability community. And I want to prove to people that people who have disabilities are not incapable of doing things.”

Noelle concluded, “And I am the first above knee amputee to ever play the game of Survivor. So having that title is incredibly special to me. Because I’m not only playing for myself, but I’m also playing for them to prove to them that they can do anything that they put their minds to.”

Noelle looks for an alliance with someone who is a big physical threat. Befriending and connecting with someone who’s really a big physical threat and really good at challenges for her would be smart and strategic because they can help me get further in her game.

Noelle Lambert Story

According to Teen Vogue, Noelle Lambert and her friend Kelly Moran of Newfields decided to go on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, the idyllic resort island off Cape Cod. They rented mopeds which they had little experience with. She got into an accident that she described in teen vogue.

She wrote in her essay, “I was on the main road and I lost the steering. I veered left and went into a dump truck. I remember hitting it and then being on the ground, I looked down at my leg, and it was gone. Obviously, lacrosse was one of the first things I thought of, that I was never going to be able to play again.”

Then, Noelle apparently let the moped’s front tire slip onto the shoulder of the road and, in an attempt to correct the trajectory, went too far the other way. She lost control and the pair struck the side of a passing dump truck.

Noelle survived the accident but lost her leg.

Noelle was already a very gifted athlete before the accident, playing Division I lacrosse on a scholarship at UMass Lowell. But her mishap and subsequent rehabilitation provided her the fortitude she needs to succeed on Survivor. Noelle questioned if she was still on the team as soon as her coach came to see her in the hospital.

She eventually became one of the team’s top players when she made a full recovery, underwent rehabilitation, and mastered the usage of her prosthetic limb.

How Old Is Noelle Lambert?

The date of birth of Noelle Lambert is 24 January 1997. In mid-winter of 2022, she turned 25 years old.

Noelle Lambert Husband

Noelle Lambert is yet to exchange her wedding vows — so, she doesn’t have a husband. Instead, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Mark Beirne. They started dating each other in mid-2020. On their second dating anniversary, Noelle posted on her IG writing, “2 years with the best guy🤍 I love doing life with you and can’t wait for the many more adventures to come!! I love you!”

Meanwhile, Mark took to his Instagram and announced, “CHEERS to 2 years LOVE.”

On their first anniversary, Noelle took to IG and wrote, “365 days with u. Supposedly we missed our 1 year so we’re celebrating it today!!! Also, super proud of you for starting a new position at work. You’re amazing, I love you.”

Mark is very supportive of his girlfriend’s career. In August 2021, he wished her, “Good luck in Japan this weekend! This past year has been amazing. Couldn’t be happier for you.❤️ 🇺🇸🇺🇸.”

A few days after New Years’ Day 2021, Mark wrote on his IG, “Met a very special person this past year! We didn’t let the virus define our 2020. We made the most with what we had and I wouldn’t have done it differently. Beyond excited to see what the future holds for us! Love you @noellelambert ❤️.”

Talking about her boyfriend, Mark is the son of Kent and Darcy Beirne. He has two younger siblings Jack and Peyton. He played lacrosse in high school as well as college. Mark attended Southern New Hampshire University. He is currently working as Fund Operations Analyst II at Fidelity Investments.

Who Are Noelle Lambert Parents?

Noelle Lambert was born to her parents Geoffrey Lambert and Judith “Judy” Lambert. Born in January 1965, her dad is 57 years old. Meanwhile, her mom turned 58 years old in March 1964.

Judith had talked to The Eagle Tribune in 2016 and shared about her daughter’s accident. She said, “I didn’t want her renting it (the moped). She said they were heading to the beach.” Judy got a call from a bystander A half-hour later telling her that her daughter had a bad accident and she needs to get there.

Noelle started apologizing to her mother and said that she lost her leg which she knew right away.

According to LinkedIn, Judith has been working as Customer Category Manager at Kraft Food Group since 1986. She is a graduate of

Noelle has three older siblings. They are likely Justin (27-year-old), Alex (30-year-old), and Ryan (33-year-old).

Noelle Lambert Job

Noelle Lambert is a Paralympic Athlete for U.S. Paralympic National Team. She is also the founder of The Born to Run Foundation which she started in 2018. Moreover, she has also worked as a Motivational Speaker, Lacrosse Coach, and NCAA Division 1 Student Athlete at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Speaking about her academic accomplishment, Noelle graduated from University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Noelle Lambert Height

Noelle Lambert stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Noelle Lambert From?

Noelle Lambert calls Londonderry, New Hampshire, her hometown.

  • Is Noelle Lambert On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes, Noelle Lambert is on Instagram (@noellelambert) and (@noellelambert).

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