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Owen Knight Bio, Height, Wife, Parents, Survivor 43

While some contestants on Survivor 43 were as humble as they come, Owen Knight, on the other hand, already considered himself an “expert” in the game. He shared that though some people might compare him to the former contestant Wu Hwang because of their long hair, he is more like Malcolm Freberg — an insightful and introspective player.

Keep reading this Owen Knight Bio to learn more about him.

Owen Knight On Survivor 43

Just as any other Survivor contestant, Owen Knight is a huge fan of the reality show. He’s been watching the game ever since it was a worldwide phenomenon back in the day. “I remember watching season two with my family in particular. I used to daydream about myself, you know, ripping through the water, seeing my name in the opening credits and all of that,” he recalled.

Luckily, his “daydream” came true in 2022.

Being selected for the new era of Survivor, Owen confessed it was “weirdly exciting” to know that he had “no freaking idea of what was about to happen.” However, he already knew viewers were going to compare him to the former contestant Wu Hwang because of his long hair. But they’d be wrong if they did so because Owen’s self-admittedly insightful and strategic.

So, as for his game plan, Owen believed that he could work with anyone. However, rather than wanting a “meat shield,” Owen said that he’d prefer a “brain shield” in the game. Because wearing glasses and being who he was, people might perceive him to be more “scheming and sneaky and smarter” than he actually was. “So I want to keep someone smart in front of me and work with them and cook up some fun plans out here,” he explained.

Overall, Owen’s sense of humor, his ability to connect with almost everyone, his drive, and a not giving up persona were just like that of Gabby from David vs. Goliath. But for in-game habits, such as that of managing his threat level, being involved in a lot of what was going on, but not being target number one, we’d say Owen played it like  Adam Klein, the show’s season 33 winner.

How Old Is Owen Knight?

Owen Knight was 30 years of age when he appeared on Survivor 43 in 2022.

He is the same age as his co-contestant Jesse Lopez.

Owen Knight Parents

Owen Knight was adopted in November 1992 by his parents, Alison Holt and Christopher Knight who were married in September 1986.

His mother, Alison is an author who penned the book “Salubrious Climate: Five Generations and Their Relationship to the Fairhope Single Tax Colony.” Whereas his father is an architect and artist based in Fairhope, Alabama.

In 2022, Alison (birthday: Feb 26) and Christopher were 67 and 74 years of age respectively.

Sadly, Owen’s maternal grandmother Bonnie Holt passed away on November 28, 2011, at the age of 91.

Trivia: Owen’s mother Alison often cut her husband Christopher’s hair.

Owen Knight Height

Owen Knight stands tall at a height of 6 feet (183 cm).

His district features include — long dark hair and a mole on his left cheek.

Is Owen Knight On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @theyoungknight.

Also, here’s his Facebook @oknight30 and Twitter @TulaneOwen.

Owen Knight Job

Owen Knight worked at Tulane University for over 10 years. Initially, he joined the university in 2013 as an “orientation team leader” and after climbing up several posts, in 2022, Owen was working as the director of admission engagement there.

Prior to Tulane, Owen was a college ambassador for Southern Tide, V.P at Tulane Green Wave Ambassadors, and a floor supervisor at Georgetown Cupcake.

But though this job might not be as remarkable as his fellow competitors on Survivor 43, Owen believed that it was his jobs that prepared him the most out of anything for Survivor. “Working in a selective admissions office is very cutthroat. But I also have to bring a lot of humanity into it, focusing on relationships. And I have to work with a wide, wide range of people. It’s not just the students; it’s also their parents. So I think it’s prepared me a lot for this game,” he explained.

Owen Knight Wife

Owen Knight’s soon-to-be wife is named Sammy Stevens. The two met each other in June 2018, after Sammy got on a plane to visit Owen, and had an amazing year “full of trips, pup snaps, and Lilly’s Cafe.”

Fast forward to September 2022, Owen then popped the question to the love of his life. But it was only a week later, Owen then the engagement news on his IG. “Sammy, I can’t wait for a lifetime of more laughs and adventures with you! Every day together is a gift, whether we are exploring a new city, sharing great food, or snuggling up watching reality TV. I want it all. I love you,” he wrote.

Owen’s fiancee/to-be wife, Sammy Stevens is a B.Sc. graduate from Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee. For almost 12 years, she worked as the regional admission representative at the University of Tennessee before finally jumping to Tulane University as an employer advisor in Dec 2021.

Here’s her IG @sammyyy_rose, Twitter @sammyyy_rose, and FB @sammy.stevens.9465.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Owen Knight From?

Owen Knight was born in Korea. However, after being adopted, he was raised in Bethesda, Maryland.

But as of 2022, he resided in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • When Is Owen Knight Birthday?

Owen receives his birthday wishes on July 11 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Where Did Owen Knight Recieve His Education?

Owen received his high school diploma from Walt Whitman High School in 2010, BSM in marketing and management from Tulane University in 2014, and also MBA from Tulane University in 2018.

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