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Noelle Perdue Age, Husband, Money Shot: The P/rnHub Story

Noelle Perdue once worked for MindGeek, the company that owns P/rnHub. So, she knows how P/rnHub was profiting from videos uploaded to its site featuring underage kids, scenes of rape and assault, and so on. Thus, Noelle is now on a mission to shut down the p/orn site and her story is all featured in Netflix’s Money Shot: The P/rnHub Story.

Keep scrolling to learn about Noelle, her age, and her husband.

Noelle Perdue On Netflix’s Money Shot: The P/rnHub Story

Netflix’s Money Shot: The P/rnHub Story features Noelle Perdue, an advocate of safe and consensual p/rn, while she unveils the dark side of P/rnHub. Having worked with MindGeek for years, Noelle had enough of horrific videos being uploaded to P/rnHub and she got even more upset with seemingly no interest on the company’s side to take them down. But it’s clear that some of the P/rnHub detractors were equating sex work with sex trafficking, which was something Noelle rallied against.

Talking more about it, she said,  it’s the “final product of a project I’ve been a part of for the last two years; I was interviewed, and I also worked as an archivist and consultant — mostly as a fact checker and visual reference creator for the historical elements.”

“You want it to say everything you’ve ever had to explain at a party or to your relatives or to literal strangers on the Internet, you want it to give every single element of this unbelievably complicated topic the time and energy, and care it deserves,” she added.

Now, after filming the show and letting the world in on the secrets of P/rnHub, Noelle is still trying her best to check non-consensual p/rn. Also, she’s researching moderation, obscenity law, data mapping, generative algorithms, and the history of “new media,” and improving her mechanical theatre (praxinoscope) that shows AI-generated p/rnography.

|I loved making something that pinched together different moments in media history, and I hope to make many more mechanical animation machines and have the opportunity to go more in-depth on this project and research in the future,” she said.

Noelle Perdue Career

Noelle Perdue describes herself as a “writer, artist, internet p/rn historian, and near-mint condition collector’s item.” She is a p/rn industry specialist and an advocate with an extensive background in Computer Programming.

So, how did a Computer Programmer get into p/rn script writing? Well, one day, she just googled “p/rn scriptwriter, is that a job?” and learned it was! Furthermore, to her curiosity, MindGeek was hiring at the time. Now, connect the dots.

After joining the company in 2016, she then served as a writer, producer, and talent acquirer in Montreal for three years, and eventually landed her job as a p/rn script writer.

Now, don’t get excited, for those of you fantasizing about the job, it’s not as fun as it sounds. “MindGeek is a hilariously boring office space; gray carpet, gray cubicle, open-concept kind of thing. It was really just like working at a tech company,” Noelle said.

Dissatisfied Noelle then quit MindGeek circa 2020, and started working with AI as she had a background in coding. But she never really liked coding or being a software developer. So, instead, she now uses her background in computer science to make “toys.” This is more like “the next phase of experiment” — an upgrade from her job as a p/rn script writer, she said.

Also, she’s developed chatbots where “AI is more than just a friend.”

But her AI adventure doesn’t only involve sex. The beauty of A.I. through hypnotic, GAN-generated art is that it can create fast food and cakes (virtually of course). You can check out the wonder of AI on her TikTok as well.

As for her hobbies, she likes to look at the least popular dating simulation games and write articles for different magazines featuring her life adventures. Her works have been published in Slate, Xtra, Washington Post, Wired, Input, and more.

Here’s her LinkedIn.

Did you know: Noelle thought that she would have been a really good scam artist. But since she’s not, she’s started this small business called Scamuary where she just shared her ideas for scams.

Is Noelle Perdue On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @all_day_breakfast_

Also, here’s her TikTok @all_day_breakfast_ and Twitter @noelleperdue_.

Fun Fact: Noelle didn’t sync her FB and IG contact lists when the option was available. Infact, she said that she would pay to autoblock all her FB contacts on her IG.

Noelle Perdue Age

Noelle Perdue was above 26 years of age when she appeared on Money Shot: The P/rnHub Story in 2023.

But she was a year younger or two when she actually filmed the show.

Noelle Perdue Husband

As of 2023, Noelle Perdue is in a relationship with her partner, Krystyne Athanasia.

Krystyn’s pronouns are “She/They,” so she’s definitely not Noelle’s husband.

According to her, Krystyne was the reason she took up photography — just to capture her brilliance in pictures.

The last we saw them on Noelle’s IG was on Valentine’s day 2023.

Talking a little about Noelle’s partner, Krystyne Athanasia Kontos is a student of architecture. She worked as a technical instructor at Toolbox Initiative and was a community animator at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). She also once was an English teacher to foreign students.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Noelle Perdue Birthday?

Noelle didn’t reveal her birthday.

  • Where Is Noelle Perdue From?

She hails from Toronto, Canada

  • Where Did Noelle Perdue Recieve Her Education?

Noelle kept her education details a secret.

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