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Nona Shiba Bio, Job, Age, Instagram, Love Deadline

Netfli’s Love Deadline features five women and one of them is Nona Shiba. How old is she? What does she do for a living? Is she on Instagram?

We got it all covered here.

Nona Shiba On Netflix’s Love Deadline

Nona Shiba joined the cast of Netflix’s newest dating show Love Deadline. Not new Love Island stars, but a whole new set of singletons are claiming to have “got a text.” This year, Netflix debuted a brand-new series called Love Deadline, in which the women are more interested in getting married right away than they are in the villa.

On January 23, 2024, the cast embarks on a unique month-long courtship.

There are ten contestants in the show as a cast. The five women looking for a husband are Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita, a nurse, Konona “Nona” Shiba, a TV personality and actress (@konona.official), Anna Tsumura, a foreign-owned firm employee, Saki Kamata, a yoga instructor, and Shizuka “Shi” Eto, a spa manager and model, and five men Keisuke ‘Kei’ Hashimoto – Works for a fund company, Takayuki ‘Taka’ Toda – Cosmetic surgeon, Takuya ‘Okapi’ Okane – Model, actor and event manager, Yuta Yanagawa – IT company employee, and Yuki ‘Fuku’ Fukuda – Marketing company owner.

Singletons are cast in the dating show Love Deadline with the hopes of finding love. Present’s a catch, though: the women must make the proposal and the males are only present for a set amount of time.

Some of the participants are searching for someone they can “fall in love with over and over again,” with stunning locations like Okinawa and Kyoto providing the perfect setting for a romantic story. Some people are content to jump straight to marriage and forego the entire courting phase.

Are Nona Shiba And Kei Hashimoto Together?

Nona Shiba and Kei Hashimoto have not yet disclosed any information about their romantic lives following their time on the show as of this writing. The fact that the two reality TV celebrities follow one another on Instagram is encouraging for many of their followers, who can’t help but believe that this could be a sign that they got engaged, if not married. Whatever happens, one thing is certain: the two will always get along.

Kei and Nona began their romantic journey shortly after they joined the show. The two discovered how much they shared in common when they had the opportunity to speak one-on-one after the group beach outing. The two were eager to find out what would come next, from their plans for an ideal family to their willingness to openly share their deepest feelings.

Kei said that he had been interested in Nona when he asked her to meet with him again that evening. He also mentioned how much he wanted to talk to Nona over drinks, which was also his wish at the moment. Kei was therefore taken aback when Nona decided to ask Takuya “Okapi” Okane out on a date rather than him. He so went on a date with Sayuri Fujita, also known as “Sayu.” Nona then said, though, that all she really wanted was to meet everyone and that she believed her promise to Kei to chat over drinks might have sufficed.

Unsure of what Nona wanted, Kei decided to ask Anna Tsumara for a date during their subsequent encounter to learn more about the other girls. Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda went on a date with the lady in question. Nona and Kei, though, continued to find themselves drawn to one another despite their interactions with other cast members. When they decided to go on a third date and were able to discuss their love for one another more, this became even clearer.

Things between Nona and Kei became increasingly intense in the days that followed, which caused the former to take a step back. She acknowledged that similar to her relationship with Kei, she frequently had the tendency to go back when things became too personal. Kei, meantime, thought that nothing could be going more well. Kei, who was once again paired with Sayu, was shocked when Nona chose to go on a date with Takayuki “Taka” Toda when the group traveled to Kyoto, Japan, and the women made the decision about the first dates.

Nona Shiba Age

Per her bio, Nona Shiba was 35 years old at the time of the show’s filming. She reportedly celebrates her birthday on 14 February.

Nona Shiba Job

Nona Shiba is a TV personality and actress. She also works as a Weekly Narrator of soccer at #Yabecchi Stadium. Nona has narrated over 50 on-site matches per year! She is currently working for Eri Office production.

Her YouTube channel Kosei Shiba “Nona Channel” has 2.36K subscribers. In the bio she writes, “I started “Nona Channel” ^ ^ Thank you for watching the channel! This channel is a channel where Kosei Shiba is relaxing and sharing what he likes. I love soccer, Korean, beauty, and cats ♡ I also love visiting cafes and eating delicious food ♪ I would be happy if you could watch it for a relaxing time. thank you.”

Is Nona Shiba On Instagram?

Yes, Nona Shiba uses Instagram and Twitter.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nona Shiba From?

Nona Shiba hailed from Tochigi, Japan.

  • How Tall Is Nona Shiba?

Nona Shiba stands tall at the height of 1.63 meters.

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