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Nozomi Bando Boyfriend, Family, Netflix Love Like A KDrama

One of the female performers on Love Like A KDrama is Nozomi Bando. Four of the cast members of the new Netflix series are Korean men, and four are Japanese women. They have been paired together to see if they can genuinely fall in love in the context of a reality program.

See the article below to learn more about her age, family, and other details.

Nozomi Bando On Netflix’s Love Like A KDrama

Japanese actor and model Nozomi Bando is one of the 8 cast members of Netflix’s Love Like A KDrama. The show follows eight hopeful actors as they land roles in romantic K-dramas while searching for love. For the first time ever, the series will reveal whether the cast members’ on-screen chemistry will translate into reality.

Nozomi appears in the show alongside Song Ji Hyuk, Kim Won Shik, Lee Tae Gyun, Kim Dong Kyu, Ayano Kudo, and Rio Yamashita.

Falling in Love Like a Romantic Drama, the Japanese version of the soon-to-be-released series serves as a sort of precursor to the show.

Viewers may get to see genuine romance in the vein of K-drama in this “romantic cross-border journey,” which follows four Japanese actresses as they take on a daring project that needs them to work with Korean actors to find new roles that match them in romantic series. All eight of these competitors will be living together in pairs for the length of the reality TV show as they try to secure main roles in six mini-dramas.

Will these candidates be able to support the person they have a soft spot for as true romance blooms, or will they lose their romantic interests to someone else? The idea itself will give life to the common K-dramas’ depictions of heartache, misery, and possibly even one-sided love.

Before the premiere, Nozomi added, “Hey! It has finally been announced! I will be appearing in the Korean drama Koi ga Shitai which will be aired on Netflix from November 28th! I lived in Korea for about a month! It’s been years since we lived together! It felt like that, but it was fun because it reminded me of the old days. Yes, for some reason, those days reminded me of my old self! Well, I guess I fell in love with acting. (🫣🫣🫣) Actually, it’s so scary to see Hayabusa-kun, whom I’ve known since I was a kid, watching me🤣I wanted to ask him what he thought, but I decided not to. Sigh. I get nervous watching the broadcast. 🤣Everyone did their best, so please support us. Please 🥹.”

Nozomi Bando Boyfriend

Kim Dong Kyu and Nozomi Bando who were the remaining cast members to pair believe that they were meant to be. They reportedly met at an arcade and they believed that fate brought them together. Nozomi accepts Dong Kyu’s proposal to pair up and the two hit it off.

Nozomi also admired his height and grin as well.”He looks like he came straight out of a K-Drama,” Nozomi says. “So far, I think he’s the most charming of the guys.”

In one instance of the show, Dong Kyu unexpectedly excuses himself from a casual outing for dumplings, saying he has to use the restroom. But he takes a brief detour to a local flower store and buys Nozomi a bouquet. She was obviously happy when he gave her the flowers when he got back to the grocery store.

Even when they later went to the coffee shop, Dong Kyu disclosed—at Nozomi’s request—that he had never intended to be paired with anyone else and that there is a deeper meaning to the sunflower, which he referred to as a “secret.”

Even though he had the option to select someone else for a better chance at the part, Dong Kyu decided to give Nozomi another chance at the audition. They went out to eat, and Nozomi revealed in her confessional that she had always been drawn to “guys born in June.” Dong Kyu acknowledges that Nozomi drew his attention the most! Despite losing the second audition as well, they had better ratings from the judges, and the hosts thought they were starting to click both on and off-screen.

The relationship status of Nozomi Bando is unclear. She hasn’t updated her relationship status after the show.

How Old Is Nozomi Bando?

In September 2023, Nozomi Bando reached age 26.

Nozomi Bando Family

Very little is known about Nozomi Bando’s family but she reportedly has one brother.

Nozomi Bando Height

Nozomi Bando stands tall at 1.67 meters.

How Much Is Nozomi Bando Net Worth?

Nozomi Bando has amassed a net worth of under $600K pursuing an acting career. She is a dancer, model, actor, and a former member of the group Flower and E-girls.

Nozomi started attending Masako Ono Ballet Studio at the age of three and received classical ballet training. She began hip-hop training during her fifth year of elementary school and went to the Tokyo Exile Professional Gym. Bando debuted as an exclusive model in the fashion magazine Hanachu in 2010 and remained there until taking a leave of absence the following year.

Nozomi joined Flower and E-girls in 2011 after passing the dance performance portion of the Exile Presents Vocal Battle Audition 3: For Girls. She was selected as an exclusive model for Seventeen magazine following her Miss Seventeen 2011 audition. Flower debuted with the single “Still” in October 2011.

She has 22 acting credits in her name. Some of her notable works are Seiyoku, GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Koibumi biyori, Binta! – bengoshi jimuin Minowa ga Ai de kaiketsu shimasu, Flower Feat. Little Mix: Dreamin’ Together, Road to High & Low, High & Low: The Story of S.W.O.R.D., High & Low: The Movie 2 – End of Sky, High & Low: The Movie 3 – Final Mission, and Three Nobunagas to name a few.

In December 2022, Nozomi left LDH JAPAN. LDH JAPAN reported, “It’s sudden, but we would like to announce that our company’s Bando Nozomi will be leaving LDH JAPAN on the last day of December 2022.” They continued, “We will be watching over Bando Nozomi, who has made the decision to make a new start. We ask everyone for their continued support of Bando Nozomi.”

Moreover, she joined Sticker Inc. in 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nozomi Bando From?

Per her LDH Girls profile, Nozomi was reportedly born in Tokyo, Japan.

  • When Is Nozomi Bando Birthday?

Nozomi celebrates her birthday on 4 September.

  • Is Nozomi Bando On Instagram?

Yes, Nozomi has an Instagram profile and Twitter.

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