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Song Ji Hyuk Girlfriend, Family, Height, Love Like A KDrama

Song Ji Hyuk of Supernova is one of the cast members of Love Like A KDrama. Four men and four women have joined the lineup so they and experiment and she if they can fall in love. For more intricate detail scroll down this article where we will also cover information about his girlfriend, family, height, and more.

Keep scrolling down and read all that we know about him here.

Song Ji Hyuk On Netflix’s Love Like A KDrama

The reality dating series Love Like a K-Drama on Netflix features Korean actor Song Ji Hyuk in the lead role. Love Like a K-Drama filmed in Seoul aims to present a new, cross-linguistic viewpoint on love, friendship, and dreams. The reality dating show premiered on November 28, 2023, and new episodes have been scheduled to be released every week.

Ji Hyuk gets along with Kim Dong Kyu, Lee Tae Gyun, and Kim Won-Shik. These four performers together offer a plethora of skill and genuineness to the production. The program features celebrities from Japan and Korea.

The actresses Rio, Ayano, and Honoka are also included, along with Nozomi, who recently started her acting career after joining the dance and vocal group E-Girls. The studio members Haruna Kondo (Harisenbon), Aa-Chan of Perfume, Shusuke Fukutoku of the comedy duo JaruJaru, Hayato Komori of Generations, and Maria Tani are among those who appear on the program, which is hosted by Yuko Fueki, also known as Yumin in Korea.

The synopsis for the show read, “Love Like a K-Drama is a reality dating show that centers on four Korean actors and four Japanese actresses who come together to live and pair up to try and land lead roles in six mini K-dramas. Will they be able to pass the audition with the person they love, or will they have to witness their romantic interest kissing their competitors?”

“Most of them are so dedicated to their craft that they have little time for romantic relationships. As the series unfolds, you’ll witness their growth as actors and their struggles as they confront new challenges – including the blossoming romance with the actor they are paired with – which are typically not seen behind the scenes.”

In early November 2023, Ji Hyuk wrote, “Netflix 11+ 28+ I want to have a love like the Korean drama on Netflix. I will be appearing on the show!!! It will be released for the first time on November 28th. Please watch it a lot.”

Song Ji Hyuk Girlfriend

Though things did not go as expected, Song Ji Hyuk and Rio Yamashita were cast in the first leading roles in a K-Drama.

Rio had to bear the brunt of the burden for the “Love Like a K-Drama” duo, even though they were cast after a challenging audition process. It was discovered that Ji Hyuk struggled with both his emotions and his lines while filming their miniseries. Rio experienced greater comfort during the filming process, even though the entire team was Korean.

Director Jo Yong Sun praised Rio’s performance but offered several suggestions for Ji Hyuk.

Ji Hyuk revealed in his confessional, “I haven’t been doing as well [as] I had hoped to, unfortunately. I feel bad about it. I’ve been finding my performance disappointing in every scene we shot.”

He knew he had to get the tone right or else he was keeping “Rio and the whole crew waiting while I try to figure it out.” He further added, “This is all probably draining Rio, so I have to focus on tapping into the right emotions.”

Rio and Ji Hyuk were given the major roles in the first miniseries they tried out for, according to the judges. Rio’s performance, according to Yuko, was “very captivating,” which is why all of the judges chose them.

“In my opinion, none of the four pairs was good enough,” Doo Jin said. “We want you all to know that we didn’t pick this team because they were much better than the others. We saw a concrete connection between the characters because Rio was reacting so naturally to Ji Hyuk.”

Song Jihyuk also expressed disappointment when Tae Gyun stated that he would like to link up with Rio Yamashita for a scene. Speaking to her in Japanese, Tae Gyun tried to win her over by telling her that Tokyo-sourced coffee is the best.

Ji Hyuk shared that he doesn’t have a girlfriend now and appears single.

But back in February 2018, he wrote a post that suggested that he had a girlfriend then. “March 14th. The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Strangely enough, I am very grateful to be able to be your boyfriend again on White Day. Since it’s White Day, I’ve prepared a surprise gift that I’ve been preparing for two years. Let’s go on a date for the first time in a while! ! 3 times 14 times ~~🍭,” Ji Hyuk wrote.

How Old Is Song Ji Hyuk?

In 2023, Song Ji Hyuk is 37 years old. His birth year is 1987.

Song Ji Hyuk Family

Ji Hyuk has shared very little about his family. In November 2013, he posted his mom’s hand and wrote, “Mom’s second ring. By. Hunyong.” Later in August 2014, he mentioned his mom adding, “It’s hot so go to the living room!! My mom scolds me when I turn on the air conditioner.”

On his mom’s birthday in October 2014, Ji Hyuk added, “Shopping to celebrate my mother’s birthday… It’s huge haha.”

In January 2021, Ji Hyuk posted a pic of his mom and wrote, “I half-jokingly and half-seriously recommended a senior model… and he really said he would do it Today, I looked into agencies and academies!! He will be attending the academy starting next week!!! I’m rooting for you, Mrs. Bae!!! Manager Song, I will do well ^^.”

Song Ji Hyuk Height

Song Ji Hyuk’s height measures above 6 feet 2 inches.

How Much Is Song Ji Hyuk Net Worth?

Song Ji Hyuk has amassed a net worth above $200 thousand. He is a member of the K–pop group Supernova making his debut in 2007. In 2019, he joined Joo Won, Kim Hee Seon, Lee Da In, and Yeon Woo in SBS’s newest time travel drama.

Alongside his former groupmate Sung Mo, Ji Hyuk made a brief appearance in both the Korean drama “Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop” and the Korean-Japanese film “The Language of Love.”

Ji Hyuk played Hong Jong Wook in “Alice,” Park Jin Gyeom’s (Joo Won) fellow detective. Being the most intelligent individual in the criminal department, Hong Jong Wook takes great pride in being a light slacker. Ji Hyuk intended to wow the audience with a thrilling performance.

Other TV shows of Ji Hyuk are Sign, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, and The Secret Romantic Guesthouse. He has also appeared in movies such as A Love Song to You, Our After School, and The Language of Love.

Ji Hyuk studied performing arts at Sungkyunkwan University.

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  • Is Song Ji Hyuk On Instagram?

Yes, Song Ji Hyuk is available on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Does Song Ji Hyuk Have Tattoos?

Yes, Ji Hyuk has tattooed L.O.V.E. on his knuckle. In

  • When Is Song Ji Hyuk Birthday?

Ji Hyuk celebrates his birthday on 13 July, per one IG post.

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