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Oisin O’Neill Age, Net Worth, Dating, Southern Hospitality

Get to know Oisin O’Neill from Southern Hospitality who is one of the newcomers on season 2 of the show. How old is he? How much is his net worth? Is he dating anyone?

Read all about it as you scroll down.

Oisin O’Neill On Southern Hospitality

Oisin O’Neill has joined Southern Hospitality as a new VIP server which premiered on 7 December 2023 in season 2. He is from Wicklow, Ireland, but he recently moved to Charleston, according to his official Bravo bio. Oisin lived in Tulum, Mexico, before moving to The Holy City, where he met Maddi and Grace and became friends.

Regarding Oisin’s career, he was a professional rugby player before deciding to pursue his aspirations of having an “international career in nightlife.”

With the assistance of his close buddy Maddi, the new VIP waiter was able to secure a position at Republic Garden & Lounge, Leva’s nightclub. As teased in his cast bio, “New to this eclectic team, Oisin navigates tricky waters when his flirtatious nature is met with mixed reviews from his co-workers and their boyfriends.”

At a Bravo event at Republic in Charleston, South Carolina in November, he told The Messenger, “I stay away from drama at all costs.”

“In all honesty, I think drama follows me,” he said. “I like to stir the pot a little bit or poke the bear, but it’s all just bantering, you know what I mean? And I love people’s reactions, so yeah, maybe I do stir up a little drama. Unintentionally, but it just all comes my way.”

Even though Emmy Sharrett is in a committed relationship with Will Kulp, it’s evident from the Season 2 teaser that Oisin’s arrival will cause some rifts in the Republic crew because he has a thing for her.

A few of his castmates had a few things to share about Oisin. “You kind of see Oisin coming from a mile away,” Emmy told The Messenger. “He’s not a very calm, sly person. He’s kind of obnoxious.”

“Yeah, Oisin certainly isn’t subtle, and you can see that from the trailer,” Will shared. “I think the thing that people are gonna be able to see is how Oisin tests our relationship and then how that tests our friendships with others, because he definitely tries to insert himself between Emmy and me. And then that has a ripple effect amongst the friend group that is interesting to see play out.”

Oisin is determined to have fun in the show as well. “I mean, I have a flirtatious nature by trade. I think I was just born out of the womb like that, and I think that it rubs some people off the wrong way – and others, they like to be rubbed that way,” he told PopCulture. “So I think you’ll get to see a little bit more about where that all goes. I’m definitely here to break some hearts and spill some milk.”

However, his magic of confidence didn’t work in all the females on the show and one of them is Emmy Sharrett. Concerning Kulp, who is the target of several of O’Neill’s provocative remarks this season, he told PopCulture that things went “rather interestingly” between the rookie and him.

“I think you get to see us really butt heads. It’s not a casual interaction. He’s really coming for me and I put my foot down and it all plays out rather interestingly,” Will hinted. “I think it’s going to be really fun to watch the evolution of me and Oisin’s relationship because it starts one way and then it becomes something else and then it becomes another thing entirely by the end of the season.”

How Much Is Oisin O’Neill Net Worth?

Oisin O’Neill, as of 2023, has amassed a net worth of under $500K. He is currently serving in the role of Senior Sales Executive at Fever since July 2021. He is a managing director at NKD Marketing LLC and a director at Sound Waves Productions.

Oisin began his career at The Taylor Statten Camps where he worked as a Counselor/Long Trip Guide. He also solved the company working in the role of Director of Counselor Training. In 2013, he was working as a Product/Brand Ambassador at Verve Marketing.

From 2014 to 2016, Oisin worked as a Master of the pass/ waiter at Rock Lobster Restaurant. In November 2016, Likeable Performance Limited hired him as a Digital Accounts Manager.

May 2017 welcomed her as The Loop IT NYC as a Team Leader/Assistant Manager. He also worked from 2018 to 2020 as Yelp at Junior Account Executive.

Oisin is also an OnlyFans star and was a former rugby player. Talking about his education, Oisin studied at Dublin Business School.

Oisin O’Neill Age

Reportedly born in 1993, Oisin O’Neill is 30 years old.

Who Are Oisin O’Neill Parents?

Oisin O’Neill was born to his parents Lawrence O’Neill and Marnie I O’Neill.

Lawrence is 77 years old as of 2023, being born in May 2023. He has been a partner at O’Neill and Company since 2001. Before that, he was the chairman of Teocom Limited and CEO of Fastnet Broadband Limited. Lawrence graduated from Harvard Law School and the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Lawrence is the son of Dorothy O’Neill and commander Lawrence F. O’Neill. They were married for 62 years. Lawrence’s siblings are named Christopher John (Sharon), of St Louis; Timothy Gerard (Cathy) of Albuquerque; Mary Catherine (Manestar) (Robert), of Tarpon Springs, Florida; and Elizabeth Ann (Orvos) (Adam) of San Francisco.

Marnie is 73 years old in June 2023. Marnie is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. You can find her on FB and IG.

Oisin has two sisters named Moirin and Tara. Moirin was a social care worker at Nua Healthcare Services. Tara is available on Facebook.

Oisin has a brother named Lorcan and graduated from Setanta School and Autism Initiative. Wicklow, Ireland. He is residing in Dublin, Ireland.

Is Oisin O’Neill Dating Anyone?

Oisin O’Neill is likely single. He doesn’t discuss or hint at any details of his dating life on his social media profiles.

Oisin O’Neill Height

Oisin O’Neill stood tall at the height of 5’11”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Oisin O’Neill From?

Oisin O’Neill calls Wicklow, Ireland his hometown. He is now residing in Charleston, Southern Carolina.

  • When Is Oisin O’Neill Birthday?

Oisin O’Neill celebrates his birthday on 9 January.

  • Is Oisin O’Neill On Instagram?

Meet Oisin O’Neill is available on Instagram and Facebook.

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