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Oliver Steele Parents: Toby Steele And Kristi Williams

Some American Idol contestants make fans cry a river, and season 21 auditionee, Oliver Steele’s performance was no exception. Oliver Steele sang Eric Clapton’s Change the World dedicating the song to his paralyzed dad. So, who are Oliver’s parents? Find out all about them as this article proceeds. 

American Idol: Who Are Oliver Steele Parents?

Oliver Steele was born to his parents, Toby Steele and Kristi Williams.

You might have seen Oliver’s dad on American Idol, listening to his son dedicate a song to him live. Infact, it wasn’t just Oliver but also the judges who joined in and sang along before handing Oliver a ticket to Hollywood.

All while this was happening, Oliver’s mother was nowhere to be seen.

Meet Toby Steele, Oliver Steele Dad

Toby Steele is Oliver Steele’s loving dad. He was the one who inspired Toby to pursue a career in music.

Also, Toby was the only reason Oliver kept trying and trying for American Idol. So, when he finally got the chance to appear before the judges in his fifth attempt, Toby broke down as he said, “He’s part of the reason I want to do this, is for him. He’s the reason I’m here.”

Then, Lionel Richie asked Oliver to bring his Toby into the audition room.

  • Toby Steele Age

Toby Steele was born in May 1964. That made him 58 years of age in 2023.

This also means Toby was 29 when he had Oliver.

  • Toby Steele Job

Toby Steele is a musician (guitarist and backing vocalist). He has worked with multiple bands and has also partnered up with his son for different performances.

According to Kevin Chamberlain (leader of the Thunderbirds, a band Toby was a part of), Toby was a great musician. Sadly, he had a stroke a few years back and went out of commission. 

“American Idol… Wow… That was AMAZING Oliver! So proud of you and SO EXCITED for you. Such an emotional moment on the show Toby… It was hard to see you that way, I won’t lie. But… Still… So very happy for you and your family,” he wrote on his IG after seeing Toby and his son on the show.

Besides music, Toby also was running a business with his friend Jason Coon.

As for his education, Toby attended MT. Juliet High School. Thereafter, life has been his teacher until now.

  • Toby Steele On Instagram?

Toby wasn’t on Instagram. But he was on Facebook @lanetoby.steele.

His bio then wrote, “Loving Son, Dad, and Grandfather… making my way daily.”

Meet Kristi Williams, Oliver Steele Mom

Unlike Toby, Kristi Williams was nowhere to be seen on American Idol, but that doesn’t mean she was any less supportive of her son’s career. “So PROUD to announce to all my friends that  MY SON…OLIVER STEELE  has auditioned for season 21 of AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! Tune in to ABC on February 19, 2023, to be a part of his journey!!!,” she wrote on her FB.

Keep reading to learn more about her.

  • Kristi Williams Age

Kristi Williams was born in December 1967. That made her 55 years of age in 2023.

She is the daughter of Oma Lou and Marvin Meade. Sadly, Oma has passed away whereas Marvin is alive and well. Infact, her mother recently left this world on October 29, 2022. She was a former secretary for a public relations firm in New York and a gifted photographer.

The last we checked, her siblings, Loi Sturkie-Kiser and Douglas Meade-Milwaukee were still alive. The other two siblings are Delana Creech and Whitney Meade.

  • Kristi Williams Job

Kristi Williams is a hairstylist. She worked at House of Style Hair and Nail Salon for quite a while.

As for her education, she has a Bachelor’s and Masters’s degree in education from Michigan State University and Marygrove College respectively. Also, she is a  Jenkins Independent School 1985 graduate.

  • Kristi Williams On Instagram?

Like her husband, we couldn’t find her on Instagram.

But here are her Facebook accounts @kristi.williams.733450 and @KristiWilliams.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Oliver Steele Parents Reside?

In 2023, Oliver’s father Toby resided in Old Hickory, TN, while his mother, Kristi resided in Dandridge, Tennessee.

But originally, Kristi is from Jenkins, Kentucky.

  • How Many Kids Do Oliver Steele Parents Have?

Oliver’s mother has four kids — Holly, Hunter, Oliver, and Savannah.

Holly DeGrendel (Lawson): Born Jan 1993, Holly studied Master Of Social Work (MSW) at Michigan State University. In 2023, she was living in Rochester, Michigan with her husband Will DeGrendel.

Savannah Steele: She is an MT. Juliet High School graduate and a mother of three. In 2023, she resided in  Nashville, Tennessee with her fiance Bryan Powers.

Hunter Lawson: He is a Western Michigan University graduate who turned 27 in 2023.

Oliver Steele: He is a singer-songwriter from Michigan. His biggest influence is Jack Johnson and has sung some of his covers on Instagram. But though a seasoned singer, he hadn’t released his originals before appearing on American Idol in 2023.

Back in 2021, Oliver also landed a job as an adjuster with the Gibson Guitar Company in Nashville!

“How blessed you are to actually work in the industry you love being a part of! So happy for you and I couldn’t be more proud! I love you. Enjoy this new chapter of YOU,” Kristi commended him on FB.

  • Are Oliver Steele Parents Still Married?

Sadly, Oliver’s parents are no longer married.

After their split, Oliver’s mother when on to marry Scott-Dandridge.

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