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Oliver Twixt Bio, The Circle, Real Name, Partner, Height

With a name like Oliver Twixt, it’s certainly not the best idea to enter The Circle — where everyone is catfishing each other — as himself. However, Oliver couldn’t care less and was pretty confident he’d win everyone’s trust.

Keep reading this “Oliver Twixt Bio” to explore more about him.

Oliver Twixt On The Circle Season 5

Amongst the 10 brand new contestants on The Circle, the name Oliver Twixt stood out from the rest (because of the obvious reason). But it wasn’t just his name that caught the viewer’s attention but also his style and positive attitude and before he knew it everyone was rooting for him.

“I really want to win a lot! So, I will be entering the Circle as myself because why the hell not?” the star said. Seems like the self-described fun, fierce, and fabulous Oliver is all about remaining true to oneself.

For those of you just catching up, The Circle allows the contestants to create friendships and flirt with people in the game without ever telling them who they really are. So, the theme is that by the end of the reach round all players must rate each other through a popularity-based ranking process. Thus, whoever is at the top they’ll be labeled as “influencers” in the group, and those “influencers” have the power to decide who is going to be eliminated next.

Upon getting eliminated, the person’s true identity gets revealed to the other players in the game!

Joining Oliver for the fifth installment of The Circle were his co-stars Brett Robinson (a content creator), Billie-Jean Blackett (as Bruno), Chaz Lawery (as Shampoo Papi), Marvin Achi (a chemical engineer), Oliver Twixt (an artist and content creator), Raven Sutton (a deaf performer and disability advocate), Sam Carmona (a self-described “Brooklyn Rican), Tasia Lesley (as Tamira), Tom Houghton (a comedian), and Xanthi Perdikomatis (as herself).

Oliver Twixt Job

Oliver is a content creator and a rapper. He started his rapping career around 2015 and even won the 2015 YGEA Awards “Hip-Hop Storyteller of the Year” and a co-headlining placement at A3Cu Showcase the same year. Thereafter, he went on to regularly be featured on Underground HipHop, Madame, and TS Madison’s national “The Queens Supreme Court” Tour.

However, it wasn’t until 2019, he gained the international spotlight after appearing in the digital series Chasing Atlanta.

Now, Oliver already released over 10 eps. Some of his popular songs include Sugar, Lolly, Zap, and Something. You can them on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

As for his education, he graduated from Boyd H. Anderson High School in 2013 and later attended Morehouse College.

How Old Is Oliver Twixt?

Oliver Twixt was 27 years old when he appeared on The Circle in 2022.

He was one of the younger contestants that season.

Oliver Twixt Parents

Oliver Twixt was born to his parents Eddie Oliver Sr and Chandra.

Sadly, the star couldn’t be close to them (physically) because of certain circumstances. In fact, he only met his father in person after 15 years in October 2021. But the next year, Oliver and his dad were out celebrating Eddie’s 57th birthday i.e. on October 21.

Likewise, Oliver’s mother Chandra turned 51 on May 10, 2022.

However, Oliver’s biological parents aren’t the only parents in his life. His gay mother is Ts Madison and his gay father is Ms. Funky Dineva.

What Is Oliver Twixt Real Name?

Oliver Twixt’s real name is Eddie Oliver.

He came up with the name “Oliver TwiXt” because he always felt like his interpretation of hip-hop and music just had a creative “twist” on it. So, since there was a real Oliver Twist (from the book), he thought “oh that would be a cute spin on everything,” and chose the name.

“Cause Inga was Foxy Brown, and I love Foxy Brown. Her name was of someone who really existed, but it still applied to her. So yeah, I was like “Oh, Oliver TwiXt,” he explained.

Oliver Twixt Partner

Before we discuss Oliver Twixt’s partner, know that he’s openly gay. He’s a male who calls himself a “gay black rapper boy.”

Now, coming to Oliver’s partner, he’s been dating him since February 2020. His boyfriend is someone who would pray, watch TV, and attend church with him. Also, they attend counseling sessions together.

Overall, Oliver doesn’t care how cute his dating partner is. “Save your time, wallet, and heart the headache by NOT dating someone who is at the time not on your level UNLESS you see them actively without your help trying to help themselves,” he said.

Another piece of advice he had for his fans was — “Don’t be out here thinking dating an older man is cute or better. There is a reason why he is 30+ and still single. Don’t let these old dustbags steal your energy. Do your homework baby so you can pass the test.”

Oliver Twixt Height

Oliver Twixt stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Oliver Twixt Birthday?

Oliver receives his birthday wishes on February 10 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Where Is Oliver Twixt From?

Oliver hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

But as of 2022,  Oliver resided in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Oliver Twixt On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @heisolivertwixt.

Also, here’s his Twitter @HeIsOliverTwiXt, Facebook @heisolivertwixt, TikTok @heisolivertwixt, and Cameo @heisolivertwixt.

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